Friday, 25 January 2013
Was Israel Behind the Rumored Fordow Nuclear Enrichment Explosion in Iran?

Fordow uranium enrichment site

Photograph: Digital Globe/Reuters

According to Reza Kahlili, ex-CIA spy inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, his sources informed him that the underground Fordow uranium enrichment facility may have been destroyed on Monday in a massive explosion.  In a stunning WorldNetDaily (WND)  report, “Sabotage! Key Iranian nuclear facility hit?” Kahlili reveals elements of this important development:

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installation and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

The previously secret nuclear site has become a center for Iran’s nuclear activity because of the 2,700 centrifuges enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. A further enrichment to weapons grade would take only weeks, experts say.
The level of enrichment has been a major concern to Israeli officials, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly has warned about the 20-percent enriched stockpile.

The explosion occurred Monday, the day before Israeli elections

  Here are the details from as yet unconfirmed reports from Kahlili:

According to a source in the security forces protecting Fordow, an explosion on Monday at 11:30 a.m. Tehran time rocked the site, which is buried deep under a mountain and immune not only to airstrikes but to most bunker-buster bombs. The report of the blast came  [via a former official ]with the Islamic regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security,

The blast shook facilities within a radius of three miles. Security forces have enforced a no-traffic radius of 15 miles, and the Tehran-Qom highway was shut down for several hours after the blast, the source said. As of Wednesday afternoon, rescue workers had failed to reach the trapped personnel.

The site, about 300 feet under a mountain, had two elevators which now are out of commission. One elevator descended about 240 feet and was used to reach centrifuge chambers. The other went to the bottom to carry heavy equipment and transfer uranium hexafluoride. One emergency staircase reaches the bottom of the site and another one was not complete. The source said the emergency exit southwest of the site is unreachable.

The regime believes the blast was sabotage and the explosives could have reached the area disguised as equipment or in the uranium hexafluoride stock transferred to the site, the source said. The explosion occurred at the third centrifuge chambers, with the high-grade enriched uranium reserves below them.

The information was passed on to U.S. officials but has not been verified or denied by the regime or other sources within the regime.

Though the news of the explosion has not been independently verified, other sources previously have provided WND with information on plans for covert operations against Iran’s nuclear facilities as an option before going to war. The hope is to avoid a larger-scale conflict. Israel, the U.S. and other allies already have concluded the Islamic regime has crossed red lines in its quest for nuclear weapons, other sources have said.

We posted on Monday Kahlili’s report that an alleged Iranian mole inside Mossad had tipped off the Intelligence arm of the Supreme Leader that Israel and others in the West were seeking to sabotage the Islamic regime’s  uranium enrichment program.  That prior report came in the wake of a deferral of negotiations by Iran given IAEA demands to obtain information on nuclear trigger testing at the Parchin research facility.  Previously, there had been reports of US plans to attack Iranian civilain power facilities including those near Fordow.

If this latest report is independently confirmed it would mark a stunning setback in Iran’s timetable for completion of uranium enrichment to produce sufficient fissile materials to build several nuclear devices.  US analysts had predicted that Iran would not achieve that objective until 2014. That assessment was before   the unconfirmed destruction of the Fordow enrichment facility near Qom. Could  PM Netanyahu have commissioned the covert action against the Fordow enrichment facility prior to his dramatic ‘crossing red lines’ speech before the UN General assembly in September 2012?  Conduct of such special ops requires significant intelligence, planning and deployment of assets with the assurance that it could succeed.   Or could  the explosion at Fordow  be  self-inflicted, meaning the equivalent of an unforeseen ‘industrial accident’?   Even if  US and Israeli intelligence can evaluate confirmed reports, we may not know the outcome for weeks or months.   As in the case of Israel’s dramatic IAF attack   that destroyed the Syrian nuclear bomb factory on the banks of the Euphrates River in September 2007, Israel will remain mum.   The US and others might disclose  this stunning development..  It would be a possible setback to Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons poised to provide a nuclear umbrella to threaten  Israel, US and Sunni antagonists in the Gulf region.

Posted on 01/25/2013 8:07 AM by Jerry Gordon
25 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Maybe it was sabotage.  Or maybe it was just the mother of all 'Work Accidents'.

Me, I keep wondering when the whole of the Gaza Strip - into which the mohammedans are keeping on stuffing arms and explosives and setting up amateurish munitions factories, till the place is simply jam-packed with highly dangerous and unstable substances both underground and aboveground, and all (one can be sure of it) with little or no regard for infidel standards of Occupational Health and Safety  - is going to ascend skywards in one massive explosion, or series of explosions, all done by itself, to itself, without benefit of any infidel input at all.

25 Jan 2013
Send an emailwtd

"It would be a possible setback to Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons..."

Considering some 240 personnel remain trapped in the rubble - perhaps as much as a generational setback.

30 Jan 2013
Send an emailron thompson

  I keep waiting and hoping to hear some confirmation of the Fordow event. Far better than a war, however necessary that may still be sometime later..

 I also rather hope Ms McIntosh's supposition about what might happen to the Gaza stockpiles comes about too. Again, better than another war. 

 Absent that, I hope, if it's necessary, that israel again channel's William Sherman (of Civil War fame) in destroying wide swaths of infrrastructure in Gaza or southern Lebanon,or Egypt or Syria, as a way of avoiding unnecessary killing while sending a deterrent message that has been working very well since 2006.

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