Tuesday, 29 January 2013
How Much Is This One Trial Costing The U.S.?

From the Miami Herald:

Live testimony from Pakistan in Fla. terror case

Defense witnesses will appear live from Pakistan via video hookup in a Miami courtroom during the trial of a Muslim cleric accused of financially supporting the Pakistani Taliban.

U.S. District Judge Robert Scola approved the unusual testimony in the case of 77-year-old imam Hafiz Khan. The five witnesses will be questioned beginning Feb. 11 at an Islamabad hotel, and jurors will watch on courtroom TV screens. Scola said Tuesday the arrangement is costing $130,000.

Khan is on trial for allegedly funneling at least $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban, listed by the U.S. as a terrorist group. Khan insists the money was for innocent purposes.

Khan's attorney wants Scola to allow six other witnesses to testify from Pakistan. The judge did not immediately rule but seemed inclined to approve the request.

Read more here:

Here is one Muslim cleric, in one trial. Just the testimony by some witnesses for the defense will cost $135,000. How much do you think is the total cost of this: the investigation by the FBI, the time of the police who arrested him, the cost of the trial, including the salary of the judge, court officers, and the defense lawyers paid for by the state? A million dollars? Two million?

And if he is sentenced, say, to ten years, that will cost the state another half-million dollars

This is just one tiny trial, for one Muslim fanatic. Multiply these fantastic sums, all over the Western world, for the investigations and trials and jail, for so many Muslim would-be terrorists. Now add in the tremendous cost for increased security all over the Western world, made necessary by the large-scale presence of Muslims. Now add in the cost to the educational systems, the disruption in the teaching of a Western curriculum to those who do not accvept that curriculum, the cost of meeting (or not meeting) all of the demands made, incessantly, by Musilms for special provisions -- footbaths in public institutions, special prayer rooms, special womens-only hours at swimming pools, and so on. Add it all up. How expensive, how unpleasant, how dangerous to our security. Why is it put up with? Why are people so afraid to ask for the obvious: that their governments halt all Muslim immigration, and do whatever it takes to encourage self-deportation, and if that doesn't work, trying other, more forceful methods.  There is no need to make the Western world "friendly" to those whose faith inculcates hatred for all non-Muslims. What's the point? What is the Western world trying to prove?

Posted on 01/29/2013 10:25 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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