Saturday, 23 February 2013
The Electronically-Amplified Redundat Call To Prayer Will Be Heard

Watches, cell phones, they all give the time, and can be programmed to give, adjustable for season and location, the times for the five canonical Muslim prayers. So why should Sweden allow not merely a muezzin's call for prayer, but one that will be electronically-amplified and forced on the hearing of indigenous non-Muslims? Why should this, one more example of Muslim attempts to stake a claim, to force the Muslim presence into the consciousness of those Infidels who still may be under the impression that Sweden is their country, be allowed? To win what? Muslim gratitude? There is none. What's the point? Fear of denying Muslims that which they demand? Those demands have to be stopped, nipped in the bud,and those behind those demands slapped down, quickly and coldly.

From Today's Zaman

In a first, local Swedish authority allows Islamic call to prayer

Fittja Mosque in Stockholm (Photo: AA, Beyhan Tolan Peker)
A municipality in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has allowed the recitation of adhan, the call to prayer, through minaret speakers, in an unprecedented move.

Islamic Cultural Center of Botkyrka, a municipality in Stockholm mostly populated by immigrants, applied almost a month ago to municipal authorities, seeking permission for recitation of the adhan before Friday prayers through speakers in the minaret of the Fittja Mosque, located within the boundaries of Botkyrka.

The municipal council recently convened and unanimously approved the request. ?smail Okur, the head of the Islamic center, told the Anatolia news agency that the first adhan will be broadcast in March after the technical preparations are completed.

“The authorities will measure the sound level. According to the rules, the sound of the adhan shall reach two kilometers at most from the mosque,” Okur remarked, referring to the regional authorities who granted permission for the adhan recitation through minaret speakers.

He further stated that Botkyrka is a region mostly populated by Muslims and the Fittja Mosque is the only mosque in Sweden that has a minaret.

Posted on 02/23/2013 6:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
23 Feb 2013
Christina McIntosh

 The 'call to prayer' from a towering minaret.  Muslim threats and boasting, screechingly uttered, artificially amplified.  NOISE POLLUTION.

Minaret = sniper tower ...and Muslim riot command post.

What will the Swedish authorities do, when - not if - that minaret is used as a sniper tower/ lookout post; when the Muslim arsonists, thugs, rapists robbers and murderers surge forth from the mosque to attack the Infidels or to attack some rival Muslim group, urged on and directed to their various targets by hysterical and massively-magnified shriekings from those mosque loudspeakers (as has happened in many Muslim countries and even, not so very long ago, on one occasion within Israel, when a Muslim riot kicked off)?

Further thought.  Are there still any functioning Lutheran and/ or Catholic churches within that 2 km radius?

Time to fight fire with fire.

Islamosavvy clergy should - if they are not already doing so - ring their church bells loud and clear on every possible excuse (for the sacrament; for the call to worship; for weddings, funerals and other celebrations).  

Furthermore, the Catholics of Stockholm should all be ringing the Angelus - at 6 am, at noon, and at 6 pm [note that the early and late ringings are at slightly more civilised hours than those used by the Muslim adhan]; there are, I gather, some Lutherans who observe this devotion, so they could do it too.

And there is a further bell that all churches in Stockholm and throughout Sweden, and beyond, might do well to ring, if they have even one bell (and if they don't, why not install a 'ghetto blaster' to transmit a recording?):  the so-called 'Turkish bell' which was instituted in the 15th century.

Calixtus III, 1455-58, 'asked for a long midday bell ringing and prayer for protection against the Turkish invasions [that is, the MUSLIM invasions] of his time'.  In 1956, Pope Pius XII recalled the 500th anniversary of the 'Turkish bell' and again asked the faithful to pray for the persecuted church in the East (he primarily had in mind, at that time, the Church suffering under Communist regimes) during the midday Angelus'.

Probably best to have a second peal (in churches with more than one bell, use a bell with a different, deeper voice than was used for the noontide angelus) an appreciable space (half an hour? an hour?) after the midday Angelus; a long rolling peal,  as a signal for all the faithful to pray for 1/ the perseverance and deliverance of all Christians - and indeed all non-Muslims - who are being mercilessly attacked, persecuted and oppressed by Muslims; 2/ the exposure and utter defeat of the Jihad; and 3/ the conversion of Muslims to Christ.  

There are some unfooled and Islamosavvy clergy - and laity - about.  I bet there are even a few in Sweden.  It just needs a few of them to start the ball rolling - and the bells pealing - in Europe, and beyond, in any city in the 'western' world where Muslims have settled and are starting to throw their weight around.

::thinks:: what if Westminster Abbey, St Paul's, the Catholic Cathedral in London, and every other still-functioning church in London that has even one bell, were to ring the Angelus - and the Summons to Prayer Against the Jihad - every single day?