Wednesday, 27 February 2013
More and More Jews in Israel Are Beginning to Comprehend What They Are Up Against, Though They Have Yet to Fully Define the Terms In Which They Speak Of It

Three striking opinion pieces appeared in ynet, English-language Israeli news outlet, this month.

And the Comments to each show that Jews both within and outside of Israel, and a goodly sufficiency of non-Muslim Gentiles, have also begun to comprehend.

I will begin by reproducing and commenting upon the earliest to appear, an op ed by one Dan Calic, who has been doing his homework.,7340,L-4343807,00.html

'Do Palestinians deserve a state?'

Op-Ed: Arabs (and indeed the entire Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, both Arab and non-Arab - CM) have been unsuccessful in eliminating Israel militarily, but their lust to see it disappear hasn't diminished.

'With President Obama coming to Israel soon, let me ask what some consider a rhetorical question - do the Palestinians (sic: 'the overwhelmingly Muslim local Arabs, in and around Israel' - CM) actually deserve a state of their own?

'Obama and most of the international community think they do.

'Yet if we take a closer look at the situation there are serious issues which should not be ignored.

'For example, would it be a peaceful, productive neighbour with Israel?

'This can best be answered by reviewing some guiding principles of the PLO and Fatah, which is the dominant political party of which Mahmoud Abbas is chairman.

'From the PLO Charter:

'Article 19: "establishment of the State of Israel is entirely illegal"...

One might observe, here, that pious Muslims see all non-Muslim polities, whether re-established on originally non-Muslim land which Muslims invaded, occupied, and ruled over for some period of time, or existing on land that Muslims never set foot on in the first place, as entirely illegal - that is, contrary to the Sharia of Islam - because non-Islamic. - CM

'Article 20: "...Jews do not constitute a single nation with an identity of its own...".

As regards the PLO Charter, I encourage all Francophone readers to find, and read, Jacques Ellul's "Un Chretien Pour Israel" (1983), in which among many other things he conducts a detailed analysis of that charter, clause by clause, and concludes that it is "a perfect expression of the Jihad". - CM

'From the Fatah Charter:

'Article 12: "...complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of political, military and cultural existence".

'Liberation' = 'resorption into the Empire of Islam' - CM

'Article 17: "Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine".

The author might have noted, but does not, that 'armed public revolution' might best be seen,  in this context, as a circumlocution for  'Jihad'. - CM

'Article 19: "The struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated'.

The Jihad, that is, does not cease until those uppity Jews have been killed or driven out or forced back into the misery of dhimmi near-slavery, and ancestral Jewish land has been gobbled up, once more, by the Empire of Islam. - CM

'Do these statements reflect goals of a peaceful and productive neighbour?

'It's important to understand [that] when they use the term "Palestine", it includes Israel.

'In other words, both organizations refuse to acknowledge Israel's existence, and see Judea and Samaria and all the land upon which Israel exists as a single state of "Palestine".

'This reflects adherence to the uncompromising extremist Islamic view (he should have written: 'the mainstream Islamic doctrine' - CM) that any land once controlled by Muslims is seen as forever belonging to them.  Abandoning the claim for said land is equal to blasphemy.

He's almost there. He's almost got the picture.  When enough people in Israel get this, and then realize that it isn't just a few 'extremists' but all Muslims who think like this (precisely in conformity with core Islamic teaching) then they will be in a position to start doing what they need to do to properly defend themselves.   - CM

'The failure to understand this by far too many has fostered unrealistic expectations of compromise by Islamic extremists.

Has fostered unrealistic expectations of compromise by Muslims. - CM

'This applies to most world leaders, including President Obama.

'Also noteworthy is the official emblem of the PLO and Fatah, which contains a map that blots out Israel completely, and shows the entire land area in green, the official colour of Islam.

Nice catch, Mr Calic. - CM

'While one can argue about its proposed borders, most of the international community supports a two-state solution.

'However, based on the quotes from both Palestinian (sic: 'Palestinian' Arab - and Muslim-dominated - organizations - CM) it's clear they do not.  Instead, their goal is one state called Palestine (and that would be, given the way things are rapidly going in the Middle East, as Islam reasserts itself with a vengeance,  'one sharia-suffused Arab Islamic state of "Palestine"' - CM), with no state of Israel, period.

'Let's go back in time for a moment to 1947, when the United Nations voted on the original two-state solution, which created the modern state of Israel.  

'Did the Jews have a charter containing vitriolic statements similar to those in the charters of the PLO and Fatah?  Suppose the Jews had published a document calling for the "complete liberation" of Arab Islamic existence in the partitioned Arab state?  Suppose they referred to the creation of the Arab state as "entirely illegal"? Under such conditions would the United Nations have approved the partition granting the Jews their own state?  Moreover, with such views, would they have deserved their own state?

'The answer to these questions is clearly, 'No'.  Yet the world community doesn't seem to have a problem approving a state for the Palestinians ( i.e. for the adjacent Arab Jew-haters - CM), in spite of their clear zeal for Israel's destruction.  What's wrong with this picture?

'Let's not forget, it was the Arabs who rejected the UN resolution of 1947 which partitioned two states.  Why? Because it included the creation (or the recognition - CM ) of Israel.

'Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly said he "will never accept Israel as a Jewish state". Couple this with the referenced quotes from the PLO and Fatah charters, and what has changed since 1947?

Nothing.  And one could then, of course, also discuss the Hamas Charter, in which all the western-style language of national self-determination and/ or of liberation by popular revolution, that one sees in the Fatah and PLO Charters - and which functions to deceive unwary non-Muslim readers of same - has been dispensed with, and raw, snarling Muslim Jew-hatred and malevolent Muslim intentions toward Jews and toward all other Infidels everywhere are openly declared. - CM

'Some might suggest [that] the contemporary demand by the Palestinians (sic: 'the local Arabs, mostly Muslim' - CM) for a two-state solution means [that] they accept Israel's right to exist.

'Not so.

"The reality is [that] the Arabs have been unsuccessful in eliminating Israel militarily, but their lust to see it disappear hasn't diminished.

'They've simply changed tactics by demanding [that] they be given statehood, which they refused in 1947 because it meant they would have to accept the existence of Israel.

'Today, in spite of this continued refusal, the UN vote last November 29, upgrading their status to that of a "non-member state", demonstrates that the international community is solidly behind the Palestinians.

Solidly behind the so-called 'Palestinians'...and, therefore, knowingly (or in some few cases, unknowingly, because deceived) complicit in the genocidal Muslim Jihad against the Jews. - CM

'As a result of the vote, Palestine sits in the same auditorium with Israel, in spite of the fact [that] its leader Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party are committed to its destruction.

'Let me pose a hypothetical question: Suppose France's constitution called for the destruction of England, or America's constitution called for the destruction of Mexico? Would the UN sit in silent acquiescence of such a situation?

'Yet a blind eye is turned to the venomous (and thoroughly, classically Islamic - CM) agenda of the Palestinians, with no demand [that] they renounce their goal of Israel's destruction.

'At a minimum this is unfair.  In reality, it's hypocritical, bordering on anti-Semitism.

On the part of every Islamic country in the UN - more than 50 of them - it is to be expected; their hatred and rejection of Israel flow naturally from the Muslim Jew-hatred that suffuses their societies.  On the part of other, non-Muslim countries, this blind eye is due in some cases to antisemitism arising from various other sources, and in other cases, to their having been intimidated and /or corrupted and/ or  coopted and in some cases simply deceived by more than sixty years of unremitting Muslim propaganda against Israel, a lavishly oil-funded propaganda campaign of enormous breadth and cleverness, initially aided and abetted by Soviet Russian Jew-haters, but whose Muslim agents and financiers are activated by the orthodox Muslim Jew-hatred that is hardwired into the canonical texts of Islam and has always suffused Muslim theology, jurisprudence, and daily life.  For more on that vast Arab and Islamic propaganda campaign against Israel - which has cleverly played upon and sought to awaken, encourage and inflame all antisemites of the non-islamic variety - see the same book I mentioned above, Jacques Ellul's 'Un Chretien Pour Israel'.  Ellul, who was not about to be taken in by nonsense and lies, dissects that propaganda with all the finesse - and the fastidious distaste - of a master surgeon dissecting a tumour. - CM

'At this point again, I return to the original question - whether the Palestinians (the "Palestinians" - CM) deserve their own state?

'The answer should be obvious.

'The operative term is "should".'

Click on the link and read it, and then read the Comments, of which there are many; and it is clear that quite a few others, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have been doing their homework, and are well aware of the Arab/ Muslim and wider Muslim agenda.

Posted on 02/27/2013 7:40 PM by Christina McIntosh
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