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Monday, 25 February 2013
A Spate of Jihad Murders in America?

Yusuf Ibrahim, apprehended New Jersey

Coptics Jihad murderer.

Daniel Pipes article on “Jihad and Criminality?” in National Review Online’s blog, The Corner draws our attention to the grisly and savage spate of recent Jihad by Muslims against non-Muslims.  The immoral imperative for this barbaric conduct can be found in Qur’anic Sura 8:12, “I shall cast terror into the hearts of Infidels. Strike off their heads strike off the very tips of their fingers”. The murder, grisly beheading and mutilation of the remains of two Coptic Christians immigrants in Jersey City by Indiana resident and wanted criminal Yusuf Ibrahim didn’t crack the pages of the New York Times. 

Watch this WABC TV news report and interview with a Coptic friend of the victims:

It jarred our memories of the massacre of the Coptic Arminius Family in Jersey City eight years ago in January 2005 amidst allegations that all five members of the family, trussed up in Jihad fashion, were murdered by a tenant, a drug dealer and a parole violator Edward McDonald and an accomplice, Hamilton Sanchez who used an ATM card of one of the victims and withdrew $3,000.  It took the Hudson County prosecutors three years to bring the case to trial, McDonald the perpetrator was sentenced in 2008 to 5 consecutive terms of 75 years each for a total of 255 years.  Charges against Sanchez were dropped.   Even after the initial disclosures in December 2005, Pipes still listed the Arminious Family murders as Jihad victims.  It is not lost on many of us who wrote about the Arminious Massacre and this latest episode of Jihad against Copts in America  that Hudson and Passaic Counties in New Jersey had radical Mosques with Imams preaching Jihad including one, Mohammad Qatanani, praised by Governor Chris Christie.

Here is Pipes latest additions of the Jihadi perpetrators rogue gallery.


Jihad or Criminality?


Daniel Pipes

NRO, The Corner

 A recent spate of killings in the United States of non-Muslims by Muslims has gone unnoticed by the major media. Here are four cases I know of:

February 5: Yusuf Ibrahim, 27, Egyptian born and living in Jersey City, stands accused of shooting, then cutting off the heads and hands of two Copts, Hanny F. Tawadros and Amgad A. Konds, and burying them in Buena Vista Township, N.J. He is charged with two counts of murder and with desecrating human remains. He is also wanted for a September 20, 2012, armed robbery in Jersey City in which a victim was shot in the foot.

February 18Ali Syed, 20, of Ladera Ranch, Calif., went on a shooting rampage in Southern California, killing Courtney Aoki, Mel Edwards, and Jeremy Lewis, then committed suicide. The Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman, Jim Amormino, said Syed, described as an unemployed part-time student at Saddleback College who lived with his parents and a loner who “spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games,” and left “no evidence, no note, nothing that would explain this very bizarre, violent behavior.”

February 21: Ammar Asim Faruq Harris, 26, killed three people on the Las Vegas Strip and fled, is called armed and dangerous. He apparently got into an argument with Ken Cherry, shot Cherry as Cherry was driving, which led to a collision that killed a taxi driver and his passenger. Harris has a long criminal record that includes kidnapping, sexual assault, and robbery.

Additionally, although the murder took place on July 31, 2012, only at his court hearing on February 21 did public attention focus on Ali Salim, 44, a medical doctor born in Pakistan and living in New Albany, Ohio, who is accused of raping and killing nine months’ pregnant Deanna Ballman, 23,  by injecting her with a lethal dose of heroin. He is charged with two counts of murder (Ballman and her unborn baby) as well as rape, felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Because the media, law enforcement, and elected officials are so reluctant to give out information about the attackers’ religion, much less their motives, it’s basically impossible to tell from the outside if they represent a wave of jihadi attacks by Islamists or are just a bunch of criminals who happen to be Muslim, or a bit of both. The most the media will concede is that in the Ibrahim case “privately some wonder if it had something to do with the victims’ [Christian] religion.” When will journalists, police, and politicians end their efforts to hide key information that the public needs and deserves? 

Posted on 02/25/2013 9:23 AM by Jerry Gordon
25 Feb 2013
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Decapitation is not exactly my three cups of Good Earth Tea, nor, as has been largely overlooked, is it that of most murderers in the West.-Your Constant Commenter, Daniel Pearl S. Buck

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25 Feb 2013
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