Friday, 8 February 2013
Both Iran And Syria Having Trouble With A New Version Of Project Yehudi


From Hinshaw, Georgia, USA: When we were growing up my father used a curious expression when something happened around our house for which nobody would take the blame. Dad would say, ‘Yehudi did it’. Thus the blame was laid on a phantom scapegoat. Dad’s roots are from North Carolina, but he has no explanation for this expression. The only Yehudi I ever heard of was Menuhin. Where does this expression originate?

A The most common story ties it to the Pepsodent-sponsored Bob Hope radio show on NBC, which started in 1938. There was a running gag on the show, a catchphrase of supporting player Jerry Colonna, who would regularly ask: “Who’s Yehudi?”. This became extremely popular and provoked a song in 1941. (These were simpler days.)

The earliest example in print of Yehudi, in a sense of something that isn’t there, is from the Science News Letter of September 1940: “The machine has not received a nickname as yet. Since it deals with imaginary numbers, it may answer to the name of ‘Yehudi’.” In 1942, a film entitled Crazy Cruise featured an invisible battleship, the SS Yehudi. The following year, one of the very earliest US military stealth projects was called Project Yehudi.

I haven’t been able to find any earlier references, so the word really may have its origin in Jerry Colonna’s catchphrase. If it does, then there may well be a connection with Yehudi Menuhin. The story claims that Menuhin was engaged to play on one of the early shows, but that Jerry Colonna didn’t know who he was, and went around asking the cast. This is supposed to have led to the running gag of his trying to identify Yehudi.

Part of the popularity of Yehudi as a term for an invisible entity may lie in a linkage in people’s minds with a rhyme by Hughes Mearns that was set to music as The Little Man Who Wasn’t There in 1939 — just when the Colonna catchphrase was becoming known:

As I was walking up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish he'd stay away.

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8 Feb 2013
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From Wicktionary: "Proper Noun - Yehudi - 1. A male given name of Jewish usage. 2. Jew"
Q: Who caused all that sex and violins?
A: Yehudi did it.
Who conspired to assassinate JFK? Ah shaw did.
Clay Shaw,
Hinshaw, Georgia
cc Annette Hanshaw
Q: Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
A: Jack "Yehudi" Ruby aka Jacob Leon Rubenstein did it.
BHO: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."
Who was the gang-banger who skulkethed and casethed our fair and gated castles and committed assault (battery not included) upon my person?
Ye hoodie did it.
- George Zimmerman
Whose defense of extremism caused his political opponents to run an ad showing a girl picking flowers with a nuclear blast in the background?  I, one quarter Yehudi, did it.
As American As Arizona Ice Tea In April,
Barry Goldwater
Who did it? Not Yehudi, but (Rollo) Tomasi.
Confidentially Yours,
Lieutenant Edmund J. Exley
LA, California
fwd Eccles,or Exeter, England
Who turned the King of France upside down to kiss his foot?
I, Rollo, the gang-banging holmganger, did it.
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9 Feb 2013

 I think  it was edward lear that wrote about theman who wasn't there,could be wrong tho' !

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