Wednesday, 20 February 2013
Australia's Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, Offers Lukewarm Defence of Wilders' Right to Speak, Then Embarrassingly Exposes His Own Abysmal Ignorance of Islam

It is something that Abbott at least acknowledged Wilders' right to speak and be heard; though I would have been more impressed, had he had the courage to actually attend one of Wilders' presentations, thus defending by example the principle of freedom of speech.  But when - having refused the opportunity to go and see and hear Wilders in person and discuss the subject with him, face to face -  he proclaimed, in a radio interview with Neil Smith of radio station 3AW, that Wilders was 'substantially wrong' in his analysis of Islam, he merely exposed his own abysmal (and dangerous) failure to investigate, for himself, what Islam really is all about.  

As reported by the ABC's Simon Cullen

'Abbott Rubbishes Wilders's Views on Islam'

'Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders is "substantially" wrong in his views on Islam, arguing there is not much Australia can learn from the Netherlands on the issue of multicultural integration.

Hmm.  Care to explain, Mr Abbott, just exactly how Wilders is getting Islam wrong?  Is he wrong about what Mohammed is believed to have done and said?  In what the 'Companions' of Mohammed are believed to have done and said, as presented in the canonical Islamic texts?  Can you enlighten us, Mr Abbott, from your superior knowledge of the contents of Quran, Sira and Hadith, and of Islamic jurisprudence past and present, and of the track record of the Ummah over the past 1400 years?   As for 'multicultural integration'; I guess we are ahead of the Dutch in that some years ago we created the specialist Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, whose 'catch' tends to have names like Ali, Hussein, and Mohammed, Mohammed and Mohammed, whereas I don't think the Dutch police have got a Moroccan Organised Crime Squad (though they probably need one).  - CM

'Mr Wilders is in Australia as part of a speaking tour organised by the Q Society, which warns against the "Islamisation" of the country.

'There were violent scuffles outside a Melbourne venue last night as protesters tried to prevent people from entering the building to hear the anti-Islamic MP speak.

'Mr Abbott says Mr Wilders is free to :"say his piece" (thank you for that concession, Mr Abbott, though I would have liked a more enthusiastic defence of the principle of freedom of speech - CM), but says Australia's experience of multiculturalism is different from the Netherlands.

The only reason Muslims in Australia are not quite as disruptive and destructive and dangerous as they now are in the Netherlands, Mr Abbott, has got nothing to do with anything that we are doing differently from what the Dutch have done.  

It is a function solely of the fact that, considered as a percentage of the total population, and also in sheer numbers, the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, in Australia, is significantly smaller than it is in the Netherlands.  Australia - total population around 22 million, rate of increase 1.2 % - has some 600 000 Muslims, comprising about 2.5 percent of the population; and the rate of increase of the Muslim population in Australia is 4.7 %, which is  the second highest rate of increase recorded for any religio-cultural group in Australia (the highest, probably fortunately for us, is that of the Buddhists, who are growing at a rate of 5.5 %; Buddhists, at the moment, also exceed the Muslims in terms of absolute numbers).  

By contrast, in the Netherlands, a country of some 17 million (all crowded into a smaller land area than Australia) the Muslim population is estimated at about 915 900 (2010 figures; probably a lot more by now), making up 5.5 % of the total population, and growing at a rate of 2.3 %, which is half the rate at which Muslims are increasing in Australia, interestingly enough, but is still much higher than the overall population growth (0.4 %).

The more Muslims you have, both in absolute terms and as a percentage, the more trouble you have; that is the rule of thumb.  For the stronger any given Muslim colony perceives itself to be, vis a vis the surrounding Infidels of the host society (and this depends, too, on the degree with which those Infidels exhibit weakness, naivety, gullibility and willingness to appease and to accede to Muslim demands; the more demands are granted, the more there will be, and the more appeasing we are, the more attacks we can expect).   Muslims are at least 5.5 percent of the population in the Netherlands, and number close on a million;  in Australia there are maybe 600 000 Muslims - about 300 000 fewer than in the Netherlands - and comprising only 2.5 percent of our total population.  My prediction? - if we foolishly allow the Muslim Ummah in Australia to become 4 or 5 percent of the population, then we will have at least as much trouble, in the heavily Islamised suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne and probably elsewhere, as the Dutch are having now; and if we do nothing, and the Muslim Ummah continues to grow and reaches, say, ten percent of our total population, then we will have the same trouble that the French are having now.

Anyway, back to Mr Abbott, busily whistling in the dark. - CM

"Obviously he's entitled to his viewpoint, but I think that the Muslims in this country see themselves rightly as fair dinkum, dinky-di Australians, just as the Catholics and the Jews and the Protestants and the atheists", Mr Abbott told Fairfax radio.

Mr Abbott: on what basis do you believe this, exactly, that you make such a sweeping pronouncement about what you assume to be the beliefs and attitudes of Australia's 600 000 (and counting) Muslims?  Are you aware that classical, orthodox Islam divides the world into dar al Islam - where Muslims rule - and dar al Harb, the zone of war, where non-Muslims live and rule, and which must be warred against until it ceases to exist, and the whole world is absorbed into the Dar al Islam?  Have you read Surah 48: 29, which states flatly that Muslims are compassionate to one another, and harsh (or stern, or cruel) towards the unbelievers (i.e. us, all of us non-Muslims)?  Are you aware of the Quranic verses that tell Muslims, in the strongest of terms, not to befriend or ally themselves with non-Muslims...unless temporarily, and feigningly, should a given set of Infidels be considered too strong, for the moment, to be overcome?  Are you aware of the principle of 'al wala wa al baraa', which is, loyalty to Muslims only, and enmity - which  must, ideally, be expressed in aggressive action - toward the filthy unbelievers, the najis kuffar?  Are you aware of the fact that Muslims, qua Muslims, are supposed to be loyal to one thing only: the Ummah, the 'nation' of Islam, and that their participation in and loyalty to any other kind of organisation is supposed to be merely tactical and temporary? - CM

"We see ourselves as Australians.

I am not so sure that all 600 000 Muslims in Australia regard their 'Australian' identity or loyalty as primary.  You might get a shock, Mr Abbott, if you had a nice chat to someone like Vicky Jenson, who has actually attended many a Muslim gathering, and heard them talking about what they understand to be their duty as Muslims, and their plans for Australia. Or you might consult some of the intelligence reports as to what went on at the Hizb ut Tahrir Caliphate conference  in Australia, recently; what the speakers said, and how many 'Australian' Muslims attended and eagerly listened to what they were being told, with every evidence of agreement.  - CM

"We don't like to divide ourselves on the basis of race, of faith, of colour, of class, of gender".

But Islam - the Ummah, - does so divide people, with a vengeance.  Islam, my dear Mr Abbott, divides people on the basis of faith: Muslim vs Non-Muslim; furthermore, not only are they divided, but the sharia of Islam decrees a miserably subordinate position for the non-Muslims.  As for race and colour: though, theoretically, Islam is supposed to be race-neutral, in practice it is the Arab Imperial, or National, Religion, with Arabisation taking place wherever there is an increase in Islamic fervency and conformity to the Sharia, and with Arab Muslims (or Muslims who have convinced themselves they are Arabs) dominating and domineering over non-Arab Muslims (see Darfur; see the treatment of non-Arab Muslims in every Arab Muslim land, with black people - whether Muslim or non-Muslim - being treated the worst of all); and the grim and absolute gender apartheid of Islam (with women not only segregated but ruthlessly subordinated, often excluded from the public space, their lives and their testimony at law only half the value of that of men) should be moderately obvious to anybody with a glimmer of intelligence and a willingness to look at what the canonical texts say and at the documented evidence of the treatment of women right across the Islamic world and also within Muslim colonies in non-Muslim lands. - CM

"That's one of the great strengths of our country.

"We are always conscious of what we have in common, rather than the things that divide us"....

And you assume that Muslims share this attitude?  I suspect that you assume wrong, Mr Abbott.

Here, for example, are two absolutely typical passages from Ibn Ishaq's Sira, the canonical Life of Mohammed: "Men, do you know what you are pledging yourselves to, in swearing allegiance to this man [Muhammad]?' 'Yes'. 'In swearing allegiance to him we are pledging to wage war against all mankind".  And again, "Muslims are one ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men.  Believers are friends of one another to the exclusion of all outsiders".

Mr Abbott: are you willing to gamble our national security on the pollyanna-ish assumption that texts such as this have no influence whatever upon any part of the Muslim population in Australia? That not even one Muslim in Australia will attempt to put them into practice?  

Mr Abbott: there is no excuse whatsoever for your seeming naivety and ignorance of Islam, sharia, and Jihad; you identify as a Catholic, and besides the notorious Catholic scholar of Islam, Robert Spencer, whose books - such as 'Inside Islam: Questions for Catholics', you might profitably read,  there is Australia's Cardinal Archbishop George Pell, who has spoken publicly and very clearly, in the past, about the intensity and ubiquity of violence and intolerance which he, Pell, discovered when (showing initiative and intelligence) he picked up a good Koran translation and read it from cover to cover.  And besides the good Cardinal, there is Australian Anglican priest, scholar and human rights activist, Rev Dr Mark Durie, whose books on Islam - 'Revelation?' and 'The Third Choice' -  are brief, inexpensive, scholarly and easy to read; just right for the busy politician.  Another resource I recommend is an excellent anthology edited by Robin Claydon, entitled 'Islam, Human Rights, and Public Policy', which every politician in Australia would do well to have on his or her desk.

Half a mark, Mr Abbott, for piping up, however belatedly and hesitantly, in defence of Wilders' right to come here and to express his views; but as for what you think you know about - CM

Posted on 02/20/2013 9:53 PM by Christina McIntosh
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