Saturday, 9 February 2013
Should The American Army Allow Veiled Musliim Women In Combat Units?

Surely that's the next great cause.

So let's be the first to publicize it here.

Why not let women in veils into combat units?

Less alluring, as a result of those veils, they will surely be less of a distraction to the men in combat.

And the American Army would be Making A Statement to our would-be enemies. To wit:  We have nothing against Islam or Muslims. We welcome them into our army. We allow Muslim women to wear veils. We respect Islam.Our veiled Muslim soldiers are carrying two implicit messages from our military to you: We Trust You. And We Care. So why should you fight us? What sense does it make?

Such a policy should work wonders. It may obviate enitrely  the need to fight. Most wars, anyway, are the result of  misundersandings. Whatever can be done to eliminate misunderstandings helps to avoid wars. 

The benefits of such a policy are clear. There is no downside.

Why wait?

Posted on 02/09/2013 12:02 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
9 Feb 2013
Mo Pbuh

And they wear their own tent.