Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Noah Klieger, in Israel, Is On the Way to Comprehending Classical Islamic Murderous Jew-Hatred

Also from ynet, just this week., to complete my trifecta of Israeli Jews who are beginning to understand about Jihad.,7340,L-4349349,00.html

'Palestinians don't need an excuse.

'Op-ed: Attempts to kill Jews will not stop even if Israel releases all imprisoned terrorists tomorrow.

'Let's be honest: the Palestinians (that is: the local mostly-Muslim Arabs; and for that matter, any kind of Muslim - CM) do not need any particular excuse to riot and attack Jews.

'The current wave of riots, which had been going on for some two or three weeks, did not begin as a result of the hunger strike launched by the four prisoners (by the way, two of them are eating again).  The strike is just another excuse, as it is clear that even if the remaining strikers will begin eating again, their brothers will continue to riot in the territories.

In Judea and Samaria. - CM

'The truth is that our neighbours simply do not want us.  

Litotes.  - CM

In other words, it's not that they want a country alongside Israel; they want a country instead of Israel. This is a fact, and it has been proven numerous times.

'Both Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinians a state almost within the 1967 borders - and they did not accept the offer.  

'The forceful evacuation of thousands of settlers (sic: of thousands of Jews - CM) and dozens of communities from Gaza - which was orchestrated by Arik Sharon - did not get us even one inch closer to the possibility of an agreement.  On the contrary, the concession only encouraged the Palestinians (sic: say, rather, 'the Muslims of Gaza'- CM) who began launching rockets at Israeli cities and communities inside Israel with the goal of killing Jews.

'The leaders of Gaza have declared a number of times recently that their goal is to kill Jews and destroy the "Zionist entity".  

In light of these statements, even if you release all the prisoners - the murderers and terrorists - tomorrow, the attempts to kill Jews will not stop.

'Therefore, and this is a fact, there is no connection between any Israeli policy or decision, and the Palestinians' (that is, the Muslims' - CM) desire, or lust, rather, to attack Israel and its citizens.

'Those who do not understand this, or do not want to understand this, despite the facts that have been proven over decades, are simply naive, or blind to what is happening on the ground.

'And don't tell me that Israeli policy has driven the Palestinians to act in this manner.

'My uncle, Natan Klieger, was shot to death in 1939 in Haifa by Arab rioters.  If I'm not mistaken, there was no occupation back then.

'Arab rioters'.  I would bet my bottom dollar that - despite the antisemitism that, alas, poisons the life and witness of many Arab Islamochristians/ de facto dhimmis in and around Israel - those Arab murderers of Mr Klieger's uncle were Muslims.

He might have added, for good measure, that there was no 'occupation' when Arab Muslims, in 1518, carried out a murderous pogrom against the defenceless dhimmi Jews of Hebron in Judea, or when in the 17th century the Ibn Farukh family cruelly persecuted - torturing, and holding to ransom - the dhimmi Jews of Jerusalem, or when in 1833-1834 Arab Muslim mobs rioted and robbed and murdered the defenceless dhimmi Jews of Safed, in northern Israel. - CM

'Golda Meir said an agreement with the Palestinians will be reached only when they love their children more than they hate the Jews.  She was right.'

No 'agreement' with the 'Palestinians' - that is, with the local Arabs, who are overwhelmingly Muslim, and among whom the Muslims call the shots - will be possible so long as most of them are and remain Muslim.  For it is out of the core of Islam that they derive their murderous contempt for and hatred of Jews, the arch-Infidels, most bitterly hated of all those Infidels that Muslims are taught, by their texts, to hate and to war against.  Muslims do not make agreements with Infidels except when feeling weak vis a vis said Infidels; and when - if feeling weak - they do make agreements, hudnas, truce-'treaties', these will be undertaken purely for Muslim advantage, as an opportunity to regroup and rearm, and will be broken as soon as the Muslims have recouped their strength and feel able, once more, to go in for the kill. - CM

Posted on 02/27/2013 9:38 PM by Christina McIntosh
28 Feb 2013

"For it is out of the core of Islam that they derive their murderous contempt for and hatred of Jews, the arch-Infidels, most bitterly hated of all those Infidels that Muslims are taught, by their texts, to hate and to war against."

As this hatred is rooted in Muhammad himself, since all Islamic dogma is derived from what he said and did, I think it would be better to express this in terms which point out the direct nature of the link between their hatreds and his. Muhammad was and is and ever will be their teacher. He is the cancer which just keeps on metastazing.

Muhammad loathed Jews because he envied them and because they were not stupid enough to believe he was a prophet.

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