Sunday, 27 January 2013
In The UAE, 94 Arrested For Plotting A Coup Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

Fresh from its victories in Tunisia, Libya and, most conclusively,  in Egypt, where the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) controls the government and is steadily working to remove from public life all those, such as journalists at Al-Ahram, who are deemed insufficiently enthusiastic about the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood has apparently been doing its best to overthrow the comparatively (in Arab Muslim terms) easygoing  United Arab Emirates. One wonders if the Obama Administration, that just sent F-16s to the ikhwan in Egypt as a sign of continued confidence (and fear of how the Muslim Brotherhood might behave if it did not receive that vote of American confidence), is content to be perceived, by those Arabs who do not favor but fear the Muslim Brotherhood, to be terminally naive and, because of that naivete, dangerous to itself and to others.

Here's the story :

UAE charges 94 people in alleged plot to overthrow the state in widening crackdown

January 27, 2013

| Associated Press

The United Arab Emirates says 94 people face charges for allegedly trying to overthrow the state as part of widening crackdowns on Islamist groups with suspected links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sunday's statement by the official news agency WAM did not name the Emirati suspects, but authorities have been waging systematic arrests against perceived dissidents for months.

The crackdowns have brought complaints from rights groups and raised tensions with Egypt, which is led by Muslim Brotherhood member President Mohammed Morsi.

The statement quotes UAE Attorney General Salem Saeed Kubaish as alleging that the suspects built a secret network to plot the coup and raised money through real estate and other deals. It also claims the suspects had links to the Muslim Brotherhood and others for expertise and financial support.

Posted on 01/27/2013 10:08 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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