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Monday, 18 February 2013
Remembering Baby Hadass Fogel, Murdered - With Her Brothers, and Her Parents - by Muslims Two Years Ago

As reported recently by Itamar Flaishman of Israel's ynet news.,7340,L-4346067,00.html

'Itamar Marks Two Years Since Fogel Family Massacre'

'In ceremony in memory of Fogel family - five members of which were stabbed to death in their home by terrorists (sic: by Arab Muslim Jew-haters - CM) family, ministers, officers speak: "Only revenge is to continue to build", minister says.

"Time does not heal the pain, and as the days go by, all I can feel is how deep the pain is", said Tzila Fogel, mother of Udi Fogel, who was murdered two years ago, when two Palestinian terrorists (that is, 'two local Arab Muslim terror jihad raiders high on Islamic Jew-hatred' - CM) and brutally stabbed Udi, his wife Ruth, and their three children Yoav (11), Elad (4) and Hadas (three months).

The Muslim thugs slit tiny Hadas' throat as she lay crying in her crib; slashed it so deeply that she was nearly decapitated. Such is the depth of sacralised Islamic Jew-hatred; that a teenaged Arab Muslim is hailed as a hero by his peers when he slits the throat of a helpless Jewish infant, ritually butchering her, as if she were a lamb or a kid that he were sacrificing to his vile allah. - CM

'Tzila spoke at a ceremony marking two years since the five family members were massacred in the settlement (that is, the Jewish village - CM) of Itamar.  The ceremony was held in the presence of cabinet ministers, IDF officers, and rabbis.

'Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman said, "In recent days, everyone's been talking about equal share of the burden, and here we have a family that carried the heaviest possible burden.  We must make sure that no-one is forced to bear that burden ever again".

'Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz also spoke at the ceremony, in which a new yeshiva dorm building in memory of the family was inaugurated, stressing that the only revenge for the Fogel family murder was to "continue to build and develop; we will continue to build and develop this place".

'IDF Central Command Chief Nitzan Alon spoke of the new building named after the family, adding that "I wish that in this seminary you will teach students the Torah, as well as civility"...

"Family members who survived the massacre, including Ruth and Udi's daughter Tamar, who had found her parents' and siblings' bodies, also attended the ceremony.

'A family relative told Ynet that "Tamar, Yishai and Roi are growing up to be positive individuals, who also deal with great pain".

'On March 11, 2011, terrorists infiltrated the Itamar settlement (that is: 'local Arab Muslims, pursuing genocidal Jihad against Jews, sneaked into the Jewish village of Itamar ' - CM) and murdered five members of the Fogel family in their home.  Three of Udi and Ruth's children, Tamar (who was not in the house at the time - CM), Roi and Yishai survived the massacre, since the terrorists fled without reaching all the rooms in the house.

'The two murderers, cousins Hakim and Amjad Awad, who live in the West Bank village of Awarta (or, rather, 'who live in the Muslim village of Awarta in Arab-occupied Samaria'; note that foolish ynet refers to Itamar, Jews living on ancestral Jewish and Israelite land, as a 'settlement' but calls the invading and occupying Muslims' settlement a 'village' - CM) were apprehended by the IDF, convicted in court, and sentenced to five consecutive life sentences each.

And these Arab Muslim young 'men' who slaughtered unarmed people, including three defenceless children, were protected and sheltered by their entire village, and many 'palestinian' Arab Muslims admire and lionize them and approve heartily of what they did.  

I will note that in the Comments, one writer said something with which I agree entirely - "That [the naming of a yeshiva hall] is not the correct way to remember.  Five people murdered.  Next day five new settlements'.

Yes.  A 'Gan Hadass' , 'Hadassah's Garden', should have been established, within a week after the murder of Hadass, in the hills of Judea or of Samaria, in ancestral eretz Israel.  Gan Yoav. Gan Roi. Gan Udi.  Gan Ruth.  And there are so many others that could be built, farms and towns, gardens and orchards and vineyards: one for Miriam Monsonego, say, and one for Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little sons, Aryeh and Gavriel, murdered by the Muslim Mohammed Merah in France; and one for Rivkah Holzberger, and for Gavriel Holzberger, and for their unborn child, murdered by the jihadis in Mumbai; oh, and one for Ilan Halimi, tortured to death by Muslims in the suburbs of Paris; and one for Sebastien Selam, murdered by a Muslim in Paris, a Muslim who then exultantly declared, "I killed a Jew, I will go to Paradise, Allah made me do it".  if one built, in Samaria or Judea or Jerusalem, one house, or one farm, or one vineyard or olive grove, or one moshav or village, for every single Jew who in Israel or anywhere else - just in the past sixty-five years of the existence of the restored Jewish state of Israel  - has been deliberately butchered by allahu-akbaring Muslim Jew-haters, the whole of Judea and Samaria and the environs of Jerusalem would be filled with Jewish homes and gardens and farms and orchards from end to end. 

Muslims are, by their cult, required to hate and to make endless war upon all of us non-Muslims who dwell in what the Muslims are pleased to call dar al Harb, 'the region of war'.  But the Jews are on the front line, targeted with an especial virulence; they were so targeted in all the centuries before Israel was restored, and they are targeted now not only in Israel but everywhere else, in places as far away from Israel as India and France and Bulgaria and, in the past, Argentina, hated and slandered and attacked and murdered by Muslims, simply and solely because they are Jews.

In the face of that monstrous hatred and the occult cursing of the Mohammedans, let us today invoke life and blessing upon all the House of Israel, whether in eretz Israel or in the diaspora, and let us remember especially, over the next few weeks, the Fogel family, those who still live and those who were murdered.

Here is a lovely version of the Aaronic Blessing, sung in Hebrew.

And here is Ofra Haza, Yemeni Jewish, singing her 'Kaddish':

And here is one English version of the beautiful 'Kaddish' prayer, that I found in a modern English version of the Siddur, or Jewish prayerbook, many years ago, and wrote into the endpaper of my own - Anglican - prayerbook.

"Let us magnify and let us sanctify the great name of G-d

In the world which He created according to His will.

"May his kingdom come, and his salvation flourish

in your lifetime, and in your days, and in the lifetime of the family of Israel - 

quickly and speedily may they come, AMEN.

"May the greatness of His being be blessed from eternity to eternity.

"Let us bless and let us extol, let us tell aloud and let us raise aloft

let us set on high and let us honour, let us exalt and let us praise the Holy One,

blessed be He, though He is far beyond all blessings, songs and honours that can be spoken of in this world. AMEN.

"May great peace from Heaven, life and fulfilment, salvation and consolation, healing and redemption, forgiveness and atonement, relief and deliverance

be granted to us and to all the family of Israel. - AMEN.

"May He who makes peace in the highest bring this peace upon us and upon all Israel.


Posted on 02/18/2013 7:08 PM by Christina McIntosh
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