Tuesday, 22 January 2013
Israeli's Aid Gaza's Farmers
The international media often stands accused of ignoring Palestinian incitement against Israel and the Jewish people, and rightly so. For example, there was no reportage of Abbas praising Nazi propagandist and collaborator Hajj Amin al-Husseini.
Similarly, the international media ignores the many good news stories from Israel, including those that demonstrate good will toward the Arab-Palestinian populace because it does not fit the narrative of a bullying state causing great harm to hapless victims. Despite the fact that Gaza features substantially in the news, few are aware that Israel has provided assistance to Gazan populace in numerous ways, and attempts to maintain its utilities despite a belligerent group ruling the territory. Here is a report of another Israeli initiative to help Gaza’s farmers.

Dozens of farmers from the Gaza Strip have taken part in an agricultural exhibition organised by the Israeli agriculture ministry. Israel's coordinator for government activities in the Palestinian Territories invited the farmers to learn about innovative agricultural production methods and new fruits and vegetables developed in Israel.
 Gazan farmer Ramadan Abu Naja:
"We came here to learn about Israeli agriculture, to see if they have new types of produce. We will take some of the types of produce that we like back with us into Gaza. We are here to see the differences between our agriculture and the agriculture in Israel."
 This wasn't the first time Gaza farmers have visited Israel since "Operation Pillar Defence", Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip aiming to put a stop to Hamas rocket fire on Israeli civilians which ended last November, and Israeli farmers expressed their desire to see cooperation continue.
 Israeli farmer Ada Cohen:
"Everyone needs help, we are all human beings, leave all wars behind, we will always stick to the peace and support peace."
 The exhibition visit comes at the peak of the agricultural export season when Gaza farmers are harvesting strawberries, peppers and spices, which are shipped to the Israeli and European markets.

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