Saturday, 26 January 2013
America -- Making The World Safe For Chinese Economic Development

Though it is China that relies on oil from the Middle East, it was the American government that had the brilliant idea to spend two trillion dollars in Iraq, pouring money in to "reconstruct" the whole country and to train, and arm, more than a half-million men in the army  and the police. And it is America that keeps expensive bases in Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, to "guard the oil supply." But it is China, America's powerful and aggressive and ruthless and cunning rival, that needs to have that oil supply safeguarded far more than does the United States.

And in Afghanistan, there are resources that cannot be exploited -- discovered, mined, transported -- by the hopeless warlike primitive locals -- and it looks as if not the hapless American government, lurching from Getting On The Right Side Of History by supporting what Hillary Clinton calls "Arab revolutions" (they were not revolutions, but uprisings, against a particular ruler, his family, and his courtiers, for the sums they grabbed for themselves, in Libya, in Tunisia, in Egypt), having squandered in Afghanistan, is now going to watch helplessly as the Chinese take over the exploitation of that country's natural resources (it has no other kind of resources to offer).

Here's the maddening story:

Fox News - 4 minutes ago
There's no end to American folly. This is what happens when stupid people are in control.
Posted on 01/26/2013 7:27 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
26 Jan 2013
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Actually, it does have a vast resource that's being fought over. We didn't think the U.S. was there for the sunshine did we?


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