Wednesday, 6 February 2013
Demand Police Protection for the Intended Victims - Not for the Assailants!

My good friend and comrade Lars Hedegaard of the Danish Free Press Society foiled an assassination attempt on his life by at least one assailant dressed as a Danish postman delivering a parcel at 11 AM yesterday morning in Copenhagen. The would be assassin drew a pistol as soon as Lars opened the door and fired a shot at his head that missed. Lars grappled with him and the assailant was able to keep the door open but was unable to fire the weapon again and fled.

The Danish government bears responsibility for the dreadful campaign of slander and legal actions against Lars and seeks to cow all those in Denmark who will not be intimidated by a growing radical Muslim element that refuses to accept the basic principles of tolerance for others, democracy, free speech and a peaceful participation in civil society.

After being hounded and convicted of “racism”, Lars was found innocent by a unanimous vote ( 7 – 0) of the Danish Supreme Court.

The American media will no doubt show a total lack of interest in the case because it refuses to acknowledge the same refusal as the Danish authorities to proclaim loud and clear that the emperor of multiculturalism has no clothes. It is only by the hand of providence that Hedegaard was not added to the list of Dutch victims Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn.

Hundreds of well-wishers have sent their greetings and congratulations to Lars Hedegaard on his facebook page and the Danish Free Press Society has received an enormous surge of applications for membership – the phone has been ringing off the wall!  

Demand Police Protection for the Intended Victims. Not for the Assailants!

Posted on 02/06/2013 3:29 PM by Norman Berdichevsky
6 Feb 2013
Christina McIntosh

 From the article - "the Danish Free Press Society has received an enormous surge of applications for membership - the phone has been ringing off the wall".


I hope they get thousands of new members.  Tens of thousands would be even better.  Then they can really start putting pressure on the Authorities.

And kudos to Lars for not freezing or panicking but, rather, attacking the attacker.  That - the vision of this nice, white-bearded elderly gentleman refusing to be intimidated and getting to grips with the armed thug - may be what is striking a chord with all those Danes who are rushing to sign up for the society.  (Perhaps those who apply for membership should be strongly encouraged to also commit themselves to attend serious self-defence classes, including the kind of advanced classes where you learn how to respond to thugs who have guns and thugs who have knives.)

Time for the Danes to find their inner Holger Dansker.

Further thought: does Mr Hedegaard have a dog?  Two dogs?  Trained guard dogs would be best.

6 Feb 2013
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Denmark, Doggie Style
Or: A Rotten Rottweiler In Denmark?
[translated - badly - the Reader is invited to do better - much better]
Hamid: Mark my words; I find this den of Danes and their unclean animals to be as downright depressing as winter in Bratislava..
The Prophet's Polonium Poisoner: -Truly as depressing as a black dog on a church hill and I miss the melons of Iraq and loath all the lieth within the borders of this land, including its collies.
H: I fear to darken the door of Dansker now that he hath two trained guard dogs. 
PPP: Fear not; Roverkranz and Cujostern are dead.
H:  Opportunity doth knock!  And doth Dansker hath a daughter?
PPP: Aye, and opportunity knocks up. If the sun breeds maggots in a dead dog, being a good kissing cousin carrion, conception from a Son of the Ummah would be a blessing.
H: The game's afoot. Bless my sole with insult intended.
PPP: My attendant fiend, look or attend to it.
Well, I could do much better allah "Paging Ragnar Danneskjöld" if you get my Roark's Drift -not that I would expect the Krugerrands to come Rolanding in.
Isandlwana, South Africa
The Remington Rand Institute
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7 Feb 2013
Jerry Gordon

Lars Hedegaard is a great friend of many of us at the NER was viciously attacked by an armed perpetrator who fired a shot at him which missed Lars but was subdued in the struggle and fled before he could shoot again. It is frightening to realize that to speak the truth about Islam in Eurabia automatically makes you a pariah and a target for Jihadi  vengence. We should start a campaign saying "We are Lars Hedegaard". I am pleased by the enormous outpouring of good will and concern for Hedegaard's safety. He is the best that the rotten state of Denmark has to defend liberty, freedom and human rights against the onslaught of hate of the other in the core of Islamic doctrine.

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