Friday, 18 January 2013
Pull All Westerners Out, And Let The Camp Of Islam Sink

From a news report:

One Irish hostage was confirmed safe: supervising electrician Stephen McFaul, whose mother said he would not be returning to Algeria.

"He phoned me at 9 o'clock to say Al Qaeda were holding him, kidnapped, and to contact the Irish government, for they wanted publicity. Nightmare, so it was. Never want to do it again. He'll not be back! He'll take a job here in Belfast like the rest of us," said his mother, Marie.

Don't work in Muslim countries, don't help them. Let them try to extract the gas and oil themselves, or pay extravagantly -- five, ten, twenty times what they now pay -- to the implacable Chinese, who will bring their own troops and their own ways of protecting themselves. Don't supply the rich little Arab sheiklets with doctors and nurses, with engineers and teachers. Don't let them rent bits and pieces, local phony succursales, of Western civilization -- the Louvre, for example, or well-known universities -- which allows them to pretend to themselves and to the world that, indeed, civilization is rentable, and they've got the money. Let their primitive condition be uncamouflaged from view.

They are helplessly dependent on the West. Remove those Westerners. Don't send tourists, who will only be targets, sooner or later, for Muslim terrorists as they are, as of now, targets for baksheesh-demanders of every kind.

Separation. The would-be natural victim will cease to help his natural victimirzer.  The advanced non-Muslim world right here, and Islam -- the Camp of Islam -- over there. Why should the pontential victim help his potential -- or actual -- implacable enemy (see Qur'an, see Hadith, see Sira) in any way?

Mr. McFaul's mother says  "he'll not be back!"

Many others should follow his example.

Posted on 01/18/2013 9:18 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
19 Jan 2013

Hear, hear.  Also - do not sell them food, medicine, clothing, equipment of any kind from auto parts (and automobiles) to sewing needles.  Let them enjoy the benefits of islam, in full and to the maximum. 

21 Jan 2013

The obvious answer... the Muslim utopias wouldn't last six months.

Our main problem would be dealing with the human rights(sic) mob.

21 Jan 2013

     Do please let us stop nursing these nests of vipers.

     Remember the "prime directive" from Star Trek?  Do not interfere in the development of other cultures.  It's that simple.  There is no other way to keep our hands clean.

     I think USA got a big head from its success with the Marshall Plan after WWII.  Now we think we're nation builders.  But we actually had control of Japan and Germany after WWII.  Unlike today, when we bow and scrape trying to  "respect the culture" of people who's culture is itself the problem.

     If we want to defeat the "terrorism that dare not speak its name" we need to stop acting like dhimmies paying the jizya.  Our aid just encourages their Islamosupremacist delusions.