Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Not To Be Used Unless You Are A Soldier And Fighting In World War II


Otherwise, it's intolerable. No, I've changed my mind. Not even if you are a soldier fighting in World War II is it tolerable.

Posted on 02/26/2013 12:06 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
26 Feb 2013
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The Beowulf's Knees
It's Brit knee, bitch.*
Britney Spear-Danes
cc Claire's Knee c/o Éric Rohmer
cc Claire Danes c/o Les Misérables
c.o The Battle of Teutoburg Forest
Tags: genu varus, genu valgus, the bee's knees are weak, so to speak, to think of  Hiliary named after the keeper of an apiary, Dolly  Pentreath, Ubi Sunt, Brittany, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, all in all, various homes of the Celtic sunt, Jim Nabors, rivers make good neighbors, Wacht am Reinhold Niebuhr's niece's knees, Cat Stevens says, "I hate those nieces to pieces," WWII, KBO,  soldier on, bugger on, HF, rocker's off, bugger off, Battle of the Bays, Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe Doctrine defeated by the Bay of Prigs, Bay O' Wolf, genuflect, Ben Affleck, let them eat yellow cake, Victor Hugo Chavez

26 Feb 2013
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Argo Naughts
Or: "Smashing!"? Nope, Just Brit-Bashing
"genuflect, Ben Affleck"?  - well, he should, though not for knighthood, but for the opening of a can of Winston (Churchill) Whup-Arse - and what the "F"? -  BA was not the star of some warmed-over remake of an old Coen brothers movie, but rather one in which it was falsely claimed that the Brits turned away the six Americans from their (the Brit's) embassy.
You Betcha',
Jerry "Gordon" Lundegaard,
Fargo, North Dakota
cc Lars Hedegaard
Tags: Ich kann nicht Robert Anders, don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to Key Largo along with a key of cocaine for the Florida Keys, Jerry "Gordon" Lundegaard, formely of Fargo, now a part-time crossing guard and car dealer in Khartoum

26 Feb 2013
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East Side Story
When you're a Brit, you're a Brit who must be waylaid,
From your first minaret to your last Jizyah paid
Not Such A Long Way From Tipperary,
Anjem "Chowderhead" Choudary
Tags: Brit, waylaid all the way and put paid on your last dyin' day, Muslim sex criminal: "I'm depraved on account I'm deprived,"Choudary on the dole and on the Jihad warpath and he's the one without common sense?

27 Feb 2013
Sout Piel

I've alway found that term to be derogatory.

27 Feb 2013
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A Soldier Kin Of Wit
Or: Kicking The Afrikaans Down The Road
I had thought that "Sout Piel" translated as "Scot-Pict" (see also demented and picky doctor-shopping for a diagnosis of Neimann-Markup-Pict disease) until reading
which suggest something along the lines of the well-known character, "Seaman Staines."
I should no longer keep The Reader, or his participles, principles or penis, dangling, and announce my intention to run for the Presidency of South Africa, and thereby eventually secure prosecutorial immunity ala Silvio Berlusconi. My er, running mate will, of course, be Heather Mills and our campaign will be financed by the "race realists" of the Goldman-Sack Race Foundation (yes Virginia and West Virginia, there are some wealthy Jews here -and some of them realize that while some of their enemies on the white right don't consider them to be "white," their black enemies surely do). And if elected, you'll never hear from me a Nixonian complaint about my opponents trying to "cut the legs off the President." 
Gunning For The Presidency,
Carl "Sex Pistol" Pistorius
cc "Pistol" Pete Maravich
Tags: Neiman Marcus,  Goldman Sachs,  Niemann Pick Disease, Sout piels on off, we are marching to Pistorius, Louis "Pistol" Pasteur and the search for a "magic bullet" against bacteria, ht to Paul Ehrlich the microbiologist, Paul Ehrlich the economist and the search for the Black Magic of Malthus, Limey Lingam, John "Balls" Bull, the hairy penis dangles more than a hair's breadth from Tipperary, Enoch Powell battles immigration with Rivers of Blood speech,  Boers battle Bantus at Blood River, Eunuch Bowel battles the buggerers, Rhodesians battle Zimbabweans with the Selous Souts, Baden Powell battles the Boers with the Boy Souts,  John "Wang" Wayne battles the Japs in The Fighting C.B.'s, breaker, breaker, good buddy Morant, Pistol Pete battles the "Bantus" of the NBA, Pistorius charged with murdering a member of South Africa's "model" minority, Cecil Rhodes, Cecil B. Demille, John Stuart and Heather Mills bump and grind exceedingly fine,  Rudyard "Ruddy Face" Kipling, "come back, you British soldier , On The Road To Mandela, South African National Anthem: Kill The Boer, Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen: "England's dreaming" - of when it was English, Anna "Karenina" Plasmosis and the search for Ehrlichiosis, The Beatles, On The Road To Pistol Pete Marrakesh, "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," Neiman Marcus again, the President of Syria says that in an ophthalmology residency happiness is a Marcus Gunn pupil, the replicant legs of "Blade Runner" Pistorius are terminated with extreme prejudice, taunting letter to the British Secret Service from the Cambridge Apostles: "Am I five, MI6?" The Minority Report delivers a prediction that Carl "The Mailman" Malone, will go "postal," Aztec empire screwed over by Sout Cortez

27 Feb 2013
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Surpass The Salt
A better title might have been, "A Sooterkin of Brit," and while I don't wish to wound your pride by rubbing it in, you obviously slipped on a banana/piel with respect to sout, when forgetting to precede "Seaman Staines" with "the Old Salt."
Your Kith & Kin, Kissing Cousin
And Ardent Suitor,
David Souter,
The Supremes, Washington AC/DC
cc Lars "Dyckhaard" Hedegaard
c/o Copenhagen Snuff Films, Ltd.
Tags: Prince Valiant Kilmer, The Salton Sea, at any Bistro worth its salt, there's a rapid response to "Sout de Suite" [probably contempt and rudeness]