Monday, 4 February 2013
Talking of Richard III ...

Am I the only person nerdy enough to have thought of this?

Posted on 02/04/2013 1:00 PM by Mary Jackson
4 Feb 2013
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More "Anyone For Dennis?"
Or: Talking Of More Sinned Against Than Sinning
Thank you for posting that clip.  If I had seen it earlier, I would have been nerdy enough to think of it. Btw.,You might forward the following to your friend, the rumpled Dr. Dalrymple:
Sinning Off,
Dennis "Sinned" Nedry,
Jurassic Krap
Tags: too tired and busy right now for more anagrams or palindromes, but will try to keep abreast of the rum poles and cream of the Baileys Bristols in a Cockneyed hat, too pasties-faced to realize that all that glitters and titters is not fool's gold