Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Newham councillor accuses Respect campaigner Yvonne Ridley of using “inflammatory” language

Yvonne Ridley is the dozy bint par excellence – the dozy bint who keeps on giving.

She excelled herself in East Ham in the London Borough of Newham earlier this month. This is the local paper, the Newham Recorder.

A lead councillor has accused Respect campaigner Yvonne Ridley of using “inflammatory and dangerous” language after she accused Newham Council of “ethnic cleansing.”

Yvonne Ridley used the comments to describe Newham Council’s policy of seeking accommodation outside the borough for people on its social housing waiting list when addressing a largely Muslim audience at a meeting at the Empire venue in East Ham on February 13.

George Galloway also spoke at the same meeting at which he suggested Yvonne Ridley would make a good MP for Newham.

Newham council made national news last year when it transpired it had written to 1,179 organisations, including a housing association as far away as Stoke-on-Trent, looking for homes for families on housing benefit. By extension these are families where no adult is in paid employment. Unlike earlier overflow into Essex they could not commute to their work from that distance.

She later admitted that “accusing Newham council of “ethnic cleansing” perhaps wasn’t the best choice of words. Essentially what I was attacking was the council’s gentrification plans for the area which could only be achieved by removing huge swathes of poor and impoverished families from Newham. I called it ethnic cleansing, perhaps because of the demographics of those being targeted, but I suppose social cleansing would be more apt.”

There is a group being ‘cleansed out of Newham and it isn’t the Muslims. Remember this which I spotted in Stratford, not far from the Town Hall a few years ago.  Accomodation for Indian or Bangadeshi only? Telephone Mr Aziz, or Tariq or other common Muslim names?

This link is to a paper from the University of Oxford entitled MUSLIMS IN THE LONDON BOROUGH OF NEWHAM. It isn’t dated but from internal references it was completed in the spring of 2006. It begins:- 

The borough is proud of having the largest proportion of non-White population in the country. More than 60% of its population is from a non-White ethnic group and this proportion is even higher amongst the young … 

Fast forward to 2012 and the figures released from the 2011 census. As reported by the Telegraph in December 2012 

Only 16 per cent of people in Newham, London are white British, the lowest percentage in England and Wales. 

As reported last week in the Daily Mail

Census figures show that between 2001 and 2011… five London boroughs saw the proportion of white Britons fall by more than a quarter. The largest decline was in Newham, East London, where the decrease was 37.5 per cent. 

Anecdotally I know a lot of Newham’s black Christians have moved out to Dagenham and small towns along the north bank of the Thames. Purfleet and Grays spring to mind. Secular Muslims who did not relish the prospect of living in the shadow of the megamosque also contemplated the possibility of moving.

I think the possibility of the borough becoming monoculturally Islamic, like Tabighli Jamaat’s current HQ in Savile Town,  is one of the (several) reasons the Council refused the planning permission for the megamosque. Incidentally the group Ridley and George Gallactica were addressing, the Newham People's Alliance are the pro-megamosque pressure group whose demonstration three weeks ago against that decision caused the Town Hall to close for safety.  

I fear that Sister Mariam Ridley is not being completely straight again.

Posted on 02/26/2013 6:26 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
26 Feb 2013
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She's such a dissembler.  In an interview I read (I think possibly inlast night's Standard or on the BBC), she said that she knew it wasn't 'ethnic' cleansing but 'social' cleansing.  But, the damage has been done and emotions inflammed.  Such scum.

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