Friday, 1 February 2013
Independence For Kurdistan And Balochistan

The first, created in the now-autonomous region of northern Iraq,  would force the issue of Arab supremacism, and of Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism, into the consciousness of non-Muslims and, especially, of non-Arab Muislims.. It would focus attention -- it needs to be focussed -- on the treatment of non-Muslim and non-Arab peoples all over North Africa and the Middle East. It would hearten Kurds in Iran, Turkey, and Syria, and cause endless problems for the governments of Iran, Turkey, and Syria -- all of which are now ruled by unpleasant people whose sole interest, when it comes to independence, is for one more group of Arabs --- the soi-disant "Palestinian" Arabs, invented for the occasion after the Six-Day War, in order to re-package the continuing (and endless) Jihad against Israel as a struggle, first for  "national liberation" (that phrase then fell into desuetude about two decades ago), and then a struggle -- as ignorant Westerners are fooled into believing, or malignant Westerners pretend to believe -- between "two tiny peoples" (the Jews and the "Palestinians" rather than the Jews and the Muslim Arabs) which appears to give Israel its sympathetic due even while grotesquely misrepresenting the nature of the war being waged, on all fronts and forever, by the Arabs and Muslims.

And if there were an independent Balochistan, free of the Pakistani imperialists forcing the Baluchis -- look at nineteenth century maps that show, quite clearly, a separate "Balochistan" -- to remain within Pakistan and to give up the wealth resulting from Balochistan's resources, especially the revenues from natural gas -- that would weaken the malign state of Pakistan. And the other malign state that would be weakend would be Iran, for historic Balochistan exists both in Iran and Pakistan.

Right now the Balochis appear to have responded to their condition in two ways. On both sides of the border, Sunnis in Balochistan have been attacking Shi'a. In Iran, it is Iranian Shi'a. In Balochistan, it is Hazaras (how so many  Hazaras ended up in Balochistan is a long story). In the first case, such attacks can be seen as part of the war against Farsi imperialism -- Iran is still an empire, with Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, and Balochis along with Farsis. In the second case, it's a misplaced aggression, directed at the vulnerable Hazara minority (who in Afghanistan were attacked by the Taliban, and were rescued only by the intervention of American troops), rather than at the Pakistan army, which has as little right to be in Balochistan as it did to be in Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan).

Take an interest in, and take the side of, independence for Kurdistan and Balochistan.


A little note to Kurdish and Baluchi visitors:

Not quite in the spirit of Peter Galbraith, now enjoying his Vermont respectability, and who pocketed two hundred million dollars by exploiting his government service in Iraq to wheel-and-deal among the Kurds, and to inveigle them into making him their middleman (he allowed the Kurdish oil authorities to believe he had special contacts in the American government, special powers to fend off interference from Baghdad) in contracts signed with a Norwegian oil company, I hope that grateful Kurds and Balochis, aware of all the support I will of course gather for them, will be even now selecting the Kurdish and Baluchi rugs they intend to send to me, as a token of gratitude. Of all the rugs described as Oriental, they have always been, fatidically, my favorites.

Posted on 02/01/2013 6:40 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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