Tuesday, 22 January 2013
VIDEO: Homophobic Muslim vigilante footage shot in East London

This video emerged shortly after this one. The target this time is not a young man drinking beer or a woman wearing a skirt above her knee but a man who apparently " looks like a fag".  And not just any common or garden 'fag' - a 'dirty' one.

The local paper the East London Advertiser is aware of the 'Muslim Patrol', but we have heard nothing about how the police investigation is proceeding.

Another shocking video of self-styled Muslim vigilantes shouting homophobic abuse at a man on the streets of East London has surfaced online, attracting condemnation from gay rights charity Stonewall. (Pink News is ignoring it however - wasting column inches instead on Peter Tachell's desire that the age of consent be lowered to 14 years.)

The footage, thought to be taken in Commercial Street, Whitechapel, shows members of a ‘Muslim patrol’ harassing a man who appears to be wearing make-up, calling him a “bloody fag”.

In a similar video to one posted online last week, the passer-by is told he is “walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag”. “What’s wrong with your face?” they ask. “You need to get out of here, mate.”

The man is approached while walking through a dark street, and remonstrates with his harassers. “Why are you bothering me?” he asks. “Who do you think you are, seriously?”

After a similar video was posted online last week, the police announced they would be investigating the patrols further, and increasing their presence in areas affected. “We have also been speaking to local community leaders and influential people, local businesses and the local authority about the issue and what is being done, and can be done, to address it,” a spokesperson added.

The East London Mosque has already publicly condemned the patrols.

Police are appealing for anyone with further information to contact them on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

I have since heard that before the piece of footage uploaded the young gay man was actually assaulted. I hope he goes to the police.

Posted on 01/22/2013 10:33 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
23 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Strikes me that a few 'sting' operations might be in order.

Select a tempting-looking 'goat' and send it strolling gently into the danger zone: a bloke with a beer, a girl unislamically dressed, somebody wearing a cross or with Jewish kippah or Star of David displayed, somebody visibly 'gay' ; and then when the mohammedthugs, the sharia Enforcers, make their move, when the threats and the harassment begin or physical violence is offered (all of this being recorded by hidden video-audio devices installed on board the - very brave - 'goat'), then ...WHAM.  Out pop the police in overwhelming numbers and the mohammedthugs find themselves in the paddywagon and charged with assorted offences, before they even have time to blink.

When, oh, when are the non-Muslim police, not only in the UK but in many other countries within the West - I am thinking of Italy, the Netherlands, France, Scandinavia, and the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia  - where Mohammedthugs are beginning to throw their weight around and establish 'no go' or 'sharia' zones locally, going to take this approach to bring a hammer down upon the open bullying (and worse, the assaults)?

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