Tuesday, 22 January 2013
What Happens In Yemen Threatens Saudi Arabia -- Let Saudi Arabia Pay

Here's one more of those stories about an Arab or a Muslim country that needs another billion or so, or more. It could be Libya, where the cost of NATO's five thousand sorties was borne by -- NATO, with no payback from Libya save arms that are now wandering all over North Africa and even sub-Saharan Africa. It could be Egypt, whose Muslim Brotherhood ruler wants to keep the American billions, and especially the billions in military aid from America, flowing in. It could be the "Palestine Authority," that lives almost entirely on aid, and almost all of that aid, until this year, came from North America and Western Europe. It could be the governments of Turkey and Jordan who want Western aid to pay for those Muslim refugees in Muslim countries. It could be Afghanistan, whose corrupt rulers want that American aid --  hundreds of billions of dollars from America have already been spent in that hopelessly tribal, violent, meretricious place -- to keep coming, so they can keep pocketing it, for as long as possible. And it's the same with violent, meretricious, not quite-as-tribal Pakistan, whose sole reason for being is Islam and Jihad. It could be Iraq, which keeps developing its oil fields, and has tens of billions already flowing in, but has angrily rejected the very idea of payiing back even a cent to the American government, as one California congressman mildly suggested, for a tiny bit of the two trillion dollars spent to bring "freedom" to Iraqis and "rebuild" -- that is, build -- their country.

In this case the country is godforsaken Yemen. Another day, another goddam demand or plea or something for aid, which always ends up being American or Canadian or European or Japanese aid, when the fantastically rich fellow Muslims of the Gulf, getting every day, almost every hour, enough to supply that aid, either promise a ludicrously tiny amount (which amount is hardly ever actually sent - it's only the Western donor governments that actually honor their commitments).

Here's the headline:

Aid groups appeal for $716 million to battle humanitarian crisis in ...

Fox News-2 hours ago
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – U.N. agencies and other aid organizations are appealing for $716 million in donations to help Yemen deal with ...
Look, Yemen -- the Yemenis -- threaten Saudi Arabia's stability. Let Saudi Arabia, with its trillions, pay for Yemen. If it wishes. And if it doesn't, apparently the crisis in Yemen is not such a crisis after all.
Let the Umma -- the Community of Muslims -- pay for itself. Let the rich Arabs pay, or not pay as they see fit, for fellow members of the Umma. The continuation of Western, that is non-Muslim aid, for Muslims, even as Muslims have caused, through their violent and other forms of Jihad, huge new security expenses and never-ending worries in the entire West, makes no sense.
Can't our rulers start making even a modicum of sense? Can't they try to save, after the trillions that have been squandered so idiotically in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and in aid to Egypt, Jordan, the "Palestinians," and to Libya (with those sorties), and to Yemen, and to... oh, god, you fill up the page.  I'm sick of it.
Posted on 01/22/2013 6:22 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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