Friday, 25 January 2013
The Fiasco In Iraq That Turns Into Our Iraqi "Victory"

It had to happen, of course.The Iraqi Army, which is now controlled by a Shi'te regime that has no intention of sharing control of that army, which has been built up, and supplied with all sorts of weaponry, by the same Americans who prate about "the Iraqi people" as they do about "the Syrian people" (as in: "the Syrian people want freedom").  Whether it was Maliki, or some other Shi'ite in power, the Shi'ites are not going  to give the Sunnis what the Sunnis think they deserve. And the Sunnis, even those who would not use a phrase such as "Rafidite dogs," will never acquiesce to their new, and inferior, station, will never regard being dominated by Shi'a as anything other than unnatural. And that is why perpetual war -- it could be low-level war, but it will be war -- between members of the two sects in Iraq always was inevitable. Once the Americans removed Saddam Hussein, his sons, and his collaborators, power necessarily shifted to the Shi'a, who constitute at leastr 60^ of the population, that is more than three times the number of Sunni Arabs. And though the Kurds are mostly Sunni, they suffered from Saddam Hussein's regime (with 182,000 murdered), and are unlikely to come to the aid of Sunni Arabs. Nor are they likely to accept rule by Shi'ite Arabs, or dictates as to what they can do with the oil of Kirkuk and Mosul. The violence in the Qur'an, and Hadith, and Sira, are what mold the minds of Muslims. You will not find a mosque khutba that contains such words as "goodness" and "mercy" and "charity" and so on, as you would at any Christian service. The tone is different, the lessons are different. Why not recognize that, and recognize that despotism, or violent anarchy, are the poles between which Muslim lands are likely to swing. There is not a Muslim Burke or Bagehot, not a Musliim Constitution that commands full legitimacy other than the Shari'a. Recognize this, build policies upon that recognition, put Islam, and its adherents, in their proper place, and regard them with the permanent suspicion and hostility that their ideology, and the adherents and defenders of that ideology, deserve. And keep them from acquiring weaponry that can do non-Muslims harm, and keep them out, or keep their numbers down as low as possible, in the non-Muslim world. And to keep the Camp of Islam off-base, do nothing to discourage the pre-existing fissures -- sectarian, ethnic, economic, and at times cultural (the contempt felt by northern Arabs for the Arabs of the Gulf) -- within that Camp. Finally, by unapologetically, and on every occasion, showing that you know what Islam is all about, and by writing and speaking aloud about all the ways that Islam explains the many failures, political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral, of Islam, you will ensure that these views are heard and, in being angrily rejected, are brought to the attention of Musliims everywhere. And some of them will have to listen, and quietly, to themselves, in demoralized fashion concede the truth of what has been said. 

That's all you need do. Only this and nothing more.

Posted on 01/25/2013 8:20 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
25 Jan 2013
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 "That's all you need to do.  Only this and nothing more."

I've tried to do "this" by writing and speaking aloud about the history of Islam.  Thus, the following book:

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