Monday, 11 February 2013
Bat Yeor: How many Europeans still have to live in fear?

Geert Wilders and Lars Hedegaard

How many philosophers, intellectuals, artists, historians, professors, journalists and politicians will be doomed to be separated from their families, to abandon their professions and careers, to withdraw from active life to hide? To live protected by bodyguards, sacrificing their happiness and their talents because barbarians from obscure galaxies seek revenge for criticism of their faith by killings.

After so many other innocent victims, it is the turn of Danish editor Lars Hedegaard, a historian, writer, and journalist, being confronted by an anonymous killer, ringing his door attempting to murder him with a pistol. Who is the criminal? What are his motives? The police have not yet identified the perpetrator. Lars Hedegaard, like many other Europeans before him, must now live under police protection. What has he done to suffer a permanent threat against his life, freedoms, and non-negotiable core rights under the Charter of Human Rights?

 His crime? Belief in freedom of opinion

Lars Hedegaard committed no crime, no offense.  He has fulfilled his duties as a citizen; honest and loyal to the country and its citizens. His crime? Belief in freedom of opinion and criticism and denouncing the suppression of freedom in his country by the imported Sharia laws. Has Lars Hedegaard narrowly escaped premeditated murder for crimes of opinion? For blasphemy?  Is the potential murderer a fanatic, a madman, an agent provocateur?  Did Lars upset him with his writings? Is he an Islamist, an Eurabian? These are only speculations; the truth will come out from the police investigation.

Still, the situation of Europeans suffering from latent terrorism, growing insecurity and threats seems not to worry the European Parliament. A bureaucracy handsomely paid with millions of euros who do not care. Practicing politically correct Orwellian vocabulary they never discussed the misfortunes of those who still believe in human rights, except to vilify them.

 How many deaths will it take?

How many broken lives, ruined careers, wasted talents  caused  by the defamation networks criminalizing writers, by the boycott of their works and by powerful politically correct censorship. Will the public at large and the younger generations ever know that if Europe triumphs over barbarism, it would be at  the sacrifice of  Guy Milliere, Bruce Bawer, Geert Wilders, Magdi Cristiano Allam, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  and Hedegaard among others who didn’t compromise with the fundamental values ??of humanity?  As Alain Wagner aptly said: how many deaths will it take?

Today it is Lars Hedegaard, who is fighting for your freedom.  He has already been tried and narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. But tomorrow it could be anyone else, and maybe you in the bloody twilight of democracy ...

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11 Feb 2013

 It's the new blacklist, but these guys make Senator McCarthy look like a wimp.