Thursday, 28 February 2013
Three men abducted 'troubled' 13-year-old and forced her to become their sex slave after plying her with drugs

This case was not (that I could find) reported in any newspaper since the initial local report here. I had to follow the court daily list to check that it was still in progress. The jury were out for several days but returned convictions yesterday. The Daily Mail and ITV (Anglia) news have the first reports I spotted.  I have since seen mention by the BBC and the Guardian.

A 13-year-old girl from a 'troubled family' was abducted by three men and forced into becoming their sex slave.

The girl was subjected to a string of assaults over four days after being trafficked from her home in London to Ipswich, prosecutor Riel Karmy-Jones told Norwich Crown Court.

Suran Uddin, 28, of St Matthew's Row, Bethnal Green, London, Mohammed Sheikh, 31, of Seaton Point in Hackney, London, and Hamza Ali, 38, of Chilford Road, Waltham Forest, London, denied various sex offences during a three week trial.

But following three days of jury deliberations, Uddin, Sheikh and Ali were today all found guilty of conspiracy to traffick in the UK and supplying a class B drug to the victim.

Uddin was also convicted of two counts of rape.

Sheikh was convicted on a charge of causing a child to engage in sexual activity but was cleared of two counts of rape.

Ali was found guilty of a sexual assault but not guilty of rape.

The men will be sentenced at a later date.

Opening the case, Miss Karmy-Jones said: 'These men deliberately targeted her. She was an unhappy and deeply troubled child. They enticed her to travel with them in order to set her up as a sex slave and to use her for their pleasure.

'In order to do so, they plied her with drugs and alcohol and made promises that they would take care of her and give her anything she wanted. Once at the property in Ipswich, she was treated as little more than skivvy and she was raped over the course of four days.'

She said that Sheikh in particular took advantage of the girl's 'youth and naivety'

Posted on 02/28/2013 2:18 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
28 Feb 2013
Christina McIntosh

 One wonders whether there may have been girls like this who have disappeared altogether: who have either been abused to the point of being murdered, within the UK, or else drugged, smothered up in a burka or niqab and - under a false passport - taken out of the UK altogether, to finish up  in the brothels and the private harems of Mohammedan sexual sadists anywhere in that vast arc of the Empire of Islam that stretches west-east from North-west Africa to  South-East Asia, there to be raped and/ or tortured to death and, finally, dumped like a dead cat somewhere in a remote wadi for the carrion-eaters to dispose of.

If I were a British or continental european detective, i would be combing intensively through missing-person lists, starting from about twenty years ago, and focusing particularly on non-Muslim girls - and boys - aged 10-16, especially the youngest and prettiest ones, and especially (but not exclusively) those with profiles similar to those of the girls in these pedophile pimping 'grooming' cases; and I would be looking for any possible Mohammedan connection (such as: did they have Mohammedan 'friends' at school?  did they live in or near an area with a strong Mohammedan presence?).

5 Mar 2013
Esmerelda Weatherwax

One town - Blackpool. Two girls - Charlene Downe and Paige Chivers.

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