Thursday, 28 February 2013
British Understatement

Egyptian hot-air balloonists mainly not well trained, expert claims

The Guardian  - ‎14 hours ago‎
Egyptian hot-air balloon pilots have "very weak" training that is "inappropriate to best practice", a British balloon expert, who advises the country's government on safety in the sector, has warned.
Posted on 02/28/2013 6:31 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
28 Feb 2013
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As I said to my husband, 'Sounds like my worst nightmare.  A holiday in Egypt and a hot air balloon trip.'.  Nothing would induce me to step into a hot air balloon anywhere on the face of the earth.  One of the commentators on the CNN News site was talking about the pilot as 'Mohammed Schittino' (a la the captain of the illfated Italian cruise ship that turned turtle last year).  Just about right.

28 Feb 2013
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[after catching fire, the balloon rose another 300 feet]
No risk abatements
Just understatements
Alice lofted to the moon
In a burning Luftballoon
For "Airborne" Isabel,
Egypt was a flaming Hell
And Ferdinand did land
On "lone and level" sand
Chant a rant that's dirge-able
Next time take a dirigible
Henry Higgins, just you wait
For a gaseous vertebrate
O' the humanity and tragedies
No lucidities like Thucydides
Just butt-covering and poor excuses
For burning, seer accuses
The Arab Spring has poor devotees
And lighter-than-air litotes  
Delta Slave
Tags: Ferdinand and Isabella, Nabokov, "Airborne" Isabel, on a wingstroke and a prayer rug, Kern, Monfiori, Huxley, God, rigid religions, backbones and airships, "gaseous vertebrate," depends on whose oxymoron is being gored, who should pay for carbon abatement depends on whose methane-making ox is being Algored, Athens' Adolf asks, "Is Syracuse burning?" Pushkin, Anna Kern, "degenerate gods," Wingstroke, Room 35, Death Hotel, degenerate angel, Isabel to Kern: "'I think you and I are the only  English  here," Kern not Anglo, but degenerate, bottles of beer, Humpty-Dumpty, Nena, Blake, 99 Luftballons of blood on the wall had a great fall and did appall the Cairo sprawl  -that's horrid - no more for now

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