Thursday, 14 February 2013
Israel: Arab Muslims Stone IDF Troops At Iron Dome Battery In North

As reported by Ahiya Raved for Ynet, with some additional information from the 'Jewish Press', translating from a Hebrew-language outlet.,7340,L-4342018,00.html

'Teen Arrested For Pelting Iron Dome Battery With Stones'

'Fourteen-year-old throws stones at Iron Dome battery in northern Israel.  Police: No danger to soldiers'.

'A 14 year old youth from the Nazareth area (which means that he was Arab, and probably Muslim; no Jewish youth would attack Iron Dome - CM) was arrested on Wednesday for throwing a stone at an Iron Dome battery deployed in the Jezreel Valley.

And this is where our other source provides a snippet of additional information.  From 'The Jewish Press':

"Some of the installations are nearby to Israel Arab villages, and NRG/ Maariv reports

[the link provided goes to a Hebrew-language site; but there is a picture - CM] that today a group of Israeli Arabs cursed the IDF soldiers manning the installation, and pelted them with rocks until the police arrived.  A 14 year old Israeli Arab was arrested".

Now, back to Ynet which - unlike Ma'ariv - resolutely avoids mentioning the ethnicity or ideology of the rock-thrower/s. - CM

'The Nazareth Magistrate's Court remanded the teen until Friday.

'The incident occurred when the teen left school in a neighbouring village and then allegedly threw stones at the battery.

'Soldiers notified the police which upon arrival noticed the youth trying to escape.

'The teen was arrested and taken for questioning.  The police noted there was no danger for the battery's soldiers, pointing to a similar incident that occurred last week without any injury.

So, this is not the first time it has happened. - CM

'A third Iron Dome battery was recently deployed in northern Israel.  The IDF said the deployment is part of the general operational implementation of the Iron Dome system.

'Nevertheless, the deployment of three fully-operational batteries in northern Israel cannot be considered part of the IDF's routine activity'...

And there should be no complacency about Arab/ Muslim attacks upon Iron Dome installations.  It may be stone-throwing today, but tomorrow or the next day or week it may be grenades, or molotov cocktails, or RPGs, or sniper bullets...there was, after all, that weapons cache that was recently uncovered inside school grounds in an Arab village - a village more than half Muslim - in the Galil.  Indeed, it should be assumed that, because of the proven efficacy of these batteries in fending off Arab Muslim attempts to kill as many Jews as possible by the use of missiles fired into Israel, that the Arab/Muslim fifth column inside Israel will persistently attempt to attack and take out both the men and the complex, expensive machines at these installations.  One hopes that all Iron Dome batteries will be very heavily guarded, especially as and when the genocidal Jihadis once more start lobbing rockets into Israel. 

The talkbacks include a good deal of sarcasm.  For example no. 11, Tom from Toronto, suggested, "There's no need to throw rocks - all they have to do is ask, and their fakakte village will be removed from the battery's "protected" zones.  If that's what they want.  Just like the air raid sirens they wanted removed (so they wouldn't sound on remembrance day) and the shelters they didn't want to build (because they shouldn't have to obey Israeli building codes".  Judging from the (lack of) accuracy of the last round of Hezbollah rocket fire, this can be seen [as] an experiment in evolutionary natural selection".  And no 12 agreed: Johnny from TA, observed  succinctly: "We can always configure it not to cover Arab villages.  I hope this will please those stone-throwing youths". - CM

Posted on 02/14/2013 10:20 PM by Christina McIntosh
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