Thursday, 14 February 2013
Israel: In A Muslim-Dominated Arab Village, Weapons Are Hidden on Grounds of School and Preschool

As reported by Maor Buchnik for Ynet, earlier this month.,7340,L-4341350,00.html

'Weapons Cache Found in Galilee Preschool'

'Morning raid by Police in Village of Abu Snan turns up RPG rockets, LAW missiles, and explosives.

For a rough (and I do not know how accurate) potted history of Abu Snan, see here:

The relative percentages of Druze, Muslim and Christian among the inhabitants seem to have varied wildly throughout the period from the 16th century to the present day; but in 2008 the place was 54.7% Muslim, 26.4 % Druze, and 18.9 % Christian. - CM

'A weapons cache was discovered at a school and kindergarten in the Western Galilee village of Abu Snan, during a police raid conducted Tuesday.

'The weapons, which include LAW missiles, RPG rockets, explosives and fragmentation grenades, were found in a drainage canal and pond.

'The objects were taken to be destroyed by northern district police sappers.

'Commander of the Northern Police District's Central Unit Chief Superintendent Michael Shipshak said that, 'In this operation, we took numerous weapons before they fell into the hands of criminals, or were used by local crime families.

"We've succeeded in preventing injury to people and property.

'The commander of the northern district, Major General Rony Atia, added, "Our mission is the fight against possession and use of weapons, and our efforts to achieve this take place within the district, as well as outside of it".

"We've succeeded in preventing injury to people and property."

Commenter no. 5 remarked, in the talkbacks: "That's some pretty heavy firepower.  It strains credulity to accept that these weapons caches were intended for use by warring Arab crime families.  But what is it with these depraved creatures? Who caches weapons in (or, it seems, in the grounds of - CM) kindergartens and schools?...".  

Short answer: MUSLIMS.  They attack schools and kindergartens, children and teachers (remember Ma'alot? remember Beslan? and then there are all those endless Muslim attacks upon the state-run non-Muslim schools and Buddhist teachers in jihad-wracked southern Thailand); and they use their own schools and kindergartens as arsenals, bomb factories and military bases or forts.  This story causes me to wonder what might be found if the non-Muslim Authorities, right across the Lands of the Infidels, from the Philippines and Thailand and India all the way across to western Europe, and in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, were to carry out lightning surprise raids upon and thorough - inch-by-inch -  searches (utilising all available means, up to and including sniffer dogs trained in the detection of explosives, cadavers, and illegal drugs) of the premises and grounds of all those 'Islamic schools' that have popped up like mushrooms in the past thirty years. - CM

Posted on 02/14/2013 9:01 PM by Christina McIntosh
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