Wednesday, 30 January 2013
Using The Case Of Mali Against Lebanese Hezbollah Supporters In West Africa

In many countries of West Africa Lebanese are shopkeepers, traders, middlemen, involved also in every louche activity, inicluding being up to their necks in the trade in blood diamonds.

Members of the French and other Western secret services, and diplomats, too, should seize the moment, and the business in Mali, including the revenge attacks by black Africans on Arabs and Arab-owned businesses, to encourage similar sentiments all over West Africa. At the very least, it might drive some of those Lebanese Hezbollah supporters out of those countries, and back to Lebanon, and thereby weaken both Hezbollah and Iran.

Every occasion should be taken to weaken those who are to be regarded as in the Camp of Islam, exploiting whatever local fears and conditions may offer. .In the same way, every occasion should be taken to divide and demoralize that Camp of Islam, by doing nothing to discourage its members from turning on one another: sectarian (Sunni against Shia), ethnic (Arab supremacists against non-Arab Muslims, made aware of that Arab supremacism), economic (resentment of the rich Arabs by the poorer Muslims, Arab and non-Arab, who are not allowed to share in Allah's oil-and-gas bounty).

Posted on 01/30/2013 7:11 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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