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Melbourne, Australia: Useful Idiots For Jihad Attempt To Prevent People From Going In To Hear Geert Wilders Speak

As reported by ABC's Lateline, and other Aussie media.  

This whole business was thoroughly disgraceful.

First, the ABC version, as reported by Hamish Fitzsimmons and staff:

'Clashes Erupt Outside Wilders' Melbourne Speech'

'A large group of angry protesters has scuffled with people attending a Melbourne speech by controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

'There were verbal exchanges on Monday evening as about 200 protesters wrestled with those trying to access the venue at Somerton, in the city's north.

'The demonstrators took guests' tickets and pushed them to the ground.  

What was 'pushed to the ground'? The tickets, or the guests?  Either way, this conduct should have gotten people arrested; it did not.  Shame on the Victorian police who were present. - CM

"What are you doing? This is a democratic society.  We're allowed to go in there", one guest told the protesters.

'Mounted police then moved in, forming a line to try to stop the scuffles.

"We do not want this to be an issue of confrontation and we ask you to accept the rights of all the other members of the community", one policeman said.

Yes. - CM

"If you do not move aside, we will be using force".

'Most of the protesters, who chanted  "racism, no way, we're going to fight it all the way", then moved on. 

Racism?  I am so weary of this canard.  Mr Wilders is not talking about blackness, whiteness, brownness or yellowness. Mr Wilders is criticising Islam, which is an ideology; he knows it is not genetically coded.   Mr Wilders would be just as wary of a blonde, blue-eyed Dutchman who had converted to Islam and was an advocate of Sharia and plotter of Jihad, as he would be of an olive-skinned Moroccan who had been raised Muslim from birth and was pushing sharia and plotting Jihad.  Conversely, Wilders speaks highly of persons of non-European background who have been brave enough to publicly criticise Islam: for example, the ethnically-Indian  Michael Nazir-Ali of the UK (a Christian), and the ethnically-East African Ayaan Hirsi Ali (ex-Muslim, and atheist). - CM

'The group Students For Palestine organised the protest, and say demonstrators did not come looking for trouble.

Pull the other leg, people, it's got bells on.  - CM

"We were just standing there (blocking the way, stopping people from getting in - CM) while actually, a number of people were charging at us, are hurting us", the group's Yasmin Shamsil said.

Always with the cry of 'victim!' - CM

"There are actually people here with bloody noses and these are all the demonstrators who are just peacefully trying to raise awareness of the fact that we oppose Islamophobia and all the things that Geert Wilders and the people who come to Geert Wilders' event preach".

Oh, 'Islamophobia'.  It's so eeevil to be an Islamophobe...How dare people fear the prospect of being beheaded by allahu-akbaring sadistic thugs!  Yes, I fear - with rational fear - Islam. I fear it, for one, because of a little Jewish girl called Miriam Monsonego who was seized by a pious Muslim thug, in her schoolyard in Toulouse, France, and shot by him three times in the head, point blank, whilst he filmed the whole thing with a camera he was wearing; and because I know just how much hate toward Jews is fomented by the classic Islamic texts.  I fear for the safety of our Jewish citizens in Australia, as the Muslim colonies grow, and grow, and grow, and become daily more aggressive and arrogant and stridently or whiningly demanding, and more and more jihad plots are hatched.  I fear for all other non-Muslims in Australia.  That is why I think Geert Wilders is right, and that Muslim immigration into majority non-Muslim countries should be stopped.  - CM

'The far-right politician's Australian speaking tour has been sponsored by a group called the Q Society, which is against multiculturalism.

'Andrew Horwood from the Q Society blamed political correctness for the trouble.  "I think it's very sad that we've got to this stage, with the cloak of political correctness that's descended on this land", he said.  "That it's hard for an organisation like this, a group of volunteers, to get places where we can freely speak and discuss something that concerns the future of this country".

'Security inside the function was tight for Mr Wilders, who told an enthusiastic audience [that] large-scale immigration by Muslims threatened the fabric of Australian life.

"I'm also here to warn Australia about the true nature of Islam", he said.  "It's not just a religion, as so many people mistakenly think.  It is primarily a dangerous and totalitarian ideology.  And I'm also here to warn you what is happening in my native country, the Netherlands, that that might soon happen in Australia too, if you fail to be vigilant".

'Mr Wilders will press on to other speaking engagements across Australia, and no doubt more protests". also reported on the behaviour of the protesters, here:

'Protests Against Geert Wilders Show No Tolerance"

'People trying to listen to a speech by far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders were pushed to the ground outside a venue in Melbourne yesterday.

'A group of about 40 protesters blocked the gate leading into the Somerton function centre and stopped people from entering.

'A large number of police, including mounted officers, were on patrol, but made no initial attempt to move them...".

And here is what was reported in Melbourne's 'Age' newspaper:

'Islam a 'Dangerous and Totalitarian Ideology': Wilders'

'Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders describes the Prophet Muhammad as a murderer.

Which he was.  See the Sira.  - CM

'Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called the Prophet Muhammed (that is, 'Mohammed, whom Muslims regard as a prophet' - CM) and used ANZAC soldiers as an example of the courage needed to speak out against Islam at a speech to Melbourne supporters.

'Tight security surrounded Mr Wilders' hour-long speech to members of the ultra-conservative local group the Q Society (ultra-conservative? I am a member of the Q Society, and I would hardly describe myself that way; indeed, Q Society has struck me as having quite an eclectic membership roll - CM) at La Mirage reception centre in Melbourne's north on Tuesday night.

'Fifty police, some on horseback, separated about 100 vocal but peaceful protesters standing on the Hume Highway verge outside the venue.

'Protest organiser Feiyi Zhang said, "We're here to show we will not stand for Wilders' racism and Islamophobia."  She said his speech could incite violence against Muslims, "and general fear of Islam".

Ah yes, Islamophobia, the unforgivable sin.  How dare people be afraid of getting beheaded or killed in other horrid ways by Muslims, like so many innocent non-Muslims have been, in many different places, in just the past ten years, let alone the past 1400 years!  Here's the hilarious pop quiz, 'Are You An Islamophobe?'

and here is our own Hugh Fitzgerald, on the topic of Islamophobia, 'Islamophobia, Really?'

'Protester Nadia Shamsuddin, a doctor and a Muslim, said she was "repulsed" by Wilders' visit and views. "His promotion of oppression and intolerance is appalling in the civilised world".

Ah yes, 'oppression'. Let's discuss the special Islamspeak meaning of 'oppression'. At bottom, it means "the continuing independent existence of anything or anybody unislamic anywhere in the world", or 'any state of affairs under which Muslims cannot do as they please to non-Muslims".  Here is ex-Muslim Abul Kasem, on the subject:

Her husband Raj Rao said, "Wilders accuses Islam of promoting hatred and violence, but I think that's what he's doing".

And all those Jew-hating Muslim 'clerics' that can be found on Youtube, or conveniently translated, on MEMRI?  All those other Muslims shrieking, stamping, gesticulating, gibbering, and inciting hatred of and violence toward the najis kuffar?  What are they doing, eh? - CM

'Mr Rao said the message of the Quran was of "peace and submission to God".

One must remember that the Islamspeak definition of 'peace' is a global sharia state within which any surviving non-Muslims will be dhimmis annually paying expensive jizya to their Muslim overlords in order to be (perhaps) grudgingly allowed to remain alive: humiliated, degraded, and subject to perpetual physical peril.  'Submission to God' = submission to the Muslim 'allah' who is envisaged as a capricious and unknowable cosmic despot.  - CM

 'Inside the venue, audience member Inez, a Dutch immigrant, said she had come from Ringwood to hear Wilders "because we have built this country into something very, very beautiful but I can slowly see it getting spoiled by people who want to impose their beliefs and laws.  When I hear Muslim people wanted to introduce Sharia law here, I shudder. I thought it too horrible to contemplate"...

'Mr Wilders said the Prophet Muhammad was a savage leader of a gang of robbers that raped and murdered and mutilated its opponents, including the Jews in 7th century Medina, and violence had carried on to Islam's modern day supporters.

Yes. This is all true.  It is all there in the canonical Muslim accounts of Mohammed's career. -  CM

'He said anyone who criticised Islam "is in grave personal danger" and "we cannot continue to accept this".

Yes. - CM

'European countries such as the Netherlands are "in the process of losing our cultural identity and our freedom and I am warning Australia about the nature of Islam.  It is not a religion; it 's a dangerous and totalitarian ideology".

And, finally, here is the Herald-Sun, with some more on what happened as people tried to enter the venue to hear Wilders' speech:

'Protesters call Dutch MP Geert Wilders a racist as he calls for an end to mass immigration from Islamic countries'.

'Activists (aka Useful Idiots; with a few Muslim handlers amongst them - CM) pushed and shoved guests to stop them entering, and linked arms to try to form a blockade.

They 'pushed and shoved', did they? Doesn't that qualify as assault? - CM

'One middle-aged invitee was shoved to the ground in the skirmish.

'A protester with a blood nose said a guest he'd called "one of the fascist cohort" assaulted him.

Really? It is possible that this vile idiot head-butted someone and got his blood nose that way. I hope that Q society had some people filming the whole thing from every angle, and then we shall see what we shall see.  - CM

'The 22 year old, who would only give his name as James, said, "He threatened to punch me unless I let him through.  And he then started clawing at my face".

I'll wait for the video footage before I believe claims by the protesters.  Pretty well all the Q Society members I know are sedate middle-aged types who just don't go in for scrimmaging in public.  - CM

'There were reports of activists ripping up people's tickets.

And nobody got arrested? Why? Again, I hope that Q Society Melbourne had 3 or 4 people filming every minute of this.  And let's hope there is CCTV footage as well. - CM

'Police moved in to clear the gates to allow guests to enter to hear the speech.

'A line of officers, backed by mounted police, swarmed in to remove protesters from the entrance of the La Mirage Function Centre on the Hume Highway at Somerton, in Melbourne's north.

'Up to 60 police then formed a ring of steel around the venue, as Mr Wilders spoke inside.

'Senior Sergeant Michael Maloney said there had been no arrests.

'Tony Iltis, from the Socialist Alliance, said the group were stopping fascists from entering.

Read Ibn Warraq on Islam as ur-fascism, Mr Iltis. And ask yourself why Karen Blixen, she of 'Out of Africa' fame, compared Nazism to Islam.  Carl Jung also saw the resemblance.  And Churchill called Mein Kampf, 'the new Koran of faith and war'.  - CM

'Police came pushing us and grabbing, shouting 'Move, move, and all that garbage," he said. 

So you think, Mr Iltis, that you have an absolute right to suppress free speech by preventing people from going in to hear a speech that they have paid to go hear? You think the police should have sat back and allowed you to keep on blocking that gate?  - CM

'Protesters remained beside the venue to continue to voice their opposition, chanting "Racist scum!"

'About 100 protesters had gathered in the minutes before Mr Wilders spoke.

'The venue for the speech had been kept secret , but protesters got wind of it earlier today.

'Protesters linked arms to block access, forcing police to use mounted officers to clear the entrance.

'Entering the reception centre was like passing through airport security, with guests forced to be scanned by metal detectors. 

'The serene environment inside contrasted with the violent clashes of the protesters outside, with the 500 guests sitting quietly to hear the speeches."...

Hmm. 500 guests?  Sounds as though the guests significantly outnumbered the protesters: 5 to 1, by this account.  Good. - CM...

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