Wednesday, 20 February 2013
Yet More Evidence As To Why Non-Muslim Lands Should Ban Muslim Female Face-Coverings

An excerpt from one among the many, many reports on the neverending Jihad in Southern Thailand, that may be read, every day of every week of every month of every year, murders and attempted murders, bombings, robberies, arson, in the 'Security' section of the Thai English-language paper, 'Bangkok Post', online.

'ISOC: Eight Bombs Planted in Pattani'

'A total of eight improvised explosive devices and suspicious objects were planted in Pattani province on Saturday night and early Sunday, Col Pramote Promin, spokesman for the 4th Region Forward Command of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc), said on Sunday morning.

'He said the militants (sic: the jihad terror raiders - CM) intended to create unrest by detonating the bombs hidden in different stores, hoping they would spark a fire.

"The assailants wore hijabs to deceive people and authorities, but thanks to cooperation from several people, officials were able to disarm most devices", Col Pramote said.

'He said the bombs went  off in two areas - one at a supermarket and the other at a karaoke bar, where a civilian was slightly injured...".

To repeat, 'the assailants (that is, the murder-minded pious Muslims, whether male or female, busy 'planting' bombs in various locations where they would hope to achieve maximum casualties - CM) wore hijabs to deceive people and authorities".

'To deceive people and authorities'.  He says 'hijabs' but one must assume that they were in fact wearing the Slave Mask, either niqab or burqa, which fully covers the face, and would therefore prevent them from being identified either by eyewitnesses or from CCTV footage.

So long as there are Muslims present within majority non-Muslim countries, there should be a flat ban - strictly enforced - upon the wearing of the Muslim female slave mask (whether niqab or burqa) in any public place.  Non-Muslims who mask their faces on anything other than festivals such as Hallowe'en or Purim, are rightly suspected of being up to no good, and the practice is therefore illegal.  It should be illegal, also, for Muslims within non-Muslim lands. For if there are a lot of Muslim females swarming the streets and the shops and the squares and going in and out of businesses and public buildings - banks, schools, town halls, public toilets - with their faces totally or almost totally covered, unchallenged, then even if many do not commit crimes, all of them with their face-masks are de facto running interference and acting as camouflage for anyone else - male or female Muslim, or even enterprising non-Muslim - who may don this 'cloak of invisibility' in order to commit crimes.

While there are Muslims in our midst, then ...ban the burqa. Ban the niqab.  This is a security and law enforcement issue.

Show your faces, Muslimahs; or the non-Muslims you encounter will assume, prima facie, that you are Up To No Good. - CM

Posted on 02/20/2013 7:18 PM by Christina McIntosh
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