Wednesday, 6 February 2013
Qaradawi, The Most Infliuential Sunni Cleric In The World, On Death For Apostates As The Key To Islam's Survival

Here, thanks to the Media Research Center,  is Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, explaining on television to an audience of Muslims that death for apostates has been indispensable in Islam,  that without such a punishment, Islam would not have survived. It's quite an admission. See that it gets around.

Here is Qaradawi, with French subtitles.

Here is Qaradawi with Russian subtitles.

Posted on 02/06/2013 3:44 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
6 Feb 2013
Christina McIntosh

 I think I might pass the link to my parish priest. She is about to embark on a diploma course on comparative religion.  It might provide some counterpoint to whatever bowdlerised/ watered-down nonsense she will encounter when the course discusses Islam. 

I've already given her a copy of Mark Durie's 'The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom', and placed a copy of the companion booklet, 'Liberty to the Captives', in the parish library - which is on display every Sunday so that the curious may browse and borrow.