Wednesday, 23 January 2013
Old Bailey: Victim denies lying about being raped

So now we get the beginnings of what the defences of these nine specimens from Oxford are likely to be. They are as expected, following a known pattern. From the Oxford Times.

A YOUNG woman was yesterday forced to deny she lied about being raped as a 14-year-old girl. The witness was being questioned by defence barristers in the Old Bailey trial of nine men accused of raping and selling underage girls for sex in Oxford.

Known as Girl 2 and now in her 20s, she claims she was raped and trafficked for sex by Kamar Jamil and brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar in 2006. She says Akhtar, now 32, forced her to perform sex acts on him. Once when she refused, he threatened to have her shot, she says.

Andrew Jefferies, Akhtar Dogar’s barrister, said she lied about his client to avoid getting into trouble with the children’s home she had run away from.

He said: “I am going to suggest you did say that to the police and you did say Akhtar had sex with you. And the reason you said that is you realised you were in trouble for being out and about and not being home for a few days. You just did not want to take responsibility for what you had done yourself.”

Jamil’s barrister Sally O’Neill said the witness had mistakenly identified her client as one of the abusers. She said: “I am suggesting you have got it wrong. Your memory is wrong when you say it was K Dog (Jamil) who drove you to these places. I’m not saying you weren’t driven, I’m not saying these things didn’t happen to you. I am simply saying your memory is not right.”

But the witness said: “No. It was K Dog.”

She also denied telling care workers in 2006 that she and Girl 1 had been prostituting themselves. The nine defendants deny all 79 charges. The trial continues.

So the witnesses are lying, they were already prostitutes, and in any case it wasn't me, it was him. Where have we heard that before?

Posted on 01/23/2013 4:21 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
23 Jan 2013

Ah, yes, the "I ain't did nothing" defense.  And the always popular "she had it coming", in this case, with value added "dirty lying kuffir [insert obscenity of choice here]".  Let me guess: the families of these fine gents are doing the "islamophobia tapdance and sing along".

23 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Australian journalist Paul Sheehan wrote a book called "Girls Like You" that describes the tactics used by Mohammedan males in Sydney, when on trial for gang-raping non-Muslim girls.  They were very similar to the tactics being used by the vile mohammedthugs in the UK.

Perhaps Mr Sheehan could be encouraged to start tracking this string of cases in the UK, with a view to writing a companion volume.

Further note: these girls in the UK, currently testifying, are to be commended for courage.  I will pray that they receive  the physical, spiritual and psychological support that they will undoubtedly need.   Is there some way that, for example, the Mothers' Union could offer support to them? At the very least, they should be at the top of the prayer lists of every MU group across the UK.

 Are the public attending these trials?  Ideally, a large phalanx of nice, plump, calm, motherly ladies - and some large, no-nonsense, sturdy, gentlemen - should be occupying the public gallery whenever these girls are testifying and being cross-examined.   

For if I know anything at all about the Mohammedan mob, the families and friends of the unrepentant, strutting, lying, denying rapist-torturers will be out in force, doing their best to intimidate and insult the girls.  It was what the Muslim mob did in Sydney when two different sets of Mohammedan gang rapists - one lot Lebanese Muslim, the other lot Pakistani Muslim - were being tried.  The vilest of abuse was screamed and spat at the Aussie non-Muslim girl victims, by be-hijabbed witches.

The only way to counter that, is for the non-Muslims to turn out in a massive show of solidarity with the non-Muslim victims; for non-Muslims supporters of the victims, on those days that people are permitted in the public gallery,  to muster a larger crowd than the Muslims do.

23 Jan 2013
Esmerelda Weatherwax

I believe that one (of several) reasons why this trial of men from Oxford is being held in London over 50 miles away and the similar trial of the men from Rochdale was held in Liverpool some 35 miles away is to make it difficult for the camp followers to attend on a daily basis.

The trial is expected to last into March. Tomorrow there will be no evidence given, but legal submissions. They may not be reported.

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