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Kerry's Daughter Married To An Iranian, Brian Vala Nahed


Pourquoi l'Iran voit John Kerry d'un bon œil

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Par Georges Malbrunot
08/02/2013 | Mise à jour : 22:21

Vanessa Kerry, la fille du nouveau chef de la diplomatie américaine, est mariée avec Brian Vala Naheed, un médecin d'origine iranienne, qui a de la famille en République islamique. «Il se rend encore à Téhéran voir ses..


Is he an Iranian who is disgusted with, who hates and fears, the Islamic Republic of Iran? Is he an Iranian who, despite hating and fearing the Islamic Republic, like a surprising number of other Iranian exiles abroad, is not quite able to  think through what the successfull attaining of nuclear wepons by the Islamic Republic would mean (not least, helping it to retain power, for the Iranian masses would be delirous with pride and joy) makes him desirous to head off any military attack on Iran's nuclear installations. And is John Kerry one of those people who thinks he "knows" about a country on the basis of his personal connections to, and de-briefings of, one or two people, and is not able to understand that, for the Muslim countries of the Middle East, very few can think in terms of what Islam has done to their societies, very few can accept, much less even think in terms of weakening the Camp of Islam. It may be that Kerry's son-in-law is akin to Mrs. Nafisi, or better yet, Ali Sina. But if he isn't, if he is a kind of plausible Vali Nasr, willing to own up to a lot, but in the end a defender not so much of the faith as of Iran -- and unwilling to see why the nuclear project, if allowed to be completed, would guarantee the survival of the troglodytes now in control - then this news is not good.

Barack Obama for a long time allowed himself fondly to believe that his experience of "moderate" Muslim -- with a substrate of the Hindu and Buddhist civilization Islam, through Hadrami traders, managed to suppland but not entirely eliminate (think of the Buddhist temples that have remained, or all the folkloric bits, including Balinese puppetry, and the gamelan music, that if the true adherents of Islam were really to have their way, would be stamped out)-- in the years when he was 6, 7, 8, and 9, and living in Djakarta, and attending a most unrepresentative school, that included not only non-Muslim foreigners, but the kinds fo advanced Muslims who would want to send their children to such schools, even with, or especially for, the non-Muslim atmsophere and fellow students, gives him a special insight into Islam. It has done no such thing, but has only misled him, for he failed to understand just how unusual, atypical, and irrelevant to almost all of the Islamic world, but especially that virulent form of undiluted Islam to be found in the Arab countries and Pakistan,and on the march, too, in other places.

A Secretary of State who believes he has special insight into Iran because of the anecdotal evidence of a son-in-law (even a son-in-law who is not a Muslim, not a Believer, but retains some Iranian national feeling and would like to head off an American attack) could be a problem. On the other hand, it may be that his son-in-law not only can report truthfully on the horrors of the regime, and the wretchedness of those in Iran who think, but also understands that preventing the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons shortens that regime's shelf-life.

One would have to know more.




rend encore à Téhéran voir ses...
Posted on 02/09/2013 11:09 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
9 Feb 2013

Kerry's familial link is news to me.  Certainly Hugh presents the questions one would have hoped to find answers for before Kerry was elected to any political office.

But, as always, there is more.  

Former FBI Agent States "CIA Nominee John Brennan a convert to Islam. . .video

10 Feb 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

It's not so much an answer as a question. Kerry has been, in recent years, and despite (not because) being on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, an apologist for Pakistan and promoter of further aid to that country, and with the Islamic Repubic of Iran, a promoter of negotiations of softly-softly school . Since he's not given evidence of trying hard to study up on the subject of Islam and what makes many Muslims tick -- just imagine what Henry Jackson would have done in his place  -- it is reasonable to think that in his rarefied circles,  what his son-in-law might tell him could have an undue influence

It's not unreasonable to wonder about. On the other hand, perhaps the son-in-law is: 1) not a Muslim 2) is so disaffected from Islam and from the regime that, unlike a surprising number of other Iranian exiles, understands perfectly why an attack on the I.R. of I.'s nuclear project, that foiled it, would lead after a few months of rally-round-hurrah-patriotism to the regime's losing all face, and its domestic opponents all fear.

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