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As Geert Wilders Visits Down Under, Aussie ABC Airs Hit-Piece on Q Society

They do their level best to represent Q Society, who have hosted and paid for Geert Wilders' visit, as some sort of sinister conspiracy/ secret society; note the repetition of the word 'secretive' which is completely silly, given that Q Society's aims and methods are plainly stated for all to read on the website and anybody who wishes may join up and then attend meetings.

From the transcript of the piece by Hayden Cooper, presented on ABC's 7.30 report, 18th February 2013, ahead of Wilders' first gig.

'Hate Speech or Free Speech? Secretive Society Splits Opinions'.

'Anti-immigration and anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders is touring Australia as the guest of Q Society, but what exactly is this secretive organisation about?

Not 'secretive'.   Rationally security-conscious.  We of Q Society (I am a member) are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that Mr Wilders, while here in Australia, does not meet - at the hands of a Muslim resident on or visiting Australian soil -  the same sort of dreadful end as did Theo Van Gogh: murdered in broad daylight in front of horrified Dutch infidel onlookers, by a Muslim acting in accord with the sharia rule that those who mock, or criticise, or 'blaspheme' Islam, Mohammed or Muslims must be killed.  We are rationally wary of the possibility of gun-toting would-be sharia Enforcers such as the man who tried to murder Lars Hedegaard, and axe-wielding would-be sharia Enforcers, such as the Somali Muslim man who broke into Kurt Westergaard's house, not so long ago.  Will you mention those recent cases, Mr Cooper? Will you mention the death fatwa that remains on the head of Salman Rushdie, or the multiple death threats issued by Muslims against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and against Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali?  We are not discounting the possibility of suicide murder-'martyrs' packing explosive vests, or of truck bombs parked and then detonated outside venues.  And if you, Mr Hayden Cooper of the ABC, think we are silly to entertain such fears and that there is really no need at all to take precautions, then it is you, alas, who are the fool. -  CM

LEIGH SALES, PRESENT: To some, right-wing (bzzzzt! buzzword alert.  In this kind of 'reporting', 'right-wing' = critical of Islam - CM) Dutch MP Geert Wilders is a courageous campaigner.  To others, he's just a racist bigot.  (Racist? Where do you get that from, O ABC?  You could call him a bigot - that would at least keep the focus on the subject of ideologies and belief systems, 'memes' rather than genes - but not a 'racist', for his critique of Islam has nothing to do with the colour of people's skins or where in the world they were born.  In his Australian speech he spoke admiringly of Ayaan Hirsi Ali - who is ethnic Somali  - and Michael Nazir-Ali, who is Indo-Pakistani. - CM)  And tomorrow he begins a speaking tour of Australia.  Mr Wilders is here to warn about what he calls the dangers of Muslim immigration.

Those dangers are very real. See the following review of ex-Muslim Sam Solomon and Elias Al-Maqdisi's book "Modern-Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration":

'So who's bankrolling his visit? A secretive (no: just security-conscious - CM) group called the Q Society, an anti-Islamic organisation that hopes the Wilders world-view will catch on. Here's Hayden Cooper.

HAYDEN COOPER, REPORTER: 'Most of Melbourne doesn't yet know it, but there's a newly-arrived tourist in this town, and he just happens to be one of the world's most divisive political figures.  (Really?  One Dutch MP? Mr Cooper, don't you think that the title of 'one of the world's most divisive political figures' ought rather to be applied to somebody like, oh, let's just say, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? - CM).  The Dutch right-wing anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders is rationally critical of Islam, yes.  But.. 'right-wing'?  By calling him 'right wing', of course, O ABC, you hope to program your viewers to dismiss him as if he were some goose-stepping Neo-Nazi or Dutch version of a KKKlansman.  But he is not. He is not that, and if you paid any attention at all to his overall politics and demeanour, you would see that to represent him as such is the grossest of slanders. - CM

GEERT WILDERS, PARTY FOR FREEDOM - "Australia can learn from our [the Dutch] experience to stand up, to fight for who we are, for our own identity, and never, ever we should become an Islamic society.

What's so wrong about Wilders' or other people's not wanting Holland or Australia to become Islamic societies, Ms Leigh Sales, Mr Hayden Cooper?  Do you, really, want Australia to become an Islamic society? Do you think Australia ought to be, one day ten percent Muslim?  How about twenty percent? Thirty, forty, fifty, seventy, eighty percent? 100 percent, like Saudi Arabia or Somalia or the Maldives, where people get murdered if they leave Islam and become Christians?  Do you want us to become like Indonesia, where they lynch Ahmadis, and have burned churches, and throw urine and faeces at Christians who are trying to pray?  Should we be like Turkey?- where Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are hot best-sellers, and Catholic priests have been shot, stabbed, beheaded?  Would you be OK with that? Really?  Come on: if you had to choose, either to live in Australia or in the Netherlands, or in either Saudi Arabia or Iran, which would you choose? - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: He hasn't even spoken in public yet, but he's already causing a furore.

Good. We are finding out who are our worst dhimmi fools and enablers of Jihad, and our slyest Muslim taqiyya-masters and da'wa artists. - CM

JASMINE ALI, SOLIDARITY: 'This man is an extremist, he's an Islamophobe, and he shouldn't be welcome.  He's not welcome.

YASEMIN SHAMSILI, STUDENTS FOR PALESTINE (in other words, a zealous supporter of the genocidal Muslim Jihad against the Jews of Israel...and against Jews, period. - CM). "I think Geert Wilders is a racist Islamophobe.  And I think his visit to Australia is actually an attack on Muslims everywhere.

Hmmm. And we know that the cry of an 'attack on Muslims' is the cue for Muslims to attack Infidels - in 'self-defence', of course, in 'defence of Islam' - everywhere.  So was that the raising of the cry of 'Jihad!' on Australian soil, milady? - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: Ahead of the Wilders arrival in an unassuming Melbourne courtyard on Saturday afternoon, a small group of activists met to plot their protest.

ACTIVIST II: 'Maybe something like "Refugees are welcome here, fascists are not" or "Refugees are welcome, Geert Wilders is not", or something alone those lines.

Dear anonymous activist, I am very happy to accept any number of Coptic Christian, Assyrian Christian, Sudanese Christian, Malaysian and Indonesian and Bangladeshi and Pakistani Christian, Buddhist and Hindu refugees fleeing from the horrors that the Muslims in their homelands inflict upon them. I am happy to offer refuge to Karen Christians from Burma who have been very badly treated by the Bama majority.  But I refuse to see why we must be compelled to accept a flood of Muslim 'refugees' and 'immigrants' who, when they settle here,  behave not like guests but like an invading and occupying army, and who insist on maintaining all the destructive behaviours  and practices that made their home countries such wretched hell-holes.  And as for the cry of 'fascist'...NONSENSE. It is Islam, not Geert Wilders, that has - as ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq once pointed out - all the marks of an 'ur-fascism'. - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: These people come from a handful of different protest groups. They're gearing up for the Dutch MP's first Australian speech here on Tuesday, a speech they object to.

How can they object to what they have not yet heard?  It occurs to me to wonder whether any of them have even bothered to look him up and read what he has actually said, on previous occasions; such as his speech at Jerusalem, a few years ago.  Or whether any of the non-Muslims among them have bothered to watch 'Fitna'...and cross-check the Quranic passages there quoted. If they did, they would see that the Quran says exactly the kinds of ugly things that Wilders says it does. - CM

JASMINE ALI: The way that Geert wilders hides behind the argument of free speech is really about him trying to promote what are I think very quite coercive and violent ideas (ROFLMAO: My dear Ms Muslim, don't you think I don't know about Quran 9: 29?  That qualifies as 'coercive and violent ideas', so far as I can see.  And how about that fatwa against Salman Rushdie?  And the stories in the Hadith and the Sira about Mohammed sending out his hitmen to assassinate the poets who had criticised him and his Muslims?  Should I mention the murder of Asma Bint Marwan? Or perhaps we should mention Theo Van Gogh.  Do you think Theo Van Gogh deserved to be murdered, Ms Ali?  Islam is simply chockfull of coercion and violence.  And then there's that apostasy law, based on the Bukhari Hadith which says Mohammed said, 'If anyone changes his religion, kill him" (meaning that those who leave Islam, must be killed).  Looks as though Hayden Cooper, of the ABC, doesn't know enough about Islam, to ask Ms Ali about all those little trifling matters of Islamic scripture and Islamic law, and the brutal coercion and violence that are plainly visible there, as well as being visible in the conduct of all too many Muslims, in the recent past, and the here and now. - CM)  and in that regard I think it isn't a debate about free speech; it's very much a debate about hate speech.

"Hate speech" being, presumably, to Ms Jasmine Ali's way of thinking, anything that is in any way critical of Islam, Mohammed, and Muslims.  I'm sure Ms Ali would be all for a Pakistan-style Blasphemy Law to be introduced and enforced world-wide, aso that anybody anywhere who uttered a peep of complaint after being mistreated by Muslims, or who voiced even the smallest whisper of critique of wonderful, wonderful Islam, could be punished, and silenced, preferably forever.  - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: This is a trip that's been long planned and long delayed. It's been organised by the Q Society, a group of Australians opposed to the spread of Islam.

ANDREW HORWOOD, Q SOCIETY: It's really just getting the message out there about Islam.  We want people to understand it's not like every other religion in the world.  It is fundamentally different. And the core values of Islam don't really fit with Western democracies.  And that's what we'd like to explain to the Australian public.

HAYDEN COOPER: Our meeting with the Dutch MP is held outside Melbourne in a secret location.  We're told not to identify the venue, for fear of reprisals.

'Under tight security, Mr Wilders' every move is watched by his own protection team from Holland.

GEERT WILDERS: It's something you don't wish your worst enemy to have, but if this is the price to speak out and warn people about the threats they are facing, then it's worth it.

HAYDEN COOPER: The threat, as he sees it, for both Europe and Australia, is Muslim immigration.

GEERT WILDERS: We should stop the immigration from Islamic countries.  I have nothing against the people.  I have nothing against Muslims.  I travelled through almost every Islamic country and I found often very friendly and helpful people, but they are all prisoners in this - well, this ideology called Islam, and it's pure terror by which they are ruled.

Yes. Pure terror.  First, the apostasy law, which requires that those who leave Islam for another faith, or no faith, must be killed.  It is discussed in detail by Samuel Zwemer in 'The Law of Apostasy in Islam', and by ex-Muslim Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, in 'Freedom to Believe: Challenging Islam's Apostasy Law'. It is very much alive in the modern world, and not only within the dar al Islam.  And then, second, there is the blasphemy law: that those who criticise or mock Islam, Mohammed, Muslims, must be punished - usually, by being killed.  In Pakistan, certainly, 'blasphemy' is punishable by death.  A Christian woman, Asia Bibi, sits on death row in Pakistan, because her Muslim co-workers, after failing to persuade or intimidate her into becoming a Muslim, screamed 'blasphemy!' when she quietly insisted that she preferred Jesus over Mohammed.  Another Christian girl, little Rimsha Masih, was the victim of a patently false, deliberately fabricated charge of 'blasphemy!' by a Muslim 'cleric'; her entire Christian community was driven from their homes by a rampaging Muslim mob; she could be executed, if the Muslims get their way.  Muslims themselves are not safe, for the mere cry of 'blasphemy!' raised against them by another Muslim with a grudge is enough, often, for their lives to be snuffed out by a self-appointed sharia Enforcer. - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: For such forthright views, even just finding a venue to host them has proven near impossible.

But, thankfully, not entirely impossible.  Kudos to those brave Aussie businesses which were prepared to host Mr Wilders. - CM

ANDREW HORWOOD: 'In the process of getting this organised, we've had 30 professional venues where we've called them and said, "Look, we've got someone to come in to speak", we'd say who it was, we need 500 or 1000 seats, and then two days later we'd get a phone call back to say that they're double booked. So we're up to 30.

GEERT WILDERS: 'People are afraid. People are afraid to be connected to somebody that really is not me, and I hope by speaking in Australia I can show people that our concern is their concern and that my message is a positive message for Australia: make sure you don't make the mistakes that we made in Europe."

HAYDEN COOPER: Tomorrow, hundreds are expected to turn out to hear that message.

'In staging this tour, the Q Society is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, all donated by members.  

That is because there are a lot of Australians who have been doing their homework on the subject of Islam, the sharia, and Jihad.- CM

'Even the venue is kept under wraps until the very last minute.

Because, to repeat, we don't want Geert Wilders to get murdered by a Muslim, like Theo Van Gogh did. - CM

'And as for political traction, well, hundreds of state and federal MPs have been invited to attend, but such is the aura of controversy surrounding Wilders and the Q Society (or, perhaps, such is the menace already exuded by the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, within Australia - CM) , that only a small handful have said yes.

'This man is one of them, the stalwart Christian Democrat Fred Nile.

Good on him.  I recall that he was one of the few people anywhere in the Western world to draw the obvious conclusion, after that Muslim American-in-name-only soldier ran amok at Fort Hood in the USA and murdered thirteen people.  Here's the link to what Mr Nile said after the news broke:

FRED NILE, NSW MP: I'm looking forward to - I haven't met him, of course.  I've read a lot about him, and I've printed articles and printed his speeches in my own monthly newspaper.  So I feel like I know him, but I'm looking forward to meeting him personally and give him my encouragement and support.

GEERT WILDERS: I understand it's election time now in Australia, so even some of my old friends like your Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, who I met in Holland, now decides not to meet me. And I can even understand it; I am a politician.  It's sad, but I understand that.

HAYDEN COOPER: Geert Wilders is determined to support the fledgling Q Society, an organisation that's secretive about its membership and meetings.  (Really? I'm a member and all I see is ordinary caution about security, entirely justified in light of the common Muslim practice of threatening and attacking anyone who publicly criticises them. - CM)  But one insider can take us behind the curtain.

ANONYMOUS MUSLIM MAN: Very extreme, very paranoid, very unsettling.

I'm sure it is unsettling, Mr Muslim, to discover that the najis kuffar, we filthy unbelievers, have read your book - and some of the other books, too - and have figured out that the Ummah is out to achieve Total World Domination, Islam, Islam Ueber Alles. And that we intend to do our best to prevent  you from achieving this. - CM

HAYDEN COOPER; This Muslim man attended undercover a meeting of the Q Society at the North Sydney Leagues Club.

ANONYMOUS MUSLIM MAN: 'They're a group of people who are stridently anti-Muslim, who are trying to generate fear in the Australian society about what Muslims really are.

We are raising the alarm precisely because we have found out, from the canonical Islamic texts, and from looking at the deeds and words of Muslims both historic and contemporary, exactly what Islam - 'Submission' - really is all about.  As Joseph Schacht put it in his book 'An Introduction to Islamic Law': "the basis of the Islamic attitude towards unbelievers is the law of war; they must be converted, or subjugated, or killed".  Well, we Aussies in the Q Society, like an ever-increasing number of self-educated and rationally alarmed Infidels in other countries both western and non-western, have no intention whatsoever of converting to Islam - we prefer our own beliefs, customs and laws - nor have we any interest in becoming terrorised, exploited, humiliated and degraded dhimmi near-slaves, nor do we intend to allow ourselves to be mass-murdered as a sacrifice to 'allah' because we have refused the previous two options (conversion, or dhimmitude).   So, in the end, we and all the world's other non-Muslims will have to fight, and defend ourselves against the Jihad.  Mr Muslim, of course, would prefer that Infidels not realize they need to defend themselves, until it's too late. It won't be too late, however, if the truth about Islam's grand plan and about Muslims' malevolent intent toward non-Muslim worldwide, can be spread fast enough. - CM

"I mean, for example, I was in a meeting at one stage, and there's this woman sitting next to me, and she was talking to us, just an interchange about some fellow who was speaking a couple of rows in front of us.  And I just leant over to her and said "I think that man's a Muslim". And she said, "How would you know?"  And I said, "Well he seems to know a lot about the Koran and the Hadith". (This is silly.  Many in the Q Society know a lot about the Koran and the Hadith.  Knowing about what is in the Koran and the Hadith does not necessarily mean that the knowledgeable one is a Muslim!  Samuel Zwemer, who wrote 'The Law of Apostasy in Islam', was a Christian missionary and traveller within the Msulim world; he knew an enormous amount about the Quran and the Hadith.  In the 19th century a scholar named Palgrave, quoted extensively in James Freeman Clarke's pioneering work, 'Ten Great Religions', clearly knew a great deal about the contents of the Quran and the Hadith. But he was not a Muslim by any means; indeed, he scathingly condemned the Muslim concept of deity. - CM) And her face just screwed up and she said, "I wish I had a knife, I'd stab him".

I have to say, I simply don't believe this story.  I cannot see any Australian non-Muslim woman, no matter how angry and alarmed, saying something like that to a stranger in the middle of a public meeting.  I think that this Muslim just lied to Mr Cooper, lied to blacken the name of Q Society; lied, in other words, in order to further the cause of Islam. And if he was lying, he was also projecting; because knives are a favoured Muslim weapon.  It was with a butcher knife that the Muslim who murdered Theo Van Gogh pinned to his victim's chest a piece of paper with threatening, boastful proclamation.  It was with a knife that a Muslim assassin slit the throat of a Jewish baby, Hadass Fogel.  And then there was that UK MP, Stephen Timms, who was greeted by a smiling demurely-behijabbed Muslimah, as he met his constituents; smiling, she held out her left hand to shake his, and still smiling, with her right hand she whipped out a knife she had concealed in her bag, and shoved it into his gut.  Hayden Cooper swallowed and then publicised- on national TV - this Muslim yarn ; he needs to read what Raymond Ibrahim has had to say, about the uses of deception, in Islam

and he should visit MEMRI and watch a few dozen clips, and get a feel for just how much nonsense and lies - how much that in the eyes of any historically informed, rational person can be plainly seen to be 100 % false and beyond false, bizarre, sheer madhattery and much of it malicious to boot - is brazenly peddled by Muslims of all kinds, including white-robed elderly 'clerics', each and every day.  - CM

HAYDEN COOPER: The Q Society is formed in the mould of overseas groups like Robert Spencer's Stop [the] Islamisation of America.  He is a proud Q Society board member and something of a figurehead for the anti-Islamic cause.

And have you actually bothered to read any of Mr Spencer's books, Mr Hayden Cooper?  Or watch a video presentation? You might get a surprise.  He's a nice guy, very scholarly, gentle and funny, very thorough and - like Geert Wilders - very brave, because like Geert Wilders, he must live in a secure undisclosed location because of the deluge of vicious Muslim death threats that hammer in upon him day and night.  - CM

ROBERT SPENCER, ANTI-ISLAMIC AUTHOR (that is: Robert Spencer, critic of Islam - CM).  "The hatred and discrimination are all on the part of the sharia supremacists in Australia, of which there are many, who have preached that women who go outside without the sufficient Islamic covering are uncovered meat and are thus fair game to be raped, and things like that.  That's where the hatred and discrimination are coming in, not from the Q Society, which is in defence of human rights."

HAYDEN COOPER: "For these protestors, the mere presence of Geert Wilders in Australia is offensive, and for those who are Muslim, the message he brings is deeply personal.

Sure it is: because it tells them, 'you've been rumbled; we kuffar are onto you, we know what your religion of blood and war is all about.' . But now, cue what I am pretty sure is more Muslim madhattery, invented in order to represent Muslims as victims.

JASMINE ALI - "You know, I hear stories all the time about relatives, family friends of mine, who have had their hijabs ripped off their heads, walking on the streets of Sydney.

Oh, pooor little persecuted petals....frankly, I don't believe it, miss.  I don't believe it; because if things like this were really happening, I'm pretty sure there would have been a whole slew of loudly publicised court cases, with the affected Muslimahs weeping, wailing, and playing the Victim card for all they were worth.  But I do believe - because they are consonant with so many other stories of Muslim conduct toward non-Muslims, world-wide -  the stories of Muslim males at Cronulla leering at and threatening and sexually harassing Aussie non-Muslim bathing beauties; and then beating up a Surf lifesaver when he dared to remonstrate with them about their deeply uncivil conduct.  And when Paul Sheehan describes what happened to his female - non-Muslim - friend, who used to live at now-heavily-Islamised Lakemba, in the western suburbs of Sydney, I believe him.

"A friend of mine, Jenny D, used to live in Lakemba.  She began receiving insults from people in the street, usually Muslim women wearing headscarves, and sometimes Muslim men.  If she wore a short skirt, she could expect abuse or comment. She left Lakemba."  (Shall we confront Ms Ali with that story, perhaps? - CM)

"These are the sorts of consequences that these ideas bring.  So in that sense, it's a very personal issue. And that's what people actually have to get across as well, that this isn't just some abstract debate about ideas.  They have real consequences for people's lives."

Yes, Ideas do have consequences.  So let's think about the real-life this-worldly consequences of the many malignant ideas enshrined in the Islamic texts.  Let's ask Salman Rushdie and Asia Bibi and Rimsha Masih and any number of others, what Muslim ideas about Blasphemy have done to their lives.  Let's ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Magdi Cristiano Allam and Hannah Shah and Lina Joy about the effect on their lives of the Muslim teaching about what should be done - must be done - to apostates from Islam.  Let's ask South Sudanese about how they have experienced the outworking of the doctrine of Jihad. Let's ask Coptic Christians and Indonesian Christians about the effect of the Islamic rule that dhimmis - non-Muslims within an Islamic state - are not to be allowed to build new churches or repair old ones.   Let's ask the musicians of Mali about the effect upon them, of the sharia ban upon music. Let's discuss what happens and has happened to Jews, in many places - I'll mention, just for starters, Miriam Monsonego, Jonathan and Gavriel and Aryeh Sandler, Ilan Halimi, the Fogel family, Sebastien Selam, and Gavriel and Rivkah Holzberger - when pious Muslims put into practice the venomous and all-pervasive anti-Jewish ideas that are hardwired into all the core texts of Islam. - CM  

LEIGH SALES: 'Hayden Cooper, with that report".

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