Monday, 28 January 2013
How Very Caucasian

Went to a birthday celebration on Saturday. A Russian friend was being feted. He told tales of seeing Viktor Shklovsky in Moscow,  and Andrey Sinyavsky in Paris, and of once meeting Molotov.  He offered a dismissive review of the latest movie version of Anna Karenina, comparing it unfavorably not to the Soviet version, which I would have expected,  but to the one he, and all the other Russians present,  considered to be the best version in any language -- the big-budget American spectacular with Audrey Hepburn. Then he talked of the places he was hoping to visit, on one last wild crazy trip he was planning  to take abroad: to Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio, Tahiti, and Easter Island.

The delicious food included matnakash, satsivi, caviar. How very, I realized later, Caucasian.

Posted on 01/28/2013 3:30 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
28 Jan 2013
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 That would have been "War and Peace", no?

28 Jan 2013
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That's right, Audrey Hepburn never played Anna Karenina, but Jacqueline Bisset did.

28 Jan 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

You are both right, and I was wrong. The birthday boy  first explained what he found so unsatisfactory, so untrue to Tolstoy's realism, with t he current "Anna Karenina" -- presented as a spectacle -- and then  from there went on to different versions of "War and Peace" and to Audrey Hepburn. 

As to the rest -- the food -- I did not misremember. Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Morale.