Wednesday, 6 February 2013
A Musical Interlude: Let's Fly Away (Lee Wiley)
Listen  here.
Posted on 02/06/2013 8:18 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
7 Feb 2013
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Blow Up, Up And Away*
Dear Erica:
Would you like to ride in my beautiful barrage balloon?*
I could help you overcome your fear of flying with a (nearly) zeppelin-less **ck by placing you in a compromising position (Oh, the humanity!) with a Van de Graaf Zeppelin generator (batteries not included).
Buzz Off,
Colonel Blimp,
Lakehurst, New Jersey
cc Paul von Hindenburg
Tags: Erica Schlong, Graf Zeppelin, the inanimate Freddie Laker of Lakehurst, crashes and burns, stop the Trans World; I want to get off - with the UK's Buzzcocks, Vibrators and Stiff Little Fingers, in the cock pit zipless sinks (air)ships, aircraft carrier: a flight attendant with an STD, risible dirigible, lighter than air semi-rigid airships, the steward is light in the loafers, the stewardess is frigid and the captain's fuselage is less than rigid