Thursday, 28 February 2013
Eurabian Dhimmis Doing the Bidding of their Muslim Masters, and Furthering the Jihad Against the Jews

As reported by Associated Press and Reuters, via Israel's Ynet.,7340,L-4350532,00.html

'Diplomats: EU Must Prevent East Jerusalem Construction'.

How dare those uppity Jews live anywhere in or near that part of Jerusalem which used to be called the Old City; which contains all the most ancient historic Jewish and Israelite sites, including the Jewish cemetery of the Mount of Olives, and the Temple Mount, and the sites of many synagogues and historic tombs!! Or so think the European dhimmis and their Arab Muslim masters. - CM

'Some 22 European consuls appeal to Brussels to intensify efforts to curtail Israeli settlements (sic: 'to curtail the building of homes for Jews' - CM) in West Bank (sic: in Judea - CM); say they pose 'single biggest threat to peace process'.

Yes, those Jewish houses in and around Jerusalem do stick in the craw of the Muslims, who simply cannot abide that Jews have managed to force the Empire of Islam to disgorge a very small portion of that vast swathe of territory seized from non-Muslims, in an arc reaching from West Africa to South-East Asia, and from southern Russia to the equator, in the course of 1400 years of relentless mass-murderous jihad. - CM

'Nearly two dozen European diplomats have urged the EU to intensify efforts to block Israeli settlements in and near Jerusalem (translation: to stop Jews from building houses in and near Jerusalem - CM), saying that "such construction on occupied lands is the single biggest threat" to a Mideast peace deal, according to an internal report Wednesday.

Fools.  Ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who knows a good deal more about Islam than these foolish - or malevolent EU diplomats, told a gathering of Jewish bloggers in Jerusalem, just last year, that "even if you give them (i.e. the Muslims) Jerusalem, there will be no peace". - CM

'The report called for strict application of an EU-Israel trade pact to ensure products from settlements do not receive preferential treatment under the accord in European markets.

And how long will it be before the Jew-haters in Europe, the Muslims and those who are drawn to their cause because they share the same pathological condition, start demanding that all products from Israel - which the Muslims, of course, are wont to refer to in toto as 'the occupation' - should be boycotted?  That all trade should be cut off? - CM

'It also urged EU states "not to support...research, education and technological cooperation" and to "Discourage financial investment in Israeli businesses operating in occupied territory".

'European countries, the report added, should consider banning entry to their territory of "known violent settlers".

Meanwhile, Hezbollah - unbanned - operates with impunity throughout Europe, raising money by legal and illegal means and using that money, both in the 'Middle East' and elsewhere, to prepare for and wage Jihad against Jews, not only within Israel but anywhere that it thinks it might be able to kill as many Jews as possible.  And Muslims who threaten and attack Jews, on European soil, are allowed to remain, unmolested, rather than being instantly arrested and deported, as they should be. - CM

'While the recommendations are non-binding, the report, endorsed by 22 heads of mission posted in east Jerusalem and the West Bank (that is: in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria - CM), reflects Israel's growing international isolation over the settlement issue.

"Settlement construction remains the single biggest threat to the two-state solution", the report said, portraying the policy as "systematic, deliberate and provocative".

The two-state 'solution' is a snare and a delusion.  Handing the Arab Muslims control of the military high ground, in Judea and Samaria, including Mount Zion, will whet - not sate - their appetite for the ongoing jihad assault upon the unendurable insult to Islam's sense of its own superiority, that is offered by those 'sons of apes and pigs', those dogs, those despised and hated Jews, getting back a portion of the ancestral Jewish homeland. - CM

'Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said he had not seen the EU report, only what was published in the media.

'"The mission of a diplomat is to build bridges, not to foster confrontations", he said, "The EU consuls have therefore failed miserably in their mission".

The issue of settlements must be addressed in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Palmor said.

'The Palestinians have said they will not resume negotiations unless Israel freezes settlement construction on lands they claim for their state, including the Gaza Strip, where Israel no longer has settlements.

And from which Israel has been showered with rockets, ever since every last Jew departed, and the Arab Muslims were left in sole possession. - CM

'Palestinians have negotiated in the past while settlement expansion continued, but said they are no longer willing to engage in open-ended negotiations they suspect largely serve Israel as a diplomatic cover for tightening its grip on occupied lands through settlements'.

'Occupied'.  In defensive warfare, in 1967, having been attacked by Jordan from Muslim-occupied Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, Israel won that territory from which it had been attacked, and thus gained control of a part of its historic homeland (originally intended, under the Mandate, to be part of the Jewish state).  

That territory, which the Europeans are pleased to deem illegally 'occupied' by Jews and  which they regard as rightfully belonging exclusively to Muslim Arabs, includes,  inter alia, the Old City of Jerusalem with its ancient Jewish Quarter (ethnically cleansed of Jews by the Muslims and Glubb Pasha, in 1948/49) and the ruins of many ancient synagogues that were blown up and razed by the invading and occupying Arab Muslims between 1949 and 1967, and the Temple Mount from which Muslims had excluded Jews for centuries, and the centuries-old historic Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives which the occupying Arab Muslims systematically desecrated 1949-1967 (by pleasant tricks such as using the historic tombstones to line army latrines so Muslim men could urinate on the names of deceased Jews), the city of Hebron with its ancient Jewish sacred site of the Cave of Machpelah from which the Muslims had excluded Jewish pilgrims for 700 years (1267-1967), the historic Jewish pilgrimage sites of Rachel's Tomb and Joseph's Tomb and the tombs of Joshua and Caleb.  

The people who would regard this territory, steeped in Jewish and Israelite history, as 'Arab' - and who seemingly have no qualms at all about the prospect of it being handed over to Muslims to become part of a pristinely Judenrein (of course!) Arab Islamic state of 'Palestine', ought to be asked whether they also regard the Han claim to Lhasa as prior to and more valid than the claim of the Tibetans, and whether they think that the English have a prior and greater right to Carnarvon than the Welsh, or a prior and greater right to Tara, than the Irish. 

There is a further, and pointed, observation that should be made, to these EU dhimmis and janissaries of Jihad.  It was put succinctly in a comment to Dan Calic's ynet op-end, 'Do Palestinians Deserve a State', to which I drew attention here at NER, today.,7340,L-4343807,00.html

That comment, #26, observed, re. the 'Palestinians': "Palestine is only an anti-nation.  The only basis of Palestinian identity is Jew-hatred and the destruction of Israel. There is nothing positive about it at all as there is no Arab Palestinian history, culture, or whatever.

"In the past, European antisemites used to say, "Jews go to Palestine", thus indicating that Palestine was Jewish land.  Nowadays, antisemites say, "Jews get out of Palestine".  

"Similarly, all organisations or individuals described by the media as pro-Palestinian are merely anti-Israel.  How can an anti-nation deserve a state?"

Let's just repeat the portion I put in bold:

"In the past, European antisemites used to say, "Jews go to Palestine", thus indicating that Palestine was Jewish land.  Nowadays, antisemites say, "Jews get out of Palestine". 

Another commenter on Calic's article made an observation, re the drive for an Arab Islamic state of 'Palestine', that also requires to be flung at the indecently-enthusiastic EU janissaries of Jihad: "What...22 Arab states sitting on over 99.9 % of Middle East land and having 16 % of world oil is not enough?  Enough of this one-sided BS, NO! Arabs do not need further representation or another nation!  The tiny population of Jews should be left alone on their historical land.  It's not about land, it's about Arab hate, intolerance, bigotry, and an unwillingness to live with any other religion and/ or peoples.  Islamic Arabs are some of the most hate-filled intolerant bigoted and backward people in the world".

As we saw in Toulouse in 2012, when an Arab Muslim in broad daylight and in a public place murdered four people, a rabbi and three little school-children, simply and solely because they were Jews. - CM

Posted on 02/28/2013 12:18 AM by Christina McIntosh
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