Friday, 22 February 2013
Argentine Senate Approves Deal with Iran denying Justice for Jewish Families of 1994 AMIA Blast Victims

Protest Rally of Families of Victims of 1994 AMIA Jewish

Center in Buenos Aires

Source: AP/ Natcha Pisarenko

Earlier this week, we posted on denial of justice for the Argentinean  Jewish  victims of the 1994 AMIA blast perpetrated by the late Hizbollah terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyah  with the aid of Iran’s current Defense Minister, Ahmad Vahidi.  The latter is the subject of a 2007 Interpol arrest warrant for his role in the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires.  In the Iconoclast post we discussed the ironic key role in negotiations with Iran played by Argentina’s Jewish Foreign Minister Hector Timerman.  Thursday’s vote by the Argentine Senate is a furtherance of the Iranian Islamic regime deepening presence in Latin America.  The measure now moves to the  Argentine lower  house next Tuesday, February 26th, for a vote confirming ratification of the treaty with Iran.,

Argentine's trade with Iran reached $85 billion last year may have influenced this deal with Iran.   More threatening has been the growth of Hezbollah terrorist proxy sleeper cells in the neighboring tri- border area that abuts Argentina. (See Alan Kornman’s article  on this subject in Family Security Matters). The deal stuck by Foreign Minister Hector Timerman denies justice to his co-religionists especially the families of victims of the blast perpetrated by Hezbollah and Iran.  Today a protest occurred at the Argentine Embassy in Herzliya, Israel.  Perhaps Argentina's Jews have been sent, a 21st Century version of Ze'ev Jabotinsky's speech to Jews in Warsaw in 1938, "Ihr Kommt' – they’re coming”. Time for Argentina’s Jews to re-consider aliyah – immigration to Israel.

The Times of Israel reported  the furor raised by Thursday’s Argentinean Senate approval of the proposed South African style Truth Commission with the Iranian perpetrators of the 1994 AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires;

Argentina’s Senate voted on Thursday to approve a controversial agreement with Iran to probe the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires.

The agreement calls for Argentina and Iran to form a joint “truth commission” to investigate the attack on the AMIA Jewish center, which left 85 people dead and 300 injured. Afterward, Argentine and Iranian judicial officials are to question five Iranian suspects, including Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi, in Tehran.

Jewish groups have pilloried the deal as tantamount to allowing a murderer to investigate his own crime. Earlier in the month, Jewish community head Guillermo Borger said working with Iran would allow for another attack on the country’s Jewish community.

Government officials, including President Cristina Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman, himself Jewish, say the deal is the only way to move forward with Iran, which has refused to turn over the suspects.

The Senate vote passed 39-31, with most of the “no” votes coming from the opposition. The deal still must be approved by the lower house, which is also controlled by government allies, according to Reuters.

Lawmaker Daniel Flimus from the ruling party defended the deal, though admitted Iran may not cooperate.

“We know this is difficult if there are hidden motives on the other side of the signing of this memorandum,” Flimus said during the Senate debate, according to a Reuters report. “If there’s a lack of collaboration on the other side of the memorandum, the Argentine case … will be strengthened because it will be even clearer who is guilty.”

On Friday, hundreds of Argentineans in Israel are expected to protest against the deal outside the country’s embassy in Herzliya.

At the demonstration, the organizers are scheduled to read a letter to the Argentinean ambassador. It reads, in part, that Argentina “cannot sign any international agreement with a dictatorial regime who represses the political opposition brutally, who oppresses its people, violating human rights especially women’s rights, and freedom of expression, freedom of belief and religion, and denies the Holocaust, as does the current Iranian government.”

Amnesty International in Argentina praised the deal, saying it offered a possible path toward justice.

“Although it does not guarantee in any way the success of the investigation, it creates an opportunity to move forward towards justice and reparations for the victims,” the group said.

Posted on 02/22/2013 11:50 AM by Jerry Gordon
22 Feb 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

Argentina's trade with Iran could not possibly have reached "$85 billion" last year. Please establish, and post, the correct figure.

22 Feb 2013
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Rug Merchants Of Death
Or: Texas Tea For The Timerman
That 85 billion dollar figure (perhaps confused with the 85 Jewish victims)  caught my eye as well.  From a quick click on Google: "Each country has domestic reasons to reach out to the other. As Argentina’s economic growth slows, it is finding in Iran a robust client for its agricultural commodities, with trade volumes between the two nations surging more than 200 percent over the last five years to more than $1.2 billion." * That any trade goes on between those countries strikes me as obscene (particularly in view of the harboring of WWII Nazis war criminals) and I have a beef with Iran becoming an Argentinean steakholder.
I should (but don't) read all of Mr. Fitzgerald's posts, but wonder if he has compared and contrasted the treatment of Iran by Argentina with the Western-assisted Arab Spring-ing on Muammar Gaddafi after he sprung for something like 2 billion dollars to compensate the victims of the Lockerbie bombing and apparently dismantled his WMD programs.
Meanwhile the shade of the irksome Everett Dirksen suggests that the 85 billion error might have been due to the mind numbing effects of discussion of the US budget deficit ala a trillion here, a trillion there and a 2012 trade deficit with China of about 315 billion.
We're In The Mahdi,
Charles George "Chinese" Gordon,
Khartoum, The Sudan
cc Jerry Gordon
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22 Feb 2013
Alan Kornman

 Thanks for the mention Mr. Jerry Gordon.

Keep the light of day shining on the bad guys.

Alan K

22 Feb 2013
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Of Khartoums & Cartoons
Uh-oh; just now scrolled over to Jerry Gordon's New English Review Editorial Staff picture and note an unsettling resemblance to the British actor, Bob Hoskins, Jr., who was known largely for playing gangsters and Cockneys.
I hope that he realizes that any comparisons made were to Charles George Gordon and not to Jerry Springer.  Given the violent opposition of Muslims to the critics of Islam, Mr. Gordon has shown no little courage and trust that I need not go undercover or cuniculine for my safety in that he surely does not share the late Christopher Dorner's (not to be confused with that fighter for the Fuehrer, Dornier Flugzeugwerke) twisted sense of justice.  
Your 'Umble Servant,
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