Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Woolly jumpers

And now for something completely different. How to promote the Year of Natural Scotland using some of those things for which the Shetland Isles are noted. Things like sheep, Fair Isle knitting, the Shetland pony . . .

Jo Tonkinson, co-owner of Thordale Shetland Driving Centre, which provided the ponies, said: ‘It was quite simple – we sent the ponies’ measurements to the knitter, who sent back two jumpers. We just had to put their two front legs in and they buttoned under the stomach. It was perhaps an odd request, to get the ponies in Fair Isle, and a bit silly, but they were perfectly happy. Hopefully these pictures will make people smile.’

The jumpers were made by Shetland designer Doreen Brown – a little longer in length and shorter in the arm than she is used to. They are hand-knitted using wool from native Shetland sheep.

The ponies, named Fivla of Finnister and Millhouse Vitamin . . . got their jumpers rather a lot more muddy and had to take them off for washing. Fivla and Millhouse are used to wearing harnesses so were completely comfortable in their new clothes.

Posted on 01/22/2013 1:13 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
23 Jan 2013
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That Vitamin Is The Size Of An Effing 'Orse Pill
Or: They Still Needed Horses After Hastings, Didn't They?
I suppose that "Fivla of Finnester" and "Millhouse Vitamin" sound better than "Hengist of Finnester" and "Horsa Vitamin."
Mr. Ed*
cc Wilbur, Richard
Hengist and Horsa were very dull people. Now, as you know, they colonised Kent; consequently the people of Kent have ever since been very slightly – well, you know . .**
Your Prime Minister of Finnester,
Mr. Ted Heath,
Cute horses, Esme; they'd go well with some Hollande- Hollandaise sauce.
c/o Calais
Tags: treason of the Clarks, feeling Clark Kentish

24 Jan 2013
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Bend Finnister
Or: Losing The Spring In His (Mis)Step
The old gray matter ain't what she used to be; Mr. Ed has misspelled "Finnister" as "Finnester" as in das Fenster or "defenestrate."
Through The Window Pane,
Like Salami Slain,
Jan Masaryk,
Tags: Arab Spring, slow jihad salaam tactics, Prague Spring, Soviet Salami Tactics, Secret Song of the Mongols, secret tomb of Genghis Khan, losing the Spring chicken in his steppe, Kublai Khan, For the Jew did Herman Kahn an Iron Dome decree, arms control treaty had a ragged clause, annoying person from Prufrock, Pakistan is queer for or on Abdul Qadeer Khan, Sarah Palin Fire, Putin says, "She got her just desserts and I can see baked alaska from here."


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