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Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald Draws Attention to the Panic Exhibited by Some Ahead of Geert Wilders' Impending Visit to Australia

Mr Sheehan needs to read some vintage Conor Cruise O'Brien and sharpen up his own assessment of Islam a bit; but he still manages to make quite a bit of sense; much more so than, for example, the hysterical Natalie O'Brien in 'The Age', whose hit-piece I will reproduce in conjunction with Mr Sheehan's, so readers can contrast and compare.

'Fear Doesn't Need a Visa, and It's On Tour Already'.

'Two of the films nominated for best pictures in the coming Academy Awards, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, contain warnings, with plenty of creative licence, but also plenty of historical accuracy, about the challenge to democracy posed by a resurgent strain of uncompromising Islam.

He should rather have written: 'the war against all non-Muslim humanity that is being waged by resurgent Islam.'  As Conor Cruise O'Brien wrote, in an article from 1995 that I put up here at New English Review not so very long ago...before the murderous jihad raid on that energy complex in Algeria..."Islam is indivisible", and "the Jihad is back".  - CM

'The threat has been deemed real enough in the Netherlands, which now has more than a million Muslims in a nation of 16.7 million people, for a million Dutch voters - one in seven [sic: I think this should be, 'almost one in seventeen' - CM] - to vote for the party For Freedom, led by Geert Wilders, who will be making a lecture tour in Australia later this month.

'Four years ago, in an interview with ABC radio, Wilders was asked why he wanted to curb Muslim immigration into the Netherlands.

'He said the integration of Muslims was failing.

"If you look at all the statistics, you see that non-Western people, often from...Morocco and Turkey...(that is, from overwhelmingly Muslim Morocco and Turkey - CM) are over-represented many, many times when it comes to crime, when it comes to prison population, when it comes to illiteracy, when it comes to dependency on social benefits.

"We see also in the second-biggest city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, that in three years' time the majority will be from non-Western backgrounds. (And most of those will be...Muslims. - CM).  You see in the same city, and most of the south...55 percent of the Moroccan youth (that is, 'Moroccan Muslim youth' - CM) under the age of 25 have been in contact with the police.  You see that there are more mosques being built than churches.  You see that once again the Dutch people are tolerant...but they fear for the identity of their own country".

'All of this is contested territory.

'Muslims protest about being lumped in with the fundamentalist fringe.

That is, they do all they can to distract us from noticing that those who wage violent jihad - such as the Moroccan Muslim man who murdered Theo Van Gogh in broad daylight on a sunny morning in a Dutch street, in front of horrified bystanders, to punish him for helping apostate-from-Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali to make an arty little film that told the truth about the Quranically-sanctioned abuse of women within the Ummah - are those who take Islam to heart, who are the most purely orthodox. - CM

'They protest, too, that traditional problems associated with immigration are conflated with Muslims.

Some of the most dangerous jihad-minded Muslims in Europe, and those forming the 'Muslim Patrols' attempting to impose sharia upon non-Muslims in Islamified areas of London today, are not first-generation immigrants; their families have been in Europe for two or three generations.  They are behaving worse, and more aggressively, than their parents or grandparents did.  This is not a pattern followed by non-Muslim immigrants.  The Buddhist Vietnamese in Australia, for example, are integrating rapidly; the jet-black Sudanese Christians are joining suburban Aussie churches in droves.   Furthermore, superficially the problems associated with Muslim immigrants may look like those associated with other immigrants, but those who have examined the picture in detail - such as Nicolai Sennels, in Denmark - have found that the problems are far greater with Muslim immigrants than with non-Muslim immigrants; that is, the Muslims appear to be refusing and resisting either integration or assimilation, much more aggressively than the other immigrants, and they appear to have significantly higher rates of criminality than do non-Muslim immigrant populations. - CM

'What is not contested is that a dangerous Islamic fringe is active in numerous countries.

Ah yes, the 'tiny minority of extremists'.  Except that there seem to be more and more of them, the more Muslims one has.  People busily hatching mass-murderous plots against the non-Muslim host society are dismally common wherever there is a significant Muslim colony.  Adherents of other major belief systems, present as minorities, such as the Buddhists and Hindus, do not seem to be at all interested, period, in attacking and overthrowing their hosts; we anxiously monitor mosques and Islamic preachers, but I doubt that the Australian Federal Police or ASIO lose much sleep over the very large Buddhist monastery in Wollongong.  Sheehan might more accurately have written - 'jihad minded Muslims plotting mass murder of Infidels are active in numerous countries'. -  CM

'Wilders will be accompanied to Australia by five Dutch police officers.  He lives under permanent 24 hour security.

To ensure that he does not get murdered as Theo Van Gogh was murdered. - CM

'Fear has arrived here before him.

'On Wednesday, the organiser of the tour, Debbie Robinson, told me yet another venue had cancelled and there had been another act of corporate suppression directed at the tour.

"This morning the venue in Sydney cancelled.  There was a meltdown.  The events manager at the venue was screaming.  Right now we have no Sydney venue."

One should note, by the by, that Sydney has Australia's single largest colony of Muslims (the second largest being in Melbourne). - CM

'It was not her only setback.  "Yesterday PayPal froze the funds in the account that is processing ticket sales.  They will not tell me why. All staff keep saying is the account is under review.  It's been like an Orwellian nightmare".

Or, perhaps, Kafkaesque. - CM

'This follows a refusal by Westpac (one of our bigger banks - CM) to allow her to set up a payment system, and refusal by more than a dozen venues to host a Wilders event, citing security concerns.

I do not think, somehow, that they are afraid that those who come to hear Wilders will - after hearing him speak - riot, trash the venue, then roar off down the road to set fire to mosques. Rather, they are afraid that before, or during, or after the event, the Mohammedan Mob will send its Enforcers to murderously attack the venue, or its owners, or its managers, or its employees, to punish them for having given even the smallest degree of aid and comfort to a man whose only 'crime' is to refuse to bow down to Muslim demands that Islam shall be insulated from all critique of any kind and that the Jihad - the process of bringing about a world in which the only permissible thoughts are Islam-compliant, the only law is the Sharia, and Muslims rule, everywhere - must proceed absolutely unresisted. - CM

'The first attempt at a lecture tour last year was cancelled due to visa problems. The then minister for immigration, Chris Bowen, delayed granting a visa until after the cancellation.

And thereby Mr Bowen revealed himself to be a pusillanimous fool and dhimmi-in-training.- CM

'This was just the start.

'On January 21, the president of the Q Society, Geoff Dickson, sent an invitation to 830 state and federal politicians in all parliaments: "On behalf of Q Society of Australia I would like to issue you a warm invitation to attend one of the speaking engagements we are offering, to listen to the Honourable Geert Wilders".

'The invitation said Wilders would be speaking in Melbourne on February 19, Perth on February 20, and Sydney on February 22.

'"Mr Wilders is a Dutch politician who heads the Party For Freedom, which won 10.1 percent of votes in the Dutch House of Representatives at the September 2012 elections.  Mr Wilders will be here to share his experiences of how Islam is changing the Netherlands in particular and Europe more generally.

"Q Society is a volunteer, Australia-wide organisation whose charter is to educate Australians as to how Islam may change this country...We believe Islam is different from other religions and poorly understood...

"If, in 20 years, some Australian politicians are living under armed guard because of comments they have made about Islam, we believe we would have failed as individuals, and collectively as a society, to protect our democracy and our freedom."

'Of the 830 invitations sent out, only four were accepted.

'The other 99.5 percent of politicians declined or did not respond.

I am hoping that one day I can find out who were the four mavericks who were brave enough and independent-minded enough to seize the opportunity to go see and hear Mr Wilders for themselves, to ask him questions, and thus make up their minds for themselves about the man and what he has to say, rather than meekly swallowing whatever it is that the media or anybody else chooses to tell them.  I would like to shake their hands and congratulate them.   As for the 826 who said No, or cravenly said nothing...shame on them for their gutlessness and their willingness to be told what to think.  Muslims have a powerful 'bloc vote' in certain city electorates, yes, but they do not by any means control all electorates, nowhere near it, so there is no need for the vast majority of Aussie politicians to worry about whether they or their party would lose 'the Muslim vote' if they were seen attending a lecture given by Geert Wilders.  They have no excuse whatever, not even a bad excuse.  - CM

'Robinson is disheartened by all the fearfulness.  "The Sydney event may have to be cancelled if I can't even get a venu.  I'll have to refund everyone. This is supposed to be a democracy but something Orwellian is going on".

The Sydney Morning Herald is to be commended for publishing Sheehan's opinion piece, and also for permitting Comments, of which there were many.  Read them and tear your hair out at the utter cluelessness displayed, even now, by many Aussies; but be heartened by the fact that there are also others possessed of common sense and a strong survival instinct, who have been doing their homework on the belief system that Churchill called 'the religion of blood and war'. 

And so, let us pass from Paul Sheehan, who is some way along the learning curve about Islam and the Jihad, to another journalist, one Natalie O'Brien, writing for the SMH's sister paper, The Age, who has no clue whatsoever, and is eagerly lapping up and then regurgitating whatever nonsense and lies our Muslim spin-doctors choose to tell her.  It's all about 'racism', donchaknow...

'White Supremacists Ready For Fight'.

My dear, I don't think that Wilders' bodyguard is there to protect him from neonazis.  That group of very large no-nonsense Dutchmen which follows him about everywhere he goes is there to guard against the kind of people who rioted in the Sydney CBD last September, wearing T-shirts proclaiming 'the sixth pillar' (Jihad being sometimes, among Muslims, called 'the sixth pillar of Islam'), waving the black flag of Jihad, and holding up placards saying things like 'behead those who insult the Prophet'. - CM

'White supremacists are urging Australian "patriots" to gather at public meetings by the controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders, ready for trouble and a no-holds-barred fight.

'Tensions have been mounting over the impending visit of the far right-wing politician (Natalie, my dear, he is not 'far right wing', except insofar as 'far right wing' has become code for 'anybody who dares to utter even the mildest critique of any of the deeply unpleasant things taught by orthodox Islam and practised by many pious Muslims worldwide' - CM) who has been accused of Islamophobia and racism.

He was cleared of the hate speech charges. A charge of 'racism' is nonsensical, because Islam is a belief system, a set of ideas, not a complex of genes.  Since when was it 'racist' to mock or question or criticise a set of ideas or even to criticise those who choose to hold those ideas and put them into practice? Ms O'Brien, a question for you:  is it a crime - an actionable crime - to dislike a belief system whose texts liken me to urine and feces and forbid its adherents to make friends with me, except feigningly and temporarily?  Is it wrong of me to dislike the allahu-akbaring hijackers of 9/11, or the pious Muslims who blew themselves up on trains in Madrid, or on buses and trains in London, or who ran amok through the streets and hotels of Mumbai murdering Hindus and foreign tourists and amused themselves by torturing to death a rabbi and his pregnant wife?  Do you think that it is wrong of me to feel revulsion and rational fear concerning the rampant Judeophobia, Hinduphobia, Buddhistophobia, Christianophobia and general kuffarophobia of orthodox Muslims, which is in perfect consonance with the content of the canonical Islamic texts and all their traditional interpretations, and which one may see and hear expressed, in the ugliest imaginable language, accompanied often by the making of horrible faces and by violent gesticulations, all over the Muslim media, and in many a mosque every Friday? - CM

'One group, Australian New Nation, has been encouraging followers to react to any threat or sign of violence from Muslim protesters who might attend.

'On its website the group (of whom I have never heard until I read Ms O'Brien's article - CM) ahs posted an audio from "Radio Free Australia, the voice of white revolution in Australia", warning them to "expect an Islamic rent-a-crowd outside screaming and foaming at the mouth like the evil bastards they are".

They may have all sorts of things wrong - certainly, anyone who frames humanity's collective headache, the Global Jihad, as a white/ nonwhite conflict is simply wrong, because the nonwhite non-Muslim victims of the Jihad, both historically and today, far outnumber its 'white' victims - but there is really nothing at all unreasonable about the expectation that a Muslim mob may turn up and throw a tantrum outside a venue hosting Mr Wilders.  After all, we have seen Muslim mobs throwing such collective tantrums before, not only in Australia, but all over our news reports for year after year. - CM

"we encourage all patriots to exercise their legal right of self-defence if any ragheads try to prevent them accessing the venue, or threaten, or use violence against their person.  Once they try to strike the first blow, everything that follows is self-defence on your part", it said.

True enough.  But one must say that if anything like this were to happen, our Aussie police will have failed to enforce the law and protect the right of Australian non-Muslims to go about their lawful business unimpeded.  - CM

'The vitriolic broadcast, which lasts almost 10 minutes, goes on to say, "Go, and be prepared to defend yourself and if they take a swing at you, they push at you, they spit on you, don't hold back.  You have a legal right of self-defence  - do what should be done to this rag-head camel f--- Islamic filth who have no place in civilised society".

Crudely put, and it does sound as though the speaker was raring for a fight; but one must step back and ask Ms O'Brien to consider the broader question: do non-Muslims, if physically attacked by Muslims, as a society or as individuals, have a right to defend themselves...or not?  And furthermore, re Ms O'Brien's horror at the speaker's stating (in vulgar language) that Muslims 'have no place in civilised society': perhaps Ms O'Brien should watch the video clip of that robed and white-bearded swivel-eyed Islamic 'cleric' in Egypt, who was waxing eloquent on the wickedness of 'naked' (that is, bare-headed unislamically-dressed) women on Tahrir Square who were just asking to be raped, and who ought to be raped, in order to punish them for their satanic wickedness; and ask herself whether she would really like such a 'cleric' to be preaching inside a mosque anywhere in Australia.  And let's ask her whether she thinks that slicing out a little girl's clitoris, in obedience to the Shafiite stream of Sharia law which holds that this excision is 'obligatory', is something that should be permitted to happen in Australia, among the Shafiite-influenced Egyptian and Indonesian and Somali Muslim 'communities'.  Or whether she thinks it should be legal, on Australian soil, for a Muslim man to take as his second or third or fourth wife (even against her will) and have marital relations with (even forcibly, against her will) a nine or ten year old girl.  Which proceeding is perfectly in accord with the Sharia of Islam. - CM

'Muslim leaders have been encouraging their community to ignore Mr Wilders' visit and not to draw attention to his views by protesting.

Sure they are.  Not because they wouldn't like to see Mr Wilders dead on the street, like Theo Van Gogh.  But because they are still keeping a low profile after that little Muslim tantrum in central Sydney, last year, was slapped down so fast and hard by the Aussie police, and got such an angry and horrified reaction from so many Aussie Infidels. So now they are going to spin madly and play the 'we is poor little persecuted victims' card for all they are worth, instead.  - CM

'The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Hafez Kassem, questioned what the authorities were doing about the "provocation by rednecks".

"Surely they must be monitoring this", he said.

it isn't just uneducated rednecks that are worried about Islam, and Muslims. It's people like me, people with secondary and tertiary education, who have read the Quran in a good translation, and who know their history - history of the West, and history of lands beyond the West - who are seriously worried about the current wave of Jihad. - CM

'Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association said while Muslims should have every right to protest peacefully, it would only draw attention to Mr Wilders.  Mr Trad ( a seasoned Slow Jihadist - CM) recommended the community ignore the event.

Ms O'Brien, why are you paying any mind to anything said by the oily and sinister Mr Trad, he whom Justice Peter McClelland once famously summed up as "a disgraceful individual", and who is plainly on the record as a rabid Jew-hater? - CM

'Social media sites protesting against Mr Wilders' visits to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have also been the target of hate messages.

I observe Ms O'Brien does not cite the text of any of these.  Yes, there are people out there, angry and inarticulate and as yet ill-informed, or indeed crudely xenophobic, who will speak abusively and obscenely, and do nothing thereby to advance the cause of those who are trying to resist the Jihad.  But it is also quite possible that in Ms O'Brien's book the rubric 'hate message' also covers any message that attempts to defend Mr Wilders' right to publicly and rationally criticise the teachings of Islam and the actions of Muslims that can be seen to be in accord with those teachings, and any message that itself contains a critique of Islam and Muslims, no matter how cool and rational and fact-based and scholarly such a message might be. - CM

'Stepan Kerkyasharian, the head of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, said he had not had any complaints so far about Mr Wilders's visit, but it was clear the Muslim community was concerned about the outcome of his tour.

Of course they are.  Because if enough Australians pay attention to what he is saying about Islam, Islam, Islam, and about what happens when Muslims take Islam to heart, and about the highly unpleasant way in which Muslims behave toward the surrounding kuffar as their presence reaches what might be called critical mass, then the dream run that Muslims have had so far in Australia - flooding unimpeded, in ever-increasing numbers, into a naive and gullible community that carelessly assumed that Islam was nothing to worry about, that it was neutral or benign, and that Muslims would assimilate as every other migrant community has done - may come to an abrupt halt, and the beachhead and Forward Base that the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, has established on the fifth inhabited continent might just possibly, as infidel Australian Islamo-awareness grows, and grows, be shut down and unceremoniously removed. - CM

'Mr Kerkyasharian said it was important other groups that may have their own agenda do not try to use his visit as an opportunity to vent their own venom.

"We do not want anyone looking for an opportunity such as a visit from someone from overseas to try and undermine our cohesive co-existence", he said.

"Our cohesive co-existence".  Ever heard of the Dar al Harb / Dar al Islam dichotomy taught by classical, orthodox Islam, Mr Kerkyasharian? Or the fact that orthodox Muslims are obliged to struggle continually to subjugate the dar al Harb and transform it into dar al Islam, bringing its territory and its inhabitants under Muslim rule and under the Sharia?  

I observe, from his biography, that Mr Kerkyasharian was born in Cyprus, and is "of Armenian parentage".  I wonder whether he knows by what means Cyprus was brought under Muslim domination, and by what means Muslim domination was sustained there, until it was finally, by heroic effort, liberated?  

And I wonder what his views are, concerning the Muslim re-invasion and seizure of more than half of Cyprus, that took place in the latter half of the twentieth century, and what has been done to Greek Christians in Northern Cyprus, and to their historic churches, by the triumphantly-occupying Turkish Muslims, ever since?  

Would he describe the condition of the Greeks,  and of his own Armenian Christian ancestors, and of Bulgarian Christian dhimmis, within the Ottoman Empire, as one of 'cohesive co-existence' with their Muslim overlords?  

Where would he prefer to live, if he were required to choose between the portion of Cyprus that is ruled and dominated by Muslims, and the portion of Cyprus that is not?  

Mr Kerkyasharian needs to read two books - Rev Dr Mark Durie's "The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom", and its companion booklet, "Liberty to the Captives", which speaks about the subservience to Muslims, and fear of criticising or standing up to Muslims, that can be manifested among people whose forebears - as Mr Kerkyasharian's certainly did - endured the humiliation, degradation and perpetual extreme physical peril of dhimmitude under Muslim rule. 

If Mr Kerkyasharian has got it into his head that somehow the Muslims in Australia are in danger of suffering at the hands of non-Muslims the fate that 2.5 million Armenian Christians suffered at the hands of Turkish, Arab and Kurdish Muslims, then he supposes wrong; indeed, he has got things entirely the wrong way around.   He needs to allow himself to wonder, rather, whether there may not just possibly be quite a few Muslims in Australia who have every intention of Islamising Australia, instituting an Islamic state, and inflicting therein, on him, and on every other non-Muslim Australian, the very same misery that Muslims in the Ottoman Empire inflicted on his Armenian Christian forebears. The misery that - to greater or lesser degree, sometimes to the point of genocide, sometimes not - Muslims inflict on non-Muslims in every place where Muslims have ruled, or rule.  And if there are - as I am quite sure there are, simple statistics and probability says there are - Muslims who are working toward such a goal, then they are going to have to be exposed, resisted, and stopped.

Mr Kerkyasharian, in condemning Geert Wilders, is behaving as if the dhimma - which requires dhimmis to submit meekly and without complaint or question to whatever Muslims demand of them - is already in force in Australia. And so is Natalie O'Brien.

Now, back to the rest of Ms O'Brien's article. - CM

'The Federal Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, last year said he would not use his ministerial powers to stop  Mr Wilders from visiting Australia on a speaking tour.
Given that he has allowed at least one full-on Jihad Gang Boss to enter Australia and address a terrifying Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference whose participants openly expressed their intention of transforming Australia into a sharia state, he could hardly ban Mr Wilders from entering, without being criticised for employing a Double Standard.  - CM

'The tour has been organised by the Q Society of Australia.

'A spokeswoman said this week that there had been steady ticket sales online, ahead of a radio advertising campaign which starts next week.

'Steady ticket sales'.  Sounds like a good few Aussies are not intimidated, and prefer to make up their own minds rather than having the likes of Ms O'Brien and Mr Kerkyasharian and Mr Trad tell them what they are allowed to think, say and do. - CM

'The venues of the meetings are being kept secret until about 48 hours before the event and will be revealed only to registered ticket holders.

And does Ms O'Brien ask herself why this must be so, whereas conferences such as that held by Hizb ut Tahrir are widely and loudly publicised, complete with venue, well before time, and nobody in the Australian Islamic 'community' seems to worry very much about security, certainly not to the extent that Q Society is having to worry? - CM

'In 2010 Sydney Sheikh Feiz Mohammad caused a controversy after he said in a speech on his website that Mr Wilders should be beheaded for denigrating Islam.

'But he later said his comments had been taken out of context (ROFLMAO.  Muslims who are caught saying bloodcurdlingly Islamic things within the West always cry that they were 'taken out of context'.  I'd be a rich woman if I had a dollar for every occasion in the past five years that I have heard this flimsy, rote evasion put forward.   Does Ms O'Brien really believe it?  How can a threat to cut off someone's head be 'taken out of context'? What sort of context would a threat to cut off someone's head have to have, in order to be considered benign and unremarkable? - CM) and he issued a statement saying that he "personally did not condone violence of any sort, whether it be physical or in the form of verbal abuse as is the case with Geert Wilders and his violent and divisive opinions".

Like all statements by Islamic spokesmen, this weasel-worded statement needs to be examined very closely, bearing in mind that in Islamspeak violent acts carried out by Muslims in 'defence' of Islam and/ or in order to extend the sway of the Ummah, are not considered to be, strictly speaking, 'violence' as such.  In the eyes of a sharia-minded Muslim, the beheading of Geert Wilders, as punishment for his refusal to shut up, his insistence on publicly criticising Islam and Muslims, his encouraging his fellow kuffar to stand up and resist the Islamisation of their societies, would not be 'violence'; it would be 'just', it would be an act of 'justice'.  Only non-Muslim resistance to Islam and Muslims - whether that resistance be physical or verbal - counts as 'violence'.  One may note that Geert's coolly rational and factual critique of Islamic texts and teachings and conduct, a critique which does not involve name-calling or threats, but description and then a moral judgement, is viewed by Mr Mohammad as 'violence', as 'verbal abuse', as 'violent and divisive opinions'.  Mr Mohammad is pretending that to tell someone that they are wrong, and offer reasons why you think they are wrong, is no different from cursing and swearing at them, hitting them or cutting their head off.  One may add, finally, that Mr Mohammed has a hide to twit Mr Wilders for expressing 'divisive' opinions, when one of the core elements of Islam is its grimly absolute division of the world into Us (Muslims) and Them (the non-Muslims), dar al Islam and its perceived Enemy (the Dar al Harb or Region of War), and its teaching that the former must perpetually wage war upon the latter until the latter is destroyed. 

It remains to be seen, once Mr Wilders gets here, whether the Ummah will take the advice of the Slow Jihadists and lie low, letting dhimmis like Natalie O'Brien and Mr Kerkyasharian and 826 cowardly parliamentarians do all their dirty work for them; or whether the Fast Jihadists will jump the gun and make a highly revealing spectacle of themselves.  - CM

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