Saturday, 9 February 2013
Danish media control sees things upside down and backwards

The large mass circulation Danish daily newspapers, notably Politiken,  after congratulating Lars Hedegaard on his narrow escape went on to criticize him as a rabid extremist never pausing for a moment  to discuss why a lower court could find him guilty while Denmark’s supreme court reversed their decision and pronounced his innocence unanimously (7 – 0 ). The same is universally true abroad where all liberal opinion prominently reminds readers of his  initial conviction without mentioning the subsequent reversal by the highest court in the land MED LOV SKAL LANDET BYGGES is inscribed on the building  - I am sure I don’t need to translate it.

It is no surprise that the groundwork for his initial conviction was laid in part by the liberal media and first and foremost Denmark’s radio which is the monopoly running radio and television . A few years ago they produced a mammoth dramatic series with some of Denmark’s most famous actors, called The Protectors- a special unit of the Danish police designed to protect prominent VIPS. Although anyone with no brain at all could have predicted that Lars Hedegaard has probably been among the top 5 Danes on any extremist hitlist (the Danish equivalent of murdered Dutch artist and politician Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn), the official excuse of the unit is “we can’t protect everybody”.

To make matters all the more absurd, disgusting and reprehensible,  in the series, the character of the  leading villain  is a Danish politician, whose life history exactly traces that of Lars Hedegaard, beginning on “the Far Left” to eventually represent a fictional right wing extremist who  plots to assassinate a  attractive female Muslim Danish Minister of Culture (she is a refugee from Iran and is portrayed as the epitome of the good, kind and tolerant heroine) and then implicate another beautiful female Muslim – a  security guard in the Danish elite police unit  who is supposed to protect her (this character is a refugee from Egypt whose sister keeps warning her that no matter how brave and integrated she is, she will never be accepted by the racist Danes) This is Denmarks Radio  – Himmler and Goebbels would have been proud.

Posted on 02/09/2013 12:27 PM by Norman Berdichevsky
9 Feb 2013
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One wonders if the Danes swollow this codswallop.

9 Feb 2013

sure they do sue! the most of europe exist's on a constant diet of  televisual codswallop, or "shite", as I prefer to call it..

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