Monday, 4 February 2013
Ladyboys, inshallah

Instructive polysexual hadith from Khalifah:

The Messenger of Allah ??? ???? ???? ???? said: 'The best women of mankind are four: Mariam daughter of `Imraan, Assiya wife of Pharaoh, Khadija daughter of Khuwailid, and Fatima the daughter of the Messenger of Allah.'

Bukhari and Muslim. Narrated from Anas.

Oh what Anas I am -- I couldn't even make the best five. But who are the best men of womankind?

Posted on 02/04/2013 1:49 PM by Mary Jackson
4 Feb 2013
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Wham, Bam, Thank You, Iman
I'd like to nominate to the list of The Best Men of Womankind the polysexual and major tomcat, David Bowie.
- Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid
Tags: ground control to Major Tom: Whitney Houston has a problem, ladyboy with a bottom like a peach, millions of peaches, peaches for me, peachy-keen, that Paula Abdul and Charlie Sheen,  you cut me like a knife, but I man, you woman, in this relationship, Davey Boy

4 Feb 2013
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E.E. Comings
 "peachy-keen, that Paula Abdul and Charlie Sheen"?!? The closest Chuckie ever got to Paulie was a line in Hot Shots.
- emilio estevez
Don't be so sure of that, O' star of The Mighty Cucks.
- C.S.
Tags: to have and have not, to have and to cuckhold, Charlie Sheen, CS Lewis, Lewis Gun, Grapeshots of Wrath, Fellow Travelers With Victor Charlie