Wednesday, 6 February 2013
"One Of Its Own"?

Here's the title of the on-line "discussion" of the use of drones to eliminate threats from Muslims, including those who happen to have acquired American citizenship:

When Can the U.S. Kill One of Its Own?

"One of its own"? In what sense are those who have been killed "one of America's own? What makes Anwar al-Awlaki, or the other blowhard in Yemen, "one of our own"?

Anwar Al-Awlaki happened to be born in New Mexico, when his Saudi father was enrolled (I won't say "studying" because I am too familiar with Saudi and other Arab students in the West to use that word)  in an American university. Plenty of Arabs and Muslims don't even have to be studying to have children with automatic citizenship: the country is full of anchor-baby hotels, where Arab and pregnant Muslim women arrive, half-way or closer to term, to take advantage of  the by-now dangerous and even idiotic law that allows those born in this country, no matter how alien and dangerous they may be to the survival of that country's laws, customs, mores, and mental freedoms, to acquire  as one of the accidents -- in every sense -- of birth, American citizenship.

There are, all over the Western world, people running around who now have American, Canadian, Australian, British, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, and other precious citizenships, but unlike many  other immigrants, they are not and cannot possibly accept the basic assumptions and principles, the laws and customs, of those Western countries whose citizenship they have, in a sense, falsely acquired. Why "falsely"? Because with or without an oath, there has been an assumption, made by Western governments entirely too negligent -- and to the increasing distress of their peoples, especially those who have suffered, or seen others suffer, from this alien invasion of those whom they recognize as being permanently unintegrable, as long as they are adherents of Islam -- that everyone can more or less fit in, that the Muslim immigrants are just like the others, who in the past were objected too and yet managed, over time, to fit in. No. It's different. Read the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira. Study the texts and teachings. Then study the history of Muslim behavior toward all the many different non-Muslim lands and peoples that Muslms have conquered, over the past 1350 years. And then look at what is happening around the world today, to non-Muslims in Muslim lands, and look especially at how, over the past few decades, Muslims in Western Europe have behaved. Everywhere, in countries very different, with very different histories and political arrangements, Muslim immigrants have been the source of every kind of disruption, in schools and hospitals and shops and in the housing estates, have shown every conceivable kind of calculated taking-advantage of whatever the local Infidels may innocently or trustingly provide, and everywhere have been a source of growing misery and dangerous for those indigenous non-Muslims, and for other, non-Muslim immigrants as well. Why should all this evidence continue by our rulers, those who presume to protect and instruct us, be ignored?


Posted on 02/06/2013 1:17 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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