Thursday, 21 February 2013
Three Englishmen: Irfan Khalid, Irfan Nasser, Ashik Ali

From AP

February 21, 2013

LONDON (AP) — Three young British Muslims were convicted Thursday of plotting terrorist bomb attacks that prosecutors said were intended to be bigger than the 2005 London transit bombings.

A London jury found 27-year-old Irfan Khalid, 31-year-old Irfan Naseer and Ashik Ali, 27, guilty of being central figures in the foiled plot to explode knapsack bombs in crowded areas — attacks potentially deadlier than the July 2005 attacks on Underground trains and a bus which killed 52 commuters.

Prosecutors said the men, fired up by the sermons of a US.-born al-Qaeda preacher, hoped to cause carnage on a mass scale. Their plot was undone by mishaps with money and logistics, and ended in a police counterterrorism swoop in 2011.

Prosecutors said targets and other details had not been finalized when the men were arrested.

The three had pleaded not guilty to charges of preparing for terrorism

But the jury at Woolwich Crown court agreed with prosecutors that the trio were the senior members of a home-grown terror cell inspired by the anti-Western sermons of U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in Yemen in September 2011.

The suspects convicted Thursday were among 12 people arrested in September 2011 in counter-terrorism raids in Birmingham, central England.

Several other suspects have pleaded guilty to offenses related to the plot.

Posted on 02/21/2013 7:42 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
21 Feb 2013
Send an emailSue R

Please don't call them 'English', they are not of Celtic origin.  They can be described as 'British' by virtue of holding British Passports, but they are not English.

21 Feb 2013
Paul Blaskowicz

Three Englishmen: Irfan Khalid, Irfan Nasser, Ashik Ali - without quotation marks around Englishmen is best.  It shows contempt, scorn, derision and mockery for the jihadists and for the dhimmis who would consider them as English.

 Whenever they are subsequently mentioned in a text, I would always put  "English" or "British" in quotes.

I say this, because I feel sure that they themselves would be dreadfully hurt to be described as anything other than "muslim", and we should respect their feelings. 

(Seriously:They are going through enough anguish and soul-searching already, without gratuitous insults from unsympathetic  commenters who know nothing of the root causes of  alienation these men feel from their English homeland.)     Europe or Islam?

21 Feb 2013
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The Joke Is On You
Though much debated, it seems likely that much of the genome of the "Island Race" is still derived from a branch of the "burly Basque bathers" of Biarritz to which was added layers of slayers of Celtic, Roman, Scandinavian and Germanic descent who came across a hard sea and over periods of many bloody centuries became part of what was once aptly called "Great Britain."  More recently, hard-working and at least potentially assimilable groups such as the "Polish plumbers" (and yes, Paul, Polish Jews) have swelled the ranks of the Sceptered Isle. With respect to the Muslim invasion (egged on by Labour no-goodniks), while it is true that Islam is not a race, given the ethnicity of most Muslims, racism, is in point of fact, a factor -though not in the way the Left would have you believe; it is not anti-racist, but racist, to assert the right of one group to "replace" another through "demographic conquest."
Where Are They Now?
Brown Kow-Tow
The English, the English, the English are best
Part Basque and part Anglo and Norman and Celt
Now dhimmis pay Jizya; must tighten their belt
And struggle and grunt allah Ubi Sunt - Beau Geste?
Singing Thongs Of Burly Basque Bather Prejudice
(With A Jaundiced Thigh),
Glanders & Schwanz,
The Ague, Holland
Tags: VN, First Love, "burly Basque bathers," Cockney rhyming slang, struggle and grunt, Richard Burton, Celtic, hard c, soft c,  "you sunt," I will not argue with those good eggs who note that "ague" does not rhyme even vaguely  with "The Hague," Flanders & Swann, Glanders, bacterium Burkholderia mallei, in the history of the "Strong Horse" in Iran, tragedy repeats as Farcy, Robert Conquest, the terror-famine was the instrument of demographic conquest of the Ukrainian kulaks, Song of Patriotic Prejudice, Jaundiced Eye, Prince Valiant, not a Connecticut Yankee, but a Scandinavian in King Arthur's Court, The Swinging Dick with the Singing Sword

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