Monday, 11 February 2013
Syrian Rebels Now Fueled By Hydro-Electric Power
And they swarmed, and they swarmed, all over the dam:

Syria crisis: Rebels 'take control of key dam'

BBC News-1 hour ago
Syrian rebels are reported to have seized control of the country's largest hydro-electric dam, in what would be a strategic loss to the government ...
It's the third dam the rebels have captured. They're hoovering those dams up like crazy.
Posted on 02/11/2013 8:07 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
12 Feb 2013
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Damn Yankees & Dam Yangtze
"Ah, that's Paul,"  who unlike Paul McCartney, is dead, that is to say, passed on, hoovering around and sucking up all the air in the room like a "beautiful and very welcome vacuum cleaner" won "in a charity lottery," passing on a suggestion from good Betty Brown (not, by or good golly, to be confused with the unthinkable Miss Molly) employ some of Barnes Wallis's "bouncing bombs" (not to be stored in memory or cached too closely with the bad "Bouncing Bettys for the knees" of To Autumn In Big Sur) to shatter those Syrian dams in order to create Miss Chef in the Arab Spring (also see Gulf Fiction) potboiler already spoiled by Islam, Iraq soup and too many crooks in the ethnic stew. Those mighty works wouldn't stand a Chinaman's Chance against the grand coolie dam busters.
It's Not Hard Séance,
Cynthia Vane 
Tags: Dam Busters, damn Buster & Molly Brown, the sole of wit, coffer dam, cougher, "T.b.or not T.B." (ht HF) my "French mind" is vexed by the thought of Cleopatra, that Madame LaBarge with knitted full-blown brow, gliding past alien corn and demanding, "Take me to your Leda and Aswan, " The Stories of Vladmir Nabokov, page 625, what the hell is he talking about? Harry von Zell, "Hoobert Heever," Miniver  Cheevy, down by the Aswan levee, kept on drinking Schistosoma mansoni with Guglielmo Marconi .

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