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Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Live Conversation With A Jinn
Watch here.
Posted on 02/19/2013 10:19 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
19 Feb 2013

 dont know about conversation with a jinn, I think the camera was being operated by a jinn! all that swaying about made me feel quite seasick!!!

20 Feb 2013
Send an emailSue R

In all fairness, this goes on in the Western World.  Spiritualism and seances promote all this nonsense.  Especially in times of social upheaval.  What gets me about the messages form 'the dead' is that they never tell us anything except the most banal things, and usually it is reassurance that they are watching over their 'loved ones' on earth.  Why can't they tell us important things, like whether God exists?  I'm not asking them to forecast the winner of the 3.30 at Doncaster, just give us some serious informaton.

20 Feb 2013
Send an emailjewdog

  I think he was channelling my dead uncle Shlomo's spirit. He  died from drinking too much jinn.

21 Feb 2013
Send an emailreactionry
"Don't Touch That Channel"
After having sat too long on my Laurels (not to be confused with the Solutrean Laurel Leaf Blade (in turn not to be confused with Canada's confused and flagging interest in maple leaf species) culture which might have begotten the New World Clovis technology, not to put too fine a point onnit) and Hardy's*, much of my thunder was channeled (that is to say, stolen) by Sue R and jewdog, but should still note that the "Live Conversation" was not all that it was ginned up to be and that a theist such as Mr. Fitzgerald, who does not have (as noted by some wag on NRO)"a god in this fight," is unlikely to have been either stirred or shaken by it.
With respect to the "Western World," Bill Clinton asserted that Hillary (whose parents apparently channeled a living, but obscure, apiarist residing in one of my favorite haunts (which happens to include many gin joints) long before he climbed Mons Everest or the inside-the-beltway and inside-baseball switch hitter climbed her first mons pubis) channeled Eleanor Roosevelt.
Your "Ghostly Company,"
Alfred Domett aka Waring,
Christchurchonnacrutch, New Zealand
*  "No tendance of her mound can loose/ Her spirit from Death's gin"
Tags: Edmund Hillary, to be or not to bee keeper, New Zealand, Capablanca, the Luzhin defense, Casablanca, gin joints, the lush defense, "Storm In Channel, Continent Cut Off," Gin Lane, Penny Lane, Mark Lane, Rush To Judgment, Jinn & Jihad, Waring, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Barett Light Fifty, 50 caliber or 50 calibre? Larkin,"Light Horse of the SLE," Browning BAR, Hanns Johst, "When I hear the words, 'Solutrean Laurel Leaf Blade Culture,' I reach for the safety catch of my Clovis," Spear Culture, Albert Speer Culture, Club Culture, Culture Club, Boy George, George Eliot, Muslim Culture vs. the Spear-Danes Culture of days gone by, "Christ on a crutch," Pilgrim sheltered by monastery bound for Argentina with Jackboots or on foot with staff and scrip for opiates, a theist, the "obvious typo," bottled in Bond, "shaken, not stirred," gin, vermouth & "troubled youth," Nabokov, his First Love was not a "safety girl" or a "Pretty Woman," -nothing so bossy -but the hair of the dog ala Martini & Floss-y

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