Thursday, 21 February 2013
Stop Running Around The Muslim World Promising -- And What's Worse, Giving Them -- Money

There's a trillion dollars in student loans at 7% interest. There's Social Security and Medicare getting shakier every year. One aircraft carrier has had to cancel its trip to the Persian Gulf. The roads and bridges are crumbling. The educational system produces ignoramuses and idiots. And American officials, not content with the two trillion dollars spent on all the wrong things in Iraq, and the one trillion in Afghanistan, and the $75 billion in aid that has gone to Egypt, and the more than one hundred billion, over many decades, that has gone to Pakistan, and the billions given to Yemen, Somalia, Jordan, and the "Palestian" Authority which consists of the Arab shock troops of the Jihad against Israel, apparently is not enough.

Here's one more official, promiising promising, this time in Somalia again:

USAID chief visits Mogadishu, says US is committed

Meanwhile, black African Christians are harried and attacked, in Kenya by Somalis, in Tanzania, on the island of Zanzibar, by descendants of Arab slaveholders who used that island as a way-station for black slaves whom the Arabs then took by dhow to Muscat and Oman,  in Nigeria, a country where the Muslims of the north -- Hausa and Fulani -- started killing Christians en masse in the mid-1960s (hence the Biafra War, in 1967-69, when Christians, predominately but not exclusively Ibo, tried to form a state of their own) on, have now been joined by the Boko Haram fanatics who want to impose the full monty of Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira. Everywhere -- in Niger, for example, and in Cameroun,  where if the French pull out because of fears of local Muslims, there will be little left -- the Saudis are buildinig mosques, to spread the Full Gospel of Islam, replacing those mosques and local imams who preached an easygoing, not-quite-accurate,  syncretistic version that, until now, has been sufficient unto the day.

But now the US "is committed" to giving aid to Muslim Somalia? Why don't the Saudis, or the Emiratis, or the Kuwaitis, or the egregious waddling emir of Qatar, give aid to Somalia? Don't they want to keep the fanatics from the door, that is from Somalia to Yemen to the Gulf, a hop, skip, and jump away?

Posted on 02/21/2013 6:48 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
21 Feb 2013
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I object to your classification of Zanzibar being run by the descendents of Arab slavers, nothing of the sort. You appear to have forgotten, like most Zanzibaris, Karume's revelution wnen every last Arab in Zanzibar was brutally slaughtered, their women raped and married off to the army officers. What you are seeing in Zanzibar is 40 years of relentless Wahabi propaganda bearing fruit. Ditto for any other African country with muslim populations.

21 Feb 2013
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In late January 1964, when the Arab rulers were overthrown in