Saturday, 26 January 2013
Qatari Primitives With Money Enjoy Their Parisian Existence Which Could Be Denied Them

Rich little Qatar conducts its own Jihad against the West largely through money, deploying billions of unmerited wealth (the result of Qatar sitting athwart or next to  huge natural gas fields). Its main weapon is the propaganda channel Al-Jazeera, in both its Arabic and its slightly toned-down English version. Its recent triumph, in entering the American market in a big way by buying Current TV from  Al Gore and his partner, and the appalling lines he delivered, obviously, written for him by the Qataris and which he was told he had to recite as a condition of the sale going through, about how pleased he was to sell out, in every sense, to Al-Jazeera because it was an organization that, despite its poverty, dared to "speak truth to power" and other such self-evident absurdities).

But Qatar also participates in the Jihad by giving aid and succor to Youssef Al-Qaradawi, the malign Sunni cleric who stands up for, defends in every way, those who participate directly in violent Jihad. It sent money and arms to the worst, that is the most fanatically Muslim, of the rebels in Libya, for it was those whom it supported, and not any of the secular rebels. It now is supporting the Musilm fanatics who have -- possibly with some of the very arms the Qataris supplied to Libya -- seized Northern Mali.

And in so doing,it comes directly up against France.

And France is the country where rich Qataris have bought lots and lots of propert, up and down the Champs-Elysees, and also lots of private 17th and 18th century mansions which Qatari rich have proceeded to reconfigure inside -- with gyms, car elevators, and so on -- paying as little heed as possible to the French desire to maintain, unchanged, such priceless patrimony. These primitives strut up and down the Avenue Foch, the Avenue Montaigne, along with other rich Arabs, just as they do in Belgravia and Mayfair in London, and they are a corrupt and corrupting presence, disturbing by now even to those -- bankers, estate agents, purveyors of luxury goods -- benefit financially from their presence.

But the rich Arabs have, ever since 1973 when Sheikh Yamani went on his royal progress -- J. B. Kelly's phrase -- through France and England, to believe that they can behave as they like, do whatever they wish, and the capitals of the West will be afraid to raise an eyebrow. Then, it was merely their bullying, threatening, and outrageous behavior toward the West, without any real ability to inflict harm (the OPEC trillions had only just started, and not yet bought the arms and influence they would buy later; the Muslims in the West were still few in number, and not the threat they are today, having become even more attached to Islam, and thus even more threatening, precisely because in the West, sensing and resenting the West's superiority, and the refusal of Infidels not to yield, they become ever more devoutly Muslim, withdraw ever more from having any real connection to non-Muslims, and regard themselves as the rightful inheritors of the lands to which they come, and which, as time passes, they assume they will inherit by force of numbers).

It has not helped things that those in power in Western governments have gone out of their way to protect, defend, hide from public outrage, the texts, tenets, atmospherics, attitudes of Islam. And it has not helped that some in the West are so eager to make money from the rich Arabs of the Gulf that they are willing to abase themselves, and to persuade others to do so.

But now thinks in North Africa are clear. Qatar supports fanatical Muslims who threaten France and the rest of the West. And the French have allowed the Qataris to use Paris as their playground. Why continue to do so? Why not break off diplomatic relations, but more than that, tell the Qataris they are no longer welcome in France. And then what will they do? The only thing they can do is toi protest, but if the French remain firm, the Qataris will continue to own urban estates but without the ability to visit them, and so may decide simply to sell out, ast a loss. And theymay decide, too, to sell their stakes in French companies. So what? Someone else will buy them, and if Qatar takes a loss, because it sells quickly, that's fine.

It's important to slap down this nasty little country, with its fewer than 200,000 Qatari natives, each of whom is guaranteed, every year, year in and year out, more than half-a-million dollars, and guaranteed, too, that eight times as many foreign wage slaves will remain on hand to service them in every possible way.

Treat Qatar as it deserves to be treated. The French can keep them from enjoying Paris. And the Americans? Oh, instead of falling all over themselves to express gratitude for Qatar grandly allowing the "blue-eyed blond slaves" (as one Saudi prince famously described American airmen then stationed in Saudi Arabia) to staff a naval base for American ships, remove that base. It's not needed. No need to protect the oil of the Gulf Arabs. Let them, if they want to, protect that oil --presumably from Iran -- themselves. What? They are incapable of it. Okay, then ask for something nominal, say $100 billion a year, to rent the American naval forces necessary, and of course the Americans will want to be begged, publicly byhe Al-Thani family, to keep a base in Qatar.

Turn the whole thing around. Put Qatar in its rightful place. Western leaders fail to understand just how completely dependent -- for their physical safety, for the production, transportation, t and distribution of their only real source of wealth, the result of an accident of geology, for their medical care (just imagine if the Gulf Arabs were denied access to Western medicine, Western hospitals, altogher), and of course trhe delightful countries of Westen Europe, so different from their own bleak las-vegasses and rodeo-drives of one damn gold souk and shopping mall after another.

It can be done. Slap Qatar down, and around, and the other Gulf Arabs will get the idea, rather quickly.

Posted on 01/26/2013 11:27 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
26 Jan 2013
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  I'd like a bumper sticker that says: "Bitch slap Qatar now!".

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