Friday, 8 February 2013
Fertility (Dis)Figure(d)

by Nidra Poller (February 2013)

Un enfant quand je veux si je veux…  The battle cry of the feminists marching for freedom from fertility—“a baby when I want one if I want one”—was ringing out in the streets of Paris when I came to live here in 1972. After lagging behind the United States, where the diaphragm + spermicide had been available to married women since the 1940s and oral contraception since 1957, France caught up with The Pill in 1967 and legalized abortion in 1975, championed by Auschwitz survivor and then Health Minister Simone Veil. The process has gone forward on all fronts, with generalized use of fail-proof methods, unfettered access to abortion when fail-proof fails, reimbursement across the board including, just recently, 100% free contraceptive pills for women 15 to 18.  more>>>

Posted on 02/08/2013 6:15 AM by NER
8 Feb 2013
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Can you imagine how much the lesbian/feminists on that Marriage for all march would like a banner saying "A pair of fathers is better than a slutty/statterny/shitty mother"?

The men wouldn't dare.

9 Feb 2013
Christina McIntosh

 Re. the problem that the use of donor sperm (and this has been around for a long time, in the context of donor sperm being used in a case where a couple desired children but the husband was infertile) creates the possibility that half-siblings may meet and marry each other.

Just as engaged couples in some countries in the 1940s and 1950s were required to be tested for syphilis before marriage (and in some countries, today, a test for HIV is probably prudent), it may be that engaged couples may have to have a dna test to see whether they are related.  I would guess that half-siblings, with the same father, would turn up more DNA matches than people less closely related.  

9 Feb 2013
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Two little questions.

When homosexuality was first studied seriously from an anthropological/biological perspective versus the strictly social/moral one, a number of interesting results popped out. Firstly, it is evident in all species, not only mammals but even birds and fish, 2-3% of the average population. In no species does it affect the alpha males, it was assumed this was one of nature's little tricks to preserve and improve the species. This second conclusion seems to have deliberately been suppressed in a propaganda campaign to make Goebels look like an amateur.

Even Islam, with the most retrograde of marriage laws accepts non-consumatiion as the grounds for annuling a marriage. What happens now? Do they call a proctologist as an expert witness? Do they argue as to who was to do what? Can they blame the failure of the marriage on flat batteries? A new ad battle for duracell and eveready?

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