Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Dozy bint of the week

The Lancashire town of Eccles is named after a church --  or possibly a cake. But its latest fruitcake is in poor taste, and at this rate the town will need to change its name to Masjid. From the Manchester Evening News, with thanks to Esmerelda:

File:Eccles cake.jpgPCSO Jayne Kemp

Eccles Cake                                      Fruitcake

A mum-of-two has told how she was inspired to convert to Islam – after helping a victim of honour-based violence as part of her job in the police.

Police Community Support Officer Jayne Kemp, 28, decided to find out about the faith while helping a Muslim woman suffering domestic abuse. 

The "domestic abuse", or in Islamic terms chastisement of the disobedient, should have told her all she needed to know.. A non-dozy-bint would have run a mile. But not Jayne.

After speaking to other Muslims on Twitter, she was inspired to give up her Catholic faith to fully convert last year and now lives a completely Islamic lifestyle.

She now goes out on her  PCSO patrols in Eccles, Salford, wearing the traditional hijab headscarf and makes time up at the end of her shift to attend Friday prayers.

Jayne, single mum to a son, nine, and daughter, seven, formerly converted in a Shahada ceremony last April and now plans to change her name to Aminah.

A single mum? Muslim women have been stoned for less.

While her children spent Christmas Day at their dad’s so they could still celebrate, she went round to her mum’s – but had to cook her own dinner so it would be halal.

At least her mother didn't pander, unlike the police who let her wear her veil of servitude.

Jayne, who joined GMP in August 2009 and lives in south Manchester,  said: “It started when I had a woman approach me at work who was experiencing honour-based violence.

“Where I work in Eccles there’s a big mosque and big Muslim population, so I thought I should find out more about it.

“I’d thought Islam was all about women being forced to slave away in the kitchen – but found out it was about being generous with your time, patient and respectful of others.

“As I looked into it I saw similarities with Catholicism and also values like looking after your neighbours and valuing the elderly that older people say younger people don’t have any more.

Older people like Umm Qirfa, the uppity woman ripped apart by camels? I think I'd prefer to be undervalued.

“I wasn’t looking for any religion at the time but for every question I got answered about Islam I just had five more – I think I fell in love with it.”

Jayne made the decision to tell colleagues she had converted when she wanted to start wearing a hijab to work – and says they have all been supportive.

She is now working with the Greater Manchester Muslim Police Association to design a regulation police hijab and tunic – as one has never been needed before in the force.

Jayne said: “I was worried about what my colleagues would think but they have been so understanding.

“People in Eccles have been great too – most don’t even mention it.

Perhaps her Yvonne-Ridley-style bid for attention has failed.

“If my children had struggled with me covering my hair I wouldn’t have done it.

In a Muslim country she would have had no option, and her children would have been forcibly converted, as happens in Egypt.

“They have both asked a lot about it but I would never push Islam on them and they will be brought up Catholic.


“I just hope by speaking out I can show it is OK for a Muslim woman to work in the police force and also change negative stereotypes about Islam.”

Oh, it is, Jayne. The police force is stuffed full of taqiyya-merchants. But next time you deal with "honour-based violence" treat the man of the house with more respect when he's exercising his Koran-given rights over his property. And don't even think about reverting to Catholicism -- no Eccles cakes for apostates, who must eat the bread of sorrow.

Posted on 01/29/2013 9:10 AM by Mary Jackson
29 Jan 2013
Send an emailCiccio

Would you happen to have her e-mail? A friend of mine, an ultra-wealthy African prince is looking for a reliable pious custodian for his wealth which he is going to transfer to England. He can answer any questions she may have with even greater clarification than any mullah.

29 Jan 2013
Paul Blaskowicz
After speaking to other Muslims on Twitter, she was inspired to give up her Catholic faith to fully convert last year and now lives a completely Islamic lifestyle.
She is not living a completely islamic lifestylle. She tramps about the streets of Eccles unaccompanied by a male relative. She has authority over male muslims.  Also she hasn't had her sprogs reverted.
Jayne said: “I was worried about what my colleagues would think but they have been so understanding."
Your colleagues are unable to to express a negative opinion about your bat-shit crazy decision to convert to islam and festoon yourself with a police-regulation hijabythingy. They've been forced to attend enough Ethnic-community Awareness Seminars to know that it's more than their job's worth to laugh out  loud or make jokes about  you (in your presence).
Why don't you go the whole hog, and wear a Burqa ? Your chief-constable Peter Fahy wouldn't object. In fact he'd most probably congratulate you on your initiative. Only yesterday he said there should be more people like you in his force.
“People in Eccles have been great too – most don’t even mention it."
"Eeh - what does she think she looks like,  Mrs Ramsbottom?" They don't mention it though, as one doesn't  mention a very evident tic or face deformity to the poor unfortunate soul who has one. In your case they don't mention it because they think you're plain puddled, and you'll grow up one day. But - sorry - it's too late. Being such  an expert on islam, you'll know the sharia punishment for apostasy is death, won't you?  Have a nice day.

31 Jan 2013
Christina McIntosh

 On the off chance that one of her dismayed colleagues, or former friends, or family members, or even the Catholic parish priest in Eccles, who feels uneasy about this transformation may, via google, find their way in here, and read this: I commend to them the following books: 1/ Rosemary Sookhdeo, 'Stepping Into the Shadows: Why Western Women Convert to Islam' and 2/ Rev Dr Mark Durie, 'Liberty to the Captives'.  

The first contains a good few cautionary tales/ case histories - drawn from Mrs Sookhdeo's practical experience as the wife of a parish priest (himself a convert from Islam to Christianity) in inner-city multi-ethnic parishes - of women who committed the same folly that Ms Kemp has done, but who later thought better of it, and how they escaped.  Mrs Sookhdeo has, toward the end, some advice and counsel for non-Muslims whose friend, family member or fellow-parishioner has become a Muslim.  The second book contains a clear explanation, first, of exactly how much trouble Ms Kemp has gotten herself into by reciting the shahada; it also explains what she will have to do, in time, if she 'wakes up' and decides that she wants OUT.

Basically, what Ms Kemp has done is like someone becoming a Scientologist or a Moonie, only much, much worse, because of the fundamental Islamic rule - resembling the code of organised crime syndicates such as the mafia - that anyone who tries to leave must be killed.

If anyone who knows her is reading this: try to stay in contact with her,.  If you are a Christian: pray like blazes.  Keep an eye on her and - especially - keep an eye on her children.  

Her ex - the father of the children -  and also the two sets of grandparents should be aware that the Muslim ummah will try to seize and Islamise those children, willy nilly. Make sure you have a line of communication with the children that does not go through their mother.  Ms Kemp has said those children can be brought up Catholic? Well: their dad, or their grandparents, should 'test' her on that: insist on taking the children to Mass every Sunday without fail.  Get the whole parish praying!

 Watch the children, especially the girl, closely for any signs of distress or confusion.  You should know that in Islam a girl of nine is considered old enough to be wedded and bedded...and that such a 'marriage' can be forced upon her.  So it is not impossible that Ms Kemp's daughter might be targeted for such a 'marriage', in only a couple of years' time.

1 Feb 2013

Jayne's daughter will not be forced to marry at any age, never mind in a couple of years time! That's ridiculous. Islam gives women the CHOICE to marry who and when they wish. Consent is a MUST otherwise the marriage is null. People who think Islam is about forced marriages have mixed culture with islam. Unfortuantely many women are forced into marriage in many cultures. But Islam is against this.

Also you have no right to keep an eye on her and her children. The beauty of living in this country is that everyone can do what they like including Jayne and her children. So why are you instructing people to keep an eye on them. She'll be safer being a muslim than anything else.

The most crimes comitted are things like robbery and murder.  These are forbidden in Islam.  Islam teaches people good manners and good behaviour to all others, regardless of their religion, race, etc.

You should research more about the REAL Islam rather than going by what you hear in the media.  There's are reason over 5000 people convert to Islam each year in Britain. And also why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole world.